After a long day of cuddling, care-taking and especially breastfeeding little ones, getting busy between the sheets might be the furthest thing from your mind. Forget about 'Netflix and chill'—how about 'Netflix and Zzzzzzz'?

But even if sex is off the table, you can still find ways to create intimacy with your partner after the kids go to bed. Just a few moments of nurturing your connection will lift your spirits and strengthen your relationship for the long haul.   

So do not pass out just yet! Here are 11 creative ways to connect with your partner after bedtime…        

Slow dance.

Cue up your favourite slow jams and take a spin around the floor—just move the Legos out of the way first! The combination of great tunes and physical touch is sure to boost your connection.

Raise the stakes.

Shuffle the deck for Blackjack or Poker to bring out your playfully competitive side. Gamble for the right to choose the next date night movie or shirk laundry duty. Feeling saucy? Try the strip version!      

Make gourmet desserts.

Sure, dinner might have been macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers, but now that the kids are asleep, you can make dessert an affair to remember. Tackle a recipe together for your favourite sweet treat from crème caramel to tiramisu, then savor every bite.

Say cheese!

The French eat cheese for dessert, and so can you. Work together to prepare a board-for-two laden with favourite cheeses, charcuterie, salty snacks—like nuts and olives—and sweet surprises, such as jams, honey, and fruit. It is the perfect snack to accompany conversation or a movie and it makes your time together feel extra special.

Get physical.

Make time for physical connection like hugging, kissing, trading back rubs, or even brushing each other’s hair. Whatever feels good and helps you remember why you like each other!

Craft cocktails.

Bust out your fanciest glassware from the wedding registry, muddle some fruit and herbs and go wild with the garnishes. You will feel like you are at the open bar on a cruise, no Dramamine required.

Draw a bath.

Who says you cannot relax and reconnect at the same time? Fill a warm bath with your favourite bubbles or scented oils, light a candle, and wash off the day’s worries together. No tub? A shower for two can be just as fun, plus there’s someone to wash your back.

Take it outside.

Boost your mood and your bond with a mini-date in the great outdoors. With the help of your baby monitor, you can pop out to the yard or patio with wine, snacks, and some blankets to stargaze and reconnect.

Learn something new.

From tackling a new language to attempting a DIY home project, learning a new skill together reminds you that you are a great team!  

Take a walk down memory lane.

Scroll through photo albums together, watch your wedding video, or share childhood stories inspired by old yearbooks and clippings. You might be surprised by an old memory or a new bit of intel about your partner.

Make it a game night.

Who said board games are just for kids? From classics like Backgammon and Boggle to newer favourites like Codenames and Tiny Towns, games get you back in touch with your playful side. No board games? No problem. Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever or Two Truths and a Lie require nothing more than your imagination and your willingness to 'go there.'

Try partner yoga.

Partner yoga is an amazing way to relieve stress and relax your bodies before bedtime while connecting as a couple. Try this move: Sit facing each other with your legs in a comfortable straddle, knees bent as much as needed. Reach your arms in front of you to clasp your partner’s hands or wrists, then rock gently back and forth, releasing each other’s back and leg muscles.    

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