SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey
Price: £59.95 (price includes VAT)
Price: £59.95 (price includes VAT)
Price: £59.95 (price includes VAT)
Price: £59.95 (price includes VAT)
SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey
SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey
SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey
SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey
SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey
SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey
SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey
SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey

SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey

£59.95 (price includes VAT)
£59.95 (price includes VAT)
£59.95 Out Of Stock (price includes VAT)
£59.95 (price includes VAT)

Responsive and portable white noise machine, lovey, and fun puppet—perfect for babies & toddlers!

During a feeding, in the car, or catnapping at Grandma’s, SNOObear is your helper, quickly soothing the fussies and easing your little one into sleep! This cuddly bear not only gives your baby the same unique white noise sounds as SNOO, the beloved baby product, it is responsive as well. That means, after the sound turns off, SNOObear continues to listen to your baby and automatically turns back on if it detects fussing.


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Designed by Dr. Harvey Karp, paediatrician, white noise guru, and author of the popular Happiest Baby and Happiest Toddler parent guides, SNOObear will be so much more than your child’s trusted friend. This huggable cub is 3 innovative must-haves in one:

  • Responsive white noise: Responds to your baby’s fussing to keep them calm and happy longer. And you can take it on the go, thanks to its travel strap and removable white noise speaker box, which allows you to slip it into your nappy bag and lend you a helping hand.
  • Cuddly companion: Choose Plush or Woolly—or both! Babies love the different sensory experiences of these soothing and special textures.
  • Playful puppet: Built to entertain and soothe, SNOObear can help you teach little life lessons, like sharing and patience, during playtime.

SNOObear plays the award-winning SNOO sounds, plus 3 new, special comforting rhythms for 30 or 60 minutes. And after SNOObear finishes, it ‘pays attention’ for 3 more hours, ready to start playing again if your little bunny starts to fuss. SNOObear also has a strap to let you safely hang this sleepytime pal on the pram or car seat when you are out and about.

Want a responsive, sleep-aiding white noise lovey for naps, nights, and outings? Want extra help with fussies, feeds, and nappy changes? Want a playtime puppet for…well, just for giggles? SNOObear is for you!

Ever wonder why kids love white noise and loveys? Here’s the science behind both white noise and loveys!

Grow Up With SNOObear

0-6 Months

SNOObear works great in your bedtime routine…signaling to your baby that sleepytime is coming. Use your bear—or the removable speaker box—to calm your baby during feedings and fussies. Your faithful SNOO buddy is also perfect for naps on the go, pram walks, or car trips.

6-12 Months

When your baby graduates from SNOO, SNOObear’s familiar sounds make sleepytime easier—for naps and nights! And, it helps make transitioning to the cot a breeze. (Healthcare providers advise not using stuffed animals inside your baby’s bed for about the first year.)

12+ Months

SNOObear is now your child’s best friend! This cuddly lovey makes naps and nights easier. It is a huge help during tough times (illness, trips, sleep difficulties) and builds your toddler’s trust, security, and confidence. And you will have just tons of fun using the finger holes to turn SNOObear into a puppet for silly playtime…and to start teaching your wild little child about the rules of life!
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SNOObear Comes With:

  • 1 Cuddly, multi-use teddy bear (with carrying strap)
  • 1 Removable white noise speaker box—portable & compact
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Plus 100 million moments of love!


NOTE: Never leave SNOObear in the cot or bassinet with infants under 1 year of age.

Why Parents Love SNOObear
White Noise Lovey

SNOO’s Buddy

SNOO’s Buddy

Familiar SNOO sounds are perfect
for calming the fussies during feeds,
car rides, tummy time…you name it!

Aid Sleep

Aid Sleep

Our 6 special sounds
encourage sleep—at home or on the go.



Sound stops after 30 or 60 minutes,
but automatically returns if fussing
happens over the next 3 hours.

Sleep, Cuddle, Adventure, Play… Repeat!

 Happiest Baby, Multi Column Image
Responsive white
noise machine!
 Happiest Baby, Multi Column Image
Soft and huggable
 Happiest Baby, Multi Column Image
Built-in strap for
secure on-the-go

White Noise is Nurturing
(…and Silence is Not Cosy)

Babies are serenaded by constant rumbly sound—24/7—in the womb! That is why a totally quiet room can be unsettling for little ones…and not conducive to sleep. Instead, white noise is your child’s comfort, lulling them to dreamland for years to come. Think of it like your favourite pillow…SNOObear is a reassuring 'cuddle' of sound.

Once you wean your baby from swaddling (or from SNOO), SNOObear’s sounds keep the Zzz’s coming by signaling when it is time to snooze. White noise also helps little kids sleep through outside distractions, like loud TVs or passing trucks, and inner upsets, like throbbing gums or gas pains.

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SNOObear® 3-in-1 White Noise Lovey FAQs

What are the benefits of a white noise stuffed animal?

There are so many benefits to using a white noise stuffed animal! Unlike other white noise machines for Baby…

  • SNOObear doubles as a lovey! Loveys like SNOObear have been shown to give little ones much-needed comfort, confidence, and security. That means, SNOObear can make bedtime easier, lessen separation anxiety, smooth out rough transitions, and offer reassurance during times of stress or illness.
  • SNOObear is a puppet, too! Surprise, SNOObear has finger puppet holes in each snuggly arm, allowing you and your little one to bring SNOObear to life! Beyond silly fun, you can also use puppet SNOObear to help teach your bub little life lessons, like sharing and patience, during playtime.
  • SNOObear is a powerful sleepytime helper. Loveys and white noise are both mighty sleep cues for babies and toddlers—so why not use them together?! SNOObear plays soothing and sleep-inducing white noise sounds and shushing rhythms for 30- to 60-minutes to lull little ones to sleep and settle scaries. Plus, SNOObear “pays attention” to your tot, automatically turning back on with more soothing sounds if your sweet pea fusses…helping parents and tykes sleep better.

What makes SNOObear the best white noise machine for babies?

There are so many reasons SNOObear is the best white noise machine for babies! For one, SNOObear is the only white noise machine that plays the same white noise sounds that are featured in our paediatrician-designed and award-winning SNOO smart bassinet. Plus…

  • SNOObear's sounds are unique. Unlike most white noise machines and apps, all SNOObear’s sounds are specially engineered to be continuous, monotonous, and low-pitch, perfectly mimicking the soothing sounds of the womb, which have been shown to induce relaxation and sleep.
  • SNOObear is customisable. SNOObear plays soothing SNOO sounds, plus three other comforting rhythms for 30 or 60 minutes—your choice!
  • SNOObear is responsive. After SNOObear finishes its 30- or 60-minute run, it “pays attention” for three more hours, ready to start playing again if your little one starts to fuss.
  • SNOObear makes transitioning to cot easier. Because SNOObear plays the familiar and comforting sounds of SNOO, it is a must-have for painlessly transitioning your baby from SNOO to the cot!
  • SNOObear is an on-the-go soother. You can safely strap our stuffed animal white noise machine to a pram or car seat for out-and-about comfort. Plus, SNOObear’s internal speaker box is compact and removable, making it super-easy to toss this white noise must-have into your diaper bag for travel!
  • SNOObear is a lovey and a puppet. Think of SNOObear as your tot’s best friend! Our cuddly lovey builds trust, security, and confidence, which makes naps, nights, and transitions so much easier. In addition, you will have a blast turning SNOObear into a silly playtime puppet! (Find finger puppet holes behind SNOObear’s arms.)

Is SNOObear a portable white noise machine?

It sure is! In fact, SNOObear is designed for easy on-the-go soothing. Unlike many portable white noise machines…

  • SNOObear is battery operated. That means there is no need to worry about finding a power source for SNOObear to soothe your tot. (Two AA batteries are included.)
  • SNOObear features a safety strap. SNOObear’s Velcro strap ensures that your cuddly bear can be safely and securely attached to Baby’s pram or car seat for portable soothing.
  • SNOObear has a removable speaker. SNOObear’s magical sounds come from a small speaker box tucked safely in its back that can be easily removed by an adult and tossed into a diaper bag for a super-convenient on-the-go white noise machine option.

How does the SNOObear white noise machine work?

It is easy! First, open up the Velcro enclosure on the back of SNOObear and select either the 30- or 60-minute timer on the speaker box. To control the white noise and sounds your cuddly friend plays, follow these instructions:

  • Play: Squeeze SNOObear’s belly once. (If using the speaker box alone, press the button on the opposite side of the timer switch.)
  • Stop: Squeeze SNOObear’s belly twice. (If using the speaker box alone, press the button on the opposite side of the timer switch twice.)
  • Volume: Squeeze and hold SNOObear’s belly for three seconds. (If using the speaker box alone, press and hold the button on the opposite side of the timer switch for three seconds.)
  • Change Sound: Squeeze SNOObear’s sides. (If using the speaker box alone, press both buttons at the same time.)

If you are using the speaker box alone, be sure to place the speaker box back inside SNOObear speaker-side-up (the timer switch will be on your left).

When is a good time to buy a baby white noise sound machine?

Babies can benefit from the soothing sounds of a white noise machine from birth! After all, white noise (shushing) is an integral part of Dr. Harvey Karp’s renowned 5 S's for soothing babies. That is because white noise mimics the familiar and calming sounds Baby heard on a 24/7 loop in the womb, triggering their innate calming reflex—nature’s “on switch” for soothing and sleep and “off switch” for fussing. To get started with white noise, play SNOObear sounds during your baby’s relaxing bedtime routine—and then keep the sounds going even after you have given goodnight kisses. Integrating white noise into your baby’s night-night routine conditions your nugget to associate white noise with sleep. That means, as Baby grows, they will hear white noise and think, “it must be time to go to bed!”

Is the SNOObear white noise stuffed animal safe for babies?

SNOObear was designed to grow with your baby! Here is how to ensure SNOObear is a safe and effective white noise stuffed animal throughout the ages:

  • Newborns to 6 months: Signal to your baby that sleepytime is coming by turning SNOObear on and placing it near your baby’s cot or attaching it to the outside of their cot using the SNOObear’s security strap, but never inside the cot or bassinet. (Your baby’s cot should be free of soft, loose objects like stuffed toys until they reach 1 year old.) You can also use your bear—or the removable speaker box—to calm Baby during feedings, fussies, or anytime on the go.
  • Babies 6 to 12 months: When your baby graduates from SNOO, SNOObear’s familiar sounds make sleepytime easier…and helps make transitioning to the cot a breeze! (Remember, babies should not sleep with stuffed animals for their first year, so continue to use SNOObear near but not inside your baby’s bed.)
  • Babies 12 months and up: Yay! SNOObear is now an official bedtime lovey! Now your little one can safely snuggle and snooze with SNOObear in their cot or toddler bed, making naps and nights so much easier.

Does the SNOObear white noise teddy ship to all countries?

SNOObear can ship throughout the United States, Switzerland, Australia, the EU, and the United Kingdom. Plus, SNOObear is available through various authorised retailers in Canada. Sign up for our newsletters to be the first to know when SNOObear becomes available in even more countries!

Is the SNOObear white noise machine for babies battery powered?

Yes! SNOObear is battery operated, so there is no need to hunt for a power source to use SNOObear’s white noise to calm your little one. (Two AA batteries are included.)

What does a white noise machine sound like?

SNOObear features the same paediatrician-approved white noise that is in our award-winning SNOO. Our white noise is specially designed for soothing and sleep, plus three more comforting sounds. In total, SNOObear plays…

  • Rain
  • Strong hair dryer
  • Fast and vigourous white noise
  • Rumbly train
  • Soft shush sounds
  • Loud shush sounds

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A great transition from the Snoo Crib

Easy to use, absolutely does the job helping my daughter fall asleep - knocked off 2 stars because its "wake" feature when baby fusses requires them to be quite loud before it comes on again; usually by which point she's too awake to be soothed by the bear. Also batteries don't last for ages, we've only had it 6 weeks and have had to change them already. But would recommend it despite those things; a great transition from the Snoo.

Dear Thompson,

While we're delighted the bear has been a helpful part of your baby's transition from SNOO, we're sorry to hear you're having issues with the features.

The speaker box monitors cries for 3 hours and will respond to new cries by turning the white noise back on. Please connect with us at and we'd be happy to ensure your bear is operating successfully.

Breanne from the Happiest Baby Team

Sleeping in pram and cot, life after the Snoo

We bought the Snoo bear after using the Snoo. And started using it for daytime naps, then once transitioned to own cot. It’s great it has the same sounds and more. We feel it really does help settle.
The only think I wish is that, the Velcro attachment is better and also a rechargeable battery would be great too!
I feel if the attachment is better, the listening aspect would work as right now it does let come back on within the 3hr time frame.

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing! So happy to hear SNOObear has continued to soothe your baby after transitioning from SNOO. We're glad to confirm that our sound soother can be used with rechargeable batteries.


Jess from the Happiest Baby Team

Works a charm

Our son loved the SNOO so it made sense to get the SNOO bear for his transition to his cot. It works a charm. I’ve recommended it many parents already.