What is White Noise for Babies?

White noise is a new mum’s best friend. Why? It reminds your baby of his ‘happy place’—the womb! It is anything but quiet in there. Remember when your healthcare provider squirted that dollop of gel on your belly and slid the microphone around, to detect your baby’s pulse? You heard noise like the low rumble of the tube or a gush of running water . You may not have realised it, but you have been listening to your baby’s favourite soundtrack all this time!

Why Do Babies Like White Noise?

Imagine what it was like for him to leave that raucous environment and enter a world of whispers, tip-toeing, and silence. While adults may crave stillness, it is shocking for babies. Think about what it might be like if you were suddenly shoved in a dark closet, and, well…you get the picture.

Why Does White Noise Calm Babies?

White noise eases your baby’s transition to our great big world. Not only does she like this familiar, loud sound, she needs it! It is one of the most important triggers of the calming reflex. (Remember, that is the relative ‘off-switch’ for crying and ‘on-switch’ for sleep all babies are born with.)

One of the easiest ways to recreate womb noise is good, old-fashioned shushing. Put your lips just a few cm away from your baby’s ear and make a long, loud, drawn-out ‘shhhhh’ sound. Do it as loud (and for as long) as your baby is wailing!

But even the most practised baby calmers get fatigued by continuous, loud shushing. You are going to want some help to keep up with your baby's needs. All of the recommendations below are absolutely safe for your baby's ears...her own crying is much louder!

White Noise Sounds for Babies

  1. A hair dryer, hoover, or other noisy appliance

Wearing your baby while hoovering makes you one mean multitasking mum!

  1. Happiest Baby’s SNOO Smart Baby Cot

We invented SNOO, a science-based smart baby cot, which responds to your baby’s cries with soothing womb-like motion in addition to white noise, a close replication of what a foetus hears inside the belly. SNOO uses 3 different kinds of white noise depending on your newborn’s needs at any particular moment: high-pitched, to get her attention and help calm fussing; low and rumbly, to calm and soothe her to sleep; and ‘rain on the rooftop,’ a favourite sleep cue of…almost everyone, right?

  1. Happiest Baby’s White Noise 

Our CD/ MP3 closely replicates the rough rumble of the womb. Most noise machines, phone apps, and toys have added static and hissing sounds. Sound from these white noise machines can be more like fingernails on a chalkboard to a baby! 

  1. Running water

You do not want to waste water, but bring your baby into the bathroom while you shower! You will both be calmed by the patter of the water.

When to Use White Noise

White noise is best used to calm fussing, get ready for bed, and during sleep. Similar to how SNOO works, use different levels for different results. It can also be helpful to play it during car trips to keep your child calm—or use it during feedings, if your nosy little baby is distracted by this, that, and the other thing when he is supposed to be eating!

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