May means bright blooms springing from the earth, sunny blue skies, and…babies who are bound to blossom into incredible human beings! Here are a few of the traits that make your May baby so special. 

May babies will be bulls or twins…

…When it comes to their astrological sign. May babies born between May 1st and 21st fall under Taurus’ sign (aka the bull). Qualities associated with Taurus include determination, patience, and good taste. May babies born after the 21st will be Geminis (symbolized by the twins). Gemini is the most versatile member of the zodiac. The sign’s other qualities include a flair for communication, a quick wit, and an outgoing personality. 

May babies’ birthstone will make others green with envy.

May’s birthstone is the vibrant green emerald. Emeralds are one of the world’s rarest stones, and they symbolize rebirth and love…plus they look pretty darn stunning in a yellow-gold ring or necklace setting (just saying!). 

May babies’ birth flowers are sweet and hopeful.

Since May is a month known for bringing the world into full bloom, aren’t all flowers technically May flowers? But if we’re talking official birth flowers, May is represented by the starkly beautiful lily of the valley and the hawthorn flower (a small pale pink bud that grows on a thorny bush). They stand for sweetness and hope, respectively. 

May babies might be born lucky.

No need for a four-leaf clover…your little one might already have all the good juju she needs! A 2004 study revealed that people born in May consider themselves luckier than those born in other months. (The month considered the least lucky? October.)

May babies have positive attitudes.

Along with good fortune, being born in May seems to bring good spirits! Spring- and summer-born babies are more likely to have an excessively positive attitude than those who make their appearance during other seasons, according to European research.

Your May baby has lots of career options!

According to one study, some birth months are associated with certain professions (for example: a common profession for February babies is artist!) However, May babies aren’t associated with one particular career path…meaning that their options must be wide open! 

May babies are in star-studded company.

Celebrities that share a birth month with your May babe include Tina Fey, George Clooney, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Adele, and Rami Malek.

Did your May baby arrive early or late?

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