Baby is craving something sweet, and it has been a year in the making! If you have a little one celebrating their first birthday soon, you have likely put some thought into the ceremonious smash cake. This cute tradition involves exactly what it sounds like—a baby, a cake, and free rein to smash it as he or she takes their first sweet bites.  

You can set up a DIY smash cake at home and get snapping, or hire a professional photographer to take care of the dirty work for you. Either way, get inspired by some of the sweetest cake smash ideas around, with our deliciously cute roundup.

Super Simple Smash Cake

 Toddler and simple white smash cake.

Photo: Instagram/christelleonie

A neutral colour palette and easy background of just balloons make for a classy cake smash photoshoot you will never regret. Themes are great, but sometimes we all need a break from them, and this simple styling idea can grant you just that. 

Ombré Green Smash Cake Idea

 Baby digging into an ombré green smash cake

Photo: Instagram/zelazowa_wola

Equal parts boho and glam, this fun smash cake idea works for a baby boy or girl. Bring in oversized faux greenery, an ombré effect in shades of green, and plenty of pops of gold. The muted twinkly lights in the background are subtle perfection. 

Donut Grow Up Smash Cake Idea

 Donut display for first birthday party.

Photo: Instagram/ourlifeinrosegold

For a different take on the smash moment, how about a stack of donuts? Babies grow way too fast; this fun play on words works effortlessly with a unique cake smash idea in the form of sprinkly, colourful, delicious donuts for Baby to enjoy. Note: you should totally snag one for yourself off the top of the pile before the photoshoot is underway! 

Semi-Formal Smash Cake Idea

 Baby in tuxedo outfit sitting in front of tuxedo-theme smash cake.

Photo: Elizabeth Frederick Photography

Get that one-derful little baby love all dolled up and set the tone for an extravaganza of tiny proportions. The colour scheme of a New Year’s Eve party or milestone birthday is hilariously spot-on here: gold, white, and black do wonders. If you are taking this 'black tie' angle with a little girl, how about a high heel motif or pearls on the cake? 

One-Derland Vibes Smash Cake

 Baby and "one-derland" themed smash cake.

Photo: Instagram/hollyheinephotography

We cannot talk about anything first birthday-related without making a pitstop in Onederland. This baby girl smash cake shoot nails it with all the whimsical trappings of a fairy tale come to life. The watercolour background, fancy outfit, and glamorous details are spot-on. Let us just hope your little princess turns the cake this epically on its head for a glam-gone-messy scene you will treasure forever. 

Hook Line and Sinker Smash Cake Idea

 Baby and fishing-themed smash cake.

Photo: Instagram/taralindleyphotography 

There is something fishy going on around here… and we are all about it! This little fisherman (or fisherwoman?) smash cake theme idea is absolutely adorable for the outdoorsy family.

Ice Cream Parlor Smash Cake

Baby and ice cream-themed smash cake.  

Photo: Instagram/andreapalmafotografia

Sugary-sweet and cute enough to eat! These parents took an ice cream theme and ran with it... to absolutely gorgeous effect. You can spin this more masculine with blues or greens, brighten it up with bolder hues, or make it flavour-specific (mint chip would be amazing!). Who ever said Baby’s first cake cannot be an ice cream one? Thought so.  

Petit Prince Smash Cake for Boys

 Baby eating Petit Prince-themed smash cake.

Photo: Instagram/yeahbabygoods

Your little guy does not necessarily need all the fanfare in order to enjoy his first taste of the good stuff. This high chair shoot proves that fancy backdrops are not what matters; the little crown and yummy smash cake for your baby boy say all they need to. 

Flower Child Smash Cake

 Baby in pink dress eating pink smash cake.

Photo: MYMK Photography

Flower power is hers with a bright and blooming, floral-themed cake smash. Go with pink rosebuds and cherry blossoms like shown, or take an unexpected path with a wildflower inspired cake smash cake idea. All flowers are pretty flowers, and your little one will love these photos for years to come.  

Tutti Frutti Smash Cake

 Baby eating smash cake decorated with fruit.

Photo: Gartcia Fotografia

More inspiration from nature, and this one is extra tasty! A fruit (or veggie) themed cake smash is beyond fun, and it offers up a trendy farmers-market feel. 

Smash Cake Sprinkled With Joy 

 Toddler girl eating sprinkled smash cake.

Photo: Instagram/svitlana_vronska

Another quintessential sweets themed cake smash idea for your little girl or boy… bring on the sprinkles for a decadent, lively, and colourful photoshoot that is sure to render some amazing wall art to cherish in the future.

Wild One Smash Cake

 Baby and jungle ("wild one") themed smash cake.

Photo: Instagram/merybuil

Where the wild things are, the cake will follow. We love this fun safari themed smash idea for your little cub’s first birthday.

Mixed Metallics Smash Cake Idea

 Silver and gold smash cake and baby.

Photo: Instagram/family.k1920

Super chic, yet still baby-friendly, a blend of silver, gold, and bronze for the smash cake shoot is an elegant memory in the making. 

Bright & Airy Smash Cake Idea

Baby wearing pastels eating white smash cake. 

Photo & to Purchase Topper: Etsy/DeLovelyDetails

You cannot go wrong with lots of white … add in the pastels of your choice from blush to sky, and watch the shoot come together effortlessly and beautifully. 

Pancake Smash! 

 Baby eating stack of pancakes for birthday.

Photo: Pineapple Prints Photography

Wake up and eat up! It is a unique take on the cake smash birthday concept, and we absolutely love it. A stack of pancakes dripping with butter and syrup, or topped with whipped cream for that birthday feeling, is sure to make your little one smile and have their taste buds singing. Put them in jammies for an even more fun effect.  

Mini Super-Hero Smash Cake

 Baby and Batman-themed smash cake.

Photo: Love What Matters 

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Super Baby! Save the day, or at least make it extra-delicious, with a theme of epic proportions like this Batman setup for the cutest little guy.

Berry Sweet Cake Smash Idea

Baby and smash cake decorated with strawberries. 

Photo: Instagram/chaneleverlast

Strawberries burst with seasonal fun, and make for the perfectly sweet cake smash inspiration. Your little berry-lover will be in heaven with this fun concept, especially if the cake tastes as good as it looks.

Little Digger Smash Cake Idea

 Baby and construction-vehicle-themed smash cake.

Photo: Instagram/camphotographyllc

Warning: Construction Zone. In this place was a baby and now loading...toddlerhood! Celebrate your little guy or girl’s love of all things that dig with a totally kid-friendly cake smash that will thrill and delight.

'Uni' Means ONE Smash Cake

 Baby and unicorn-themed smash cake.

Photo: Instagram/kijkjebijnadine 

It is a modern classic, and any unicorn action you can bring into the mix is a definite yes for the littlest family member’s first birthday. We love the unicorn theme and think it is one of the best cake smash ideas for marking such a magical moment. 

Baby Bear Smash Cake Idea

Baby dressed as a bear next to a brown and white smash cake. 

Photo: Instagram/mira_bebek_london 

Cute and cuddly as can be! It is a gender neutral cake smash theme idea that celebrates the softness and sweetness of this absolutely precious stage of childhood. Looking for a bear-y cute gift to match? Check out SNOObear—an adorable lovey that doubles as an on-the-go sound machine! 

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