Chances are, a cot and nappy pail are already high on your list of nursery essentials to buy before Baby arrives. But there are a few other nursery essentials you will need to turn your baby’s room into a space you will both love! Here are a few overlooked nursery essentials to add to your registry…stat!

Nursery Essentials to Add to Your Registry

Cot Bedding

Okay, okay, maybe cot bedding is as much of a nursery no-brainer as is a cot…but the key is having enough of it! When you encounter your first middle-of-the-night mess, you will probably regret only registering for one or two fitted sheets. The fact is, accidents happen, so you will want to make sure you have several spare fitted sheets, as well as a waterproof mattress protector (or two!). Get more baby bedding tips here

White Noise Machine

White noise is a powerful sleep-promoting tool for babies. In the womb, babies get used to constant sound, so once they are born, they have a hard time snoozing if it is pin-drop quiet. A good white noise machine helps babies drift off by recreating that low, rumbly womb-like sound...and Dr. Harvey Karp designed SNOObie and SNOObear both offer that soothing white noise. While SNOObie is combo white noise machine, nightlight, an OK-to-wake sleep trainer (and more), SNOObear is a cuddly lovey, puppet, and a white noise machine that  plays for 30 to 60 minutes. Then, SNOObear continues to “pay attention” for three hours, so that it can respond to new cries with another dose of calming white noise.


Nursery Storage

When you first start thinking about your nursery, it is easy to get swept up in the aesthetic aspects. Should you go for a black-and-white nursery design scheme or a lush green jungle theme? Paint or wallpaper? But in addition to looking great, it is essential that your nursery is a functional space. And, while your lovebug’s teeny-tiny clothes and accessories do not take up much room now, do not be surprised if you are overrun with adorable onesies, stuffed animals, toys, and board books by the time your due date arrives. That is why sensible storage is such a crucial nursery essential. Whether you are a bin, basket, or bookshelf kind of parent, try to get your system in place now…before you are too busy with baby (and let us be honest, too tired). Here are a few nursery storage ideas—and some adorable nursery book displays!

Nursery Activity Mat

Babies’ lives seem pretty simple…eat, sleep, repeat. However, while you have probably given a lot of thought to where your baby will sleep and what they will eat—have you thought about the time in-between? Activity mats are a nursery essential because they give you a safe—and mentally stimulating—place to set your baby when they are not snoozing or guzzling down milk. It is a soft spot for them to practice tummy time, work on grasping, develop their visual skills, and start to pick up some spatial awareness. Bonus: If your little one spits up, this nursery essential tends to be easier to clean than carpet!

Baby Monitor

The NHS recommends babies sleep in their parents’ rooms for the first six months. Having them at arm’s length away makes it easy to check on them…or simply watch them sweetly snoozing. Once you move your little one to their own room, you will probably quickly realise what a luxury it is to peek on them at all hours of the night. Fortunately, a video monitor will let you keep an eye on your kiddo without having to barge into their room!

Nursery Nightlight

…However, when you do have to sneak into your little one’s bedroom, you will be glad that you have a nightlight to guide your way without rousing your babe. And, if your child wakes up in the middle of the night, they will be able to see familiar surroundings…not just pitch-black darkness. A light with a dimmer switch works as well! Psst: Happiest Baby's SNOObie Smart Soother is also a fully customizable nightlight! 

Nursery Blackout Curtains

Speaking of light…to turn your baby’s nursery into a sleep sanctuary, it is important to block out any light that may sneak in through the window. Even a beam from a streetlamp outside could potentially penetrate your little one’s closed eyelids, disturbing their precious zzz’s. 

Comfy Rocker or Glider

When it comes to nursery essentials, we all tend to be baby-focused, because…duh! But do not neglect your own needs. Parents deserve a comfy spot designated for baby snuggles that is not in their own bedroom. This allows one partner to wake up to hold and feed the baby while the other stays asleep. A rocker or glider gives makes it easy to soothe your toddler with gentle motion. Plus, having a designated spot to breastfeed at night that is not your bed will also make it less likely that you will doze off while nursing…which can be dangerous. When you pick out a chair for your nursery, you may want to keep in mind that you will want one that lends itself to nursing and rocking during the newborn days…but is roomy enough for you and your toddler to curl up in with bedtime stories down the road.

Nursery Essentials to Leave Off Your List

Though there is lots to buy right now, are a few nursery 'essentials' your baby may not least not right away:

  • Pillows, top sheet, blankets: Babies should sleep alone until at least a year—so there is no need to deck out the cot with blankets, sheets, and pillows. 

  • Cot bumpers: Cot bumpers are a suffocation risk so they are not safe to use in the cot—keep them out of your nursery. 

  • Changing table: If you are already short on nursery space, one way to consolidate is to ditch the dedicated changing table, and instead, use a changing pad that you can place on a dresser. A dresser will grow with your child, while a changing table can only be used while your toddler is in nappies.

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