Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

Are you planning on decking out your baby’s room in blush and bashful—or any shade of pink in between? Then you will want to peep these pink nursery ideas.

If you want to make your baby’s room girly without going over the top, there are so many fresh, contemporary pink nursery ideas to pull from. From soft pink nursery walls to bold patterned pink nursery wallpaper to rosy-hued light fixtures and small accents…your pink-themed nursery can fit any taste or style. Get creative, have fun, and check out our list of the prettiest pink nursery ideas.

Hint of Pink Nursery 

Photo: @maryhelen_mousecounselor 

The faintest pink wall colour can create an air of girly-chic without being over the top. This sweet space is accented with white and small pops of colours throughout for a fresh and modern white and pink nursery any baby girl will love growing into.

Boho Dreams Pink Nursery

Photo: @alysewarren 

The dainty gold hoops with wildflowers hanging, woven laundry basket, and rustic ironwork on the cot come together beautifully in this bohemian pink nursery. The furry blush rug, soft mauve throw pillow, and mirrored light fixture add girly charm. 

Floral Pink and Gray Nursery

Photo: Ashley Brooke Nicholas

Every detail of this floral pink nursery—from the dusty pink nursery rug to the soft floral wallpaper to the barely-blush table lamp—is soft, sweet, and understated.

Black and Pink Nursery

Photo: @ChristinaLoewen 

Of course, not all pink nursery ideas have to be done in shades of pastel. The proof? The moody pink-and-black floral wallpaper in this sophisticated design. It does not scream 'girly' yet it is totally feminine. 

Swan Song Pink Nursery

Photo: @thisprettylifexo 

As if the plush swan rocker was not adorable enough, these parents have carried the theme throughout the space. Swan wallpaper or decals throughout create a precious pop of pink in a baby girl’s nursery room, and they have also added pink drawer pulls and curtains to round out the space .

Hoop it Up Pink Nursery Detail

Photo: @bloomettesauvage

Even a completely neutral white or cream baby girl’s room will get a sweeter all-over feel with pink decor elements brought in throughout. This woven, floral hoop with dangling vines and yarn is spot-on for a subtle beige or cream and pink nursery. 

Modern & Elegant Pink Nursery

Photo: @littlecrowninteriors 

Every detail of this incredible space is well thought-out and seamlessly integrated. The textured (almost lilac) rug, blush wood of the dresser, pink velvet pouf, and rose gold baby cot bring warmth and sweetness to the otherwise white space. Any modern baby girl will adore growing up in a modern white and pink nursery like this. 

A Scattering of Pink Nursery Accessories

Photo: @thepaperpartycompany 

What this mum has done is very cool—all neutral 'bones' and then a scattering of pink nursery accessories throughout the space. This keeps the room from being too pink, but also lets her switch up the girly details as Baby Girl grows. Consider stocking up on light pink throw pillows, tutus, and bonnets to decorate a similar nursery for your baby girl.

Flower Power Pink Nursery

Photo: @miltonandking 

Nursery wallpaper is not going out of style any time soon, and we are not mad about it! This stunning pink baby girl nursery features an accent wall of striking floral wallpaper to set the tone. The rose-gold cot and simple art let that wall do most of the talking. 

Seeing Stripes Pink Nursery Idea

Photo: @maiabearx

Do not discount the cuteness factor of a pink striped wall or curtains! A simple pattern like this in any shade of pink can create a sense of whimsy in your little girl’s room, even if everything else is white or neutral.  

Adult-Friendly Art in a Pink Nursery

Photo: @littlecrowninteriors

For a room that will grow with Baby Girl, consider avoiding cutesy art and sticking with striking, classic, or modern pieces that fit your pink baby room. This large peony photograph is a beautiful centerpiece for a pink nursery, and will look just as lovely as she grows into a little girl and later, a teen.

Deco it Out Pink Nursery Idea

Photo: @cumbaadesignco 

Oh, oh, it is Deco! Have fun infusing your baby girl’s room with a chic vintage vibe as these parents have done. The art deco-inspired light fixture and wallpaper are a perfect pairing for the incredibly cool lucite cot, and the pinks here go great with neutral tones like white or beige.

Try a Pop of Pink in the Nursery With Paper

Photo: @easylifehappywife

Another pink wallpaper idea is to go more candy-pink with an unexpected pattern, as shown here. While pink flowers and stars are expected and sweet, this paper requires you to look closer at the galloping horses and rooted trees. The rest of the room is left cosy and simple to showcase the unique pink nursery. 

Beautiful Pink Nursery Bedding 

Photo: @littlehumanlinens 

Sometimes all you need is a great cot sheet to set the tone. It is also fun to switch things up and rotate among bold pink florals, light pink stars, or sweet rainbow patterns in the cot sheet if you are having trouble deciding on an overall pink theme for the nursery. In a neutral space, linens like this really pop! A matching swaddle for Baby makes this setup perfect for pictures.

Unexpected Utility Pink Nursery Storage Idea

Photo: @bedintheclouds 

Reach for pinks in the storage and other 'boring' elements of room design, and have fun doing it! These pink floral hanging bins are infinitely cuter than basic counterparts, and can breathe extra life and style into your pink nursery.

Bold Pink Nursery

Photo: @hamsahome

The loud pinks in the carpet and scattered elsewhere throughout this incredibly fun baby girl nursery add edgy femininity to the space. However, it is not over-the-top saccharine. Instead, it feels classy, modern, and timeless all at once.  

Dress it Up Pink Nursery Design

Photo: @hpandakids

In this ethereal pink nursery, the ballet-pink painted dresser is the focal point. Hints of pink in the curtain edging and cot sheet add to the overall feel, but this is an understated way to bring in your girly pops of colour without going overboard. 

Pink Nursery Lighting

Photo: @queenp_handmade

Love your lighting! There is no way you can go wrong with a pink boho chandelier for your little princess’s room. 

Pink Safari Nursery

Photo: @hpandakids

The framed animal portraits are a beautiful and down-to-earth element in this blush baby room.

Dark & Dreamy Black and Pink Nursery

Photo: @houseoffloyd 

Another take on floral, this black wallpaper and the other dark elements in the room create a high-end feel. The pink in the roses and sheer curtains are soft and light, creating a balanced black and pink nursery. 

Earthy Chic Pink Baby Room

Photo: @carey_bears

The subtle mauves, blushes, and corals here are complemented by tonal browns and other earthy hues that create a warm feeling for Baby Girl’s pretty and cosy room. 

Tropical Pink Baby Room

Photo: @cebpierson

Add big fun and heaps of interest to a pink nursery when you bring in palms, flamingoes, and other tropical, beachy elements like this stylish mama did.    

Final Thoughts: Pink Nurseries and Other Baby Room Ideas

Want to be inspired by some of our other nursery ideas? Check out our growing list of nursery inspiration for your baby girl or boy. 

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