Once you and the love of your life have children, your relationship changes. Like so many things about parenting, you may have heard people say that, but you did not really understand what they meant until you find yourself in the thick of it.

Having a brand new bouncing baby in your home is demanding and time-consuming. Every couple is different, but it is easy to feel like you are giving 110% effort (usually true) and your partner is only chipping in 70% (usually false).

There is so much to do in caring for an infant while also being mindful of your other responsibilities. Sure, the best way to get it done is to work as a team, but while true, all work and no play makes for…well, you have heard the saying.

If this is how you are feeling, what can you do about it?

It can help to start by taking a few minutes to think about what you personally need or want…then flip it. Would any of those things bring a smile to your baby mum or baby daddy’s face? If you are seeking more support or adoration, then there is a good chance your partner is too. And with all the craziness of having a baby, simple pleasures can be priceless. Take walks, give each other a mini-massage, a back scratch, or gentle intimacy. Even cutting each other some extra slack or giving him/her the benefit of the doubt can make them have a better day.

And, if you are a single parent. That is a whole other topic, but making time for yourself is key!

You can also try thinking about it from your baby's perspective. In fact, if your infant could, she would sit you down and say, ‘Do not worry about me. I am fine staying with nan or the babysitter. But I am really gonna need you two later on. So, go have some fun, go to the cinema, but please take care of yourselves!’

The first months are the hardest part of the first year, but the great news is, life is in the moments. Your baby will give you so many magical moments it will be hard to process the joy you feel. And keep in mind, a little bit of TLC goes a long way toward making the two of you…come together as one.

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