Go ahead and gift the dad in your life a grill, some power tools, a coveted sports- or whisky-related whatchamacallit—even the ultimate new-dad gift of a sleep-helping SNOO Smart Sleeper! But when it comes to a Father’s Day gift from your tot, you cannot go wrong with creating a sentimental, DIY gift for dear ol’ dad! Here are some low-effort homemade gift ideas your toddler, preschooler, or big kid can easily pull together for the big Father’s Day celebration. Which one will you help create for Daddy?

DIY Coffee Cup for Father’s Day

Photo: I Heart Arts N Crafts

Dads love coffee and tea, so help your child make Pop’s morning cup that much more inviting! Buy a plain white coffee mug at the variety store, clean it with rubbing alcohol, and gather your most colorful oil-based paint markers, which have the most staying power. You can give your bub free reign to decorate as they wish. Or you can help them out by giving them an outline to color in or have them create some negative-space art by placing a sticker on the mug and having them color over and around it (like this). Bigger kids can practice their writing skills by writing a special “I love you,” or anything in between!

All done? Let the mug dry overnight. The next day, place your mug into a cold oven, then crank the heat to 177 degrees Celsius and bake for 30 minutes. Once the half-hour timer dings, shut the oven off but let the mug linger inside until the oven cools completely. This helps prevent cracks. (You can bake the mugs twice to really set in the drawing you like.) Remember to gently handwash the mug hereafter.

Handprint Art Father’s Day Gift

Photo and to purchase: Nona Wall Art

Your tot will love getting their hands messy with paint—and Dad will love having a tiny-hands keepsake. While you can order quick, easy, and affordable digital downloads, like the one pictured, you can also 100% DIY your handprint Father’s Day craft at home. For the best results, brush your child’s hand with washable tempera paint instead of having them smush their paws in a bowl of colour. Remember to guide your tot’s hand to the paper and to gently press down on their hand to ensure the entire handprint makes it to the page.

Lego DIY Father’s Day Gift

Image: Laly Mom

If you have got a bin of miscellaneous Lego bricks, it is now their time to shine! This pen holder is easy to make, super-fun for kids to create, and a real dad-pleaser to boot! For the DIY Father’s Day gift pictured, you need a clear door piece to act as a mini photo frame, a small base plate, and an assortment of bricks to create the just-right size box for you. (Consider adding a thin layer of bricks behind the photo, so it will stand up tall.) If you have the time, money, and inclination, you can fill the Lego pen holder with dad-themed pens, too.

DIY Rock Art for Father’s Day

Image: Baker Ross

Does your child like looking for rocks? Do you have a hot glue gun? Can you run to the craft or variety store to find a mini canvas—and raid your art supplies for googly eyes and paint? Then this adorable Father’s Day craft is for you! Just remember: You are in charge of the hot glue gun! But if you have a kid-friendly low-temp glue gun, feel free to let your child try, under your careful eye, of course.

“All About Dad” Questionnaire

Image: Poster My Wall

Interview your child about Dad, write down all their hilarious and heartfelt answers, then present the results on Father’s Day. You can download a template (like the one pictured, or one of these options) or you can simply create your own with customisable questions. To make this DIY Father’s Day gift even more heartmelt-y, consider voice recording your little one answering the questions, so that their cute little voice is forever captured forever. (PS: This Father’s Day gift can very easily become an annual tradition that the whole family looks forward to!)

Personalized Photo Father’s Day Gift

Photo: Project Kid

Decorating a plain wood or ceramic picture frame and placing an adorable daddy-and-me photo inside is a classic Father’s Day gift for a reason: It is easy, sentimental, and fun to do. But if you are ready to take this gift up a notch, copycat this “Why We Love Daddy” photo collage idea from Project Kid. All you need is a chalkboard, willing kiddos, a camera, and a collage-making app, like PicMonkey. While the dad-loving sentiments pictured above were simply posted on Instagram and Facebook, tagging the dad in question, you can feel free to print out the sweetness, frame it, and gift it. 

Keychain DIY Father’s Day Gift

Image: Joann

Here is another spin on the handprint or footprint craft. To make this keychain, trace your child hand or foot—or both—onto the rough side of some shrink film, then decorate and personalize the print with a permanent marker. Once you are satisfied with the result, cut out your design, create a keychain hole with a hole-punch, and follow the bake-in-the-oven instructions on shrink film packaging. Once your tot’s prints have magically downsized, connect the keyring and any other flair you would like!

Letter to Dad DIY Father’s Day Gift

Image: Be a Fun Mum

If your bub is too young to write a letter on their own, simply let them dictate their message to you. Kids can “write” about what they love the most about daddy, what they like doing with him, some of their most treasured memories, and more. Or opt for a fill-in-the-blank style letter, as pictured.

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