When you are a new parent, it is easy to feel like you are flying solo during the first few weeks after giving birth. Suddenly, you realise, that no matter how many baby books you have read, nothing quite prepares you for some of the challenges the fourth trimester brings…like just how difficult it can be to breastfeed, or what it is like to care for a baby around the clock with a c-section scar or tear that is still healing. 

Fortunately, no matter how isolated you may feel during these confusing and lonely weeks, help is available to you! And, best of all, you can access plenty of high-quality postpartum help virtually from the comfort of your glider. Here are a few postpartum resources for new mums…. 


This doula-founded resource destination matches families to valuable pregnancy and postpartum resources, like virtual and in-person doulas, lactation support, mental health professionals, and more. Boober offers same-day access to vetted experts…so you do not have to stress about getting the high-quality care you deserve. 

New Parents Academy

They sure do not teach you how to be a parent in school…that is where New Parents Academy comes in! This online resource shows families the ropes so they can feel totally confident in the first days and weeks postpartum. Their courses cover all sorts of essential info, from basic newborn care and infant safety to bonding and breastfeeding. You can re-watch the lessons any time you need a refresher (including after baby arrives).


Phoebe has taken the classic mum-and-me group virtual…and then supersized it with a wealth of other resources. The online community offers a long list of educational content (on topics like infant care, breastfeeding, pumping, postpartum recovery and mental health), as well as access to an online support network of mums at the same stage of pregnancy/parenting. Additionally, members can tap Phoebe’s team of experts for pressing parenting questions and get a response within a day (definitely more reliable and personal alternative to 'Dr. Google'!).


LOOM’s on a mission to empower everyone on every step of the reproductive journey. To do so, the Los Angeles-based organisation offers inclusive programming that extends well beyond pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting to tackle topics like sexual health, pregnancy loss, and fertility. Their services include online classes, a comprehensive doula directory, and one-on-one parenting coaching.

Carriage House Birth

Carriage House Birth has IRL outposts in New York and LA, but now parents across the country can tap their extensive virtual classes and support groups. In addition to their childbirth education series, check out their postpartum support group, infant feeding support group, twin workshop, and newborn care class.


In addition to emotional and mental support, sometimes you need physical support during your pregnancy and motherhood journey. Origin offers virtual physical therapy sessions so new and expecting mamas can find relief from c-section scar pain, pelvic organ prolapse, back pain, and more conditions—both big and small—that sometimes complicate pregnancy and childbirth.

The Pump Station & Nurtury

Breastfeeding does not always come easy…and lactation support can go a long way to help to get the milk flowing. The Pump Station now offers phone and video consultations to help mums navigate all sorts of tricky breastfeeding issues, including engorgement, latching problems, pumping, and milk supply.

Maryland State Doulas

This organisation also boasts a variety of virtual resources for new and expecting parents, including virtual doula support, virtual childbirth classes, and virtual newborn and sleep support. 

Need mental health support? Check out our list of mental health resources for new parents.

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