Bringing a child into the world is a wonderfully exciting and intense time filled with hopes and dreams. But when your baby comes a little earlier than expected, those hopes and dreams can be tinged with stress. Premature babies are little warriors, and they deserve all the nurturing they can get, but so do their parents. If you are thinking about putting together a meaningful gift that lets a premature baby parent know how much you care and support them during this challenging time, check out these eight ideas that are sure to do the trick.  

Soft Cotton Clothes

The new parents may not have banked on having a premature baby, and might not have clothes tiny enough for their little one, so some new, premature-sized duds will likely be appreciated! Because new baby skin needs the softest materials to keep it healthy, look for 100% organic cotton (we are partial to our bodysuit bundles which come in adorable patterns and are available in premature baby sizes). You can include mitts and booties for those sweet hands and feet, and even some handmade caps to keep that downy head snug and warm.  

Milestone Premature Baby Cards 

Premature babies develop at their own rate, which can make every little milestone extra special. So why not help the new parents celebrate each one of these tiny victories with milestone premature baby cards. Not only do these cards serve as a memento of a precious time, but this premature baby gift also acknowledges the unique challenges a premature newborn must overcome. 

Meal Train 

Food is a timeless premature baby gift for parents. There is nothing more blissfully exhausting than bringing a newborn home. But when your newborn is premature and those long nights involve trips to the NICU, exhaustion can reach a whole new level. With the help of a service like Meal Train, you can make sure the new parents in your life are well fed for as long as you'd like your train to go. 

Snack Box Subscription

Help Mum to feel energised with a snack subscription box. You can choose her favourite snacks and make sure they get delivered to her house once a month. Those late-night nursing sessions will feel less draining with some cookies on hand. If you are considering this premature baby gift, there are hundreds of options available that cater to every taste and budget.

Aromatherapy for Mum and Baby

Give the gift of rest by putting together a mother and baby aromatherapy kit. Stress can inhibit breastfeeding and healing and can make babies feel uncomfortable, so why not add an element of relaxation? Find some soothing scents like lavender and neroli essential oils. Include a book on baby massage and a soft blanket for baby, and you have got one memorable premature baby gift for parents.  

A Fashionable Nursing Wrap

Nursing wraps and covers have come a long way from the sack of potato looking fabric of yesteryear. You can find gorgeous textures, patterns, and colours and even have them monogrammed. Some wraps can double as a beautiful shawl for mum when she is finished with nursing or if she does not need privacy to nurse her child. 

Fill A Book with Messages of Love

Pick up a copy of a special book like Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss, and have friends and family write loving messages of encouragement and life advice for the baby. Not only will you have a lovely children's book to gift premature baby parents, but the gesture of including friends and family can create a loving heirloom that will be treasured for years to come. 

A Bag Filled With Goodies for the Parents Only

Let us face it; babies get showered with tons of gifts when they enter the world. Sometimes it is fun to bring a special premature baby gift just for the grownups. Buy a nice tote bag and fill it with all their favourites. You could include a celebratory bottle of wine, gift certificates to their favourite restaurant, expensive dark chocolate, flowers, a picture frame with a picture of the new family, and other more personal items. 

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