Tickle mum-to-be with a prickly cactus themed baby shower! It is a fun, gender-neutral baby shower trend with so many possibilities. It can be monochromatic, feature lots of soft colours and neutrals, or be bold and bright! Whether you go full-throttle with a cactus baby shower theme or you simply weave some succulent elements throughout, this modern boho baby shower idea is sure to please.

Prickly Sweets

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo: All for the Memories

Wow. This simple cake soars up so many notches thanks to this clever and classy DIY cake topper. To recreate, simply print this lovely cactus image onto card stock, trim, and secure to toothpicks. And—voila!—you baby shower cake has been cactified!

Boho Brights

Cactus baby shower ideas 
Photo: @aprettyliving

Brighter hues make the greenery pop. Here, there are a lots eye-catching pinks, but turquoise or bright yellow would work beautifully, too.

Sculptured Fun 

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo: Mint Events Design

Nothing says 'party' like a ceiling-high balloon display shaped like your favourite succulent! The assorted cactus themed treats on the adjacent table do not overpower, but bring everything together. 

Pale Palette

Cactus baby shower ideas

Photo: @sweetsanddecor_bylora

The palest pastels are a gorgeous backdrop to a cactus baby shower, creating a super soft vibe. (Also: Yay tacos!) 

Cacti to Go

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo: Mami Talks 

Handle carefully! A miniature cactus to take home is the most perfect way to thank guests for coming…and it is one of those rare baby shower favours that guests actually adore!

Sentimental Succulents

Cactus baby shower ideas

Photo and to purchase: Etsy/MeganHStudio

Guest books are great, but a baby shower guest book that can double as nursery or hallway decor is even better! This crafty cactus artwork asks guests to add their fingerprints and names to complete the look.

Double-Duty Cacti Decor

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo: 100 Layer Cakelet

Combining useful gifts for Baby (bodysuits and rompers!) with an adorable cactus-themed decorating idea? Sold!

Festive Fete

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas

Who says cactus themed baby showers need to hone in on the neutrals? Do not shy away from festive brights for your baby shower fiesta!

Plant Perfection

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo: A Beautiful Mess

It is a cupcake, a macaron, and a cactus! Swoon! The 'dirt' frosting is, quite literally, the icing on the cake!

Green and Gold

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo: @mirakleballoons

These lovely hues and metallics go together perfectly, instantly elevating a cactus shower from bohemian-rustic to ultra-glam. White is an ideally paired neutral that makes the main colours shine.

Top It Off!

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/LittleQuine

A sparkly cactus cake topper can make even the most classic baby shower cake effortlessly match your theme.

Watercolour Welcome

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/WestandPine

In contrast to the sharp nature of the plant itself, a soft, watercolour look on the invitations and other paper goods is just lovely.

Succulent Stirrers

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/ZCreateDesign

Stir up some fun—and make your baby shower mocktails feel like the most special drink ever—with festive stir sticks. Loving the glittery glam these cacti offer!

Table Time

Cactus baby shower ideas

Photo: @jen_b220

Low-key, neutral, and desert-kissed: This cactus theme baby shower table features greens, beiges, and rustic details from end to end. 

Baby Banner 

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/Frostifine 

Transform any space–whether you are in the middle of the desert or your own modern farmhouse style kitchen–with a cacti banner you buy or make yourself.

Spell It Out

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo: Fun365

How fun! Simply buy giant letter balloons in green and grab a good old Sharpie to morph them into cacti. Cannot find green balloons? Paint standard Mylar letter balloon with green craft paint.

Desert Bloom Backdrop

Cactus baby shower ideas
Photo: Pretty My Party

The subtle mint greens and soft rose tones make this a desert dessert table to admire. The store-bought cactus backdrop takes it to a new level of pretty. (PS: The heart-shaped succulent topping the cake is spot-on!)

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