A house full of kids does not leave much time for sleep—just ask Wyoming mum Victoria David, mother to three step kids and (as of recently!) four biological children. 

When Victoria found out she was pregnant with Baby No. 7 she had baby sleep struggles top of mind. Her sixth child, now 2, had a lot of trouble sleeping, which meant he was frequently hopping into bed with Mum and Dad.

'Sleep for children has always been an issue for us. They sleep well, we don’t,' Victoria says.

Having heard about SNOO’s ability to aid sleep for families, she eagerly showed her husband the smart sleeper. At first, he balked at the price, but Victoria pressed on. 

'I told him, we have so many sleep problems, if this could give me a three-hour stretch once a week, it would be worth it, and he was like, that is true,' she says. 'I said SNOO will get the baby out of our bed, and he was like, sold.'

Victoria snagged SNOO on sale, and her youngest daughter arrived in a planned home birth a few months later.

Victoria David newborn

Initially, Victoria was unsure how SNOO would work because daughter didn’t seem to like being swaddled. She waited until a calm moment and then swaddled her daughter in a SNOO Sack for the first time with her arms down. Her daughter started screaming. 

'I thought, I’m going to trust this,' Victoria remembers.

She zipped up the SNOO Sack and started SNOO. Because her daughter was fussing, SNOO quickly ramped up to the next level of soothing white noise and motion. 

'Five seconds later, she fell asleep. I looked at her and my husband, and we were like, did that really just work?!' Victoria says. 'She slept for a full hour—as a newborn!'

When Victoria’s daughter woke up, she was calm and happy.

'We let her out of the swaddle and did the little SNOO stretch babies do where they arch their backs. She looked so rested, and she didn’t have to be on me. I could have a little nap while she was sleeping, that was magic.'

As much as Victoria loves to have her babies on and near her (she is a big fan of baby-wearing!), she also knows that it is not realistic—nor safe—to do it around the clock.

'I want safe sleep, but I also need sleep myself,' she says. 'I don’t think there is any other product that can offer a completely safe sleep environment that will automatically give comfort to your baby, but still let you know if your baby needs you. That is amazing peace of mind for a mum.'

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