Happiest Baby has always given families different ways to choose how they SNOOze. (Do you have a Baseline-aficionado or a Level 2-lover? Are you #teamLegLifters or #teamLowLegs? Is our classic SNOO Sack your jam…or our extra cozy Comforter Sack?)

And now we have a choice of two Happiest Baby App experiences: Free and Premium. Here’s everything you need to know about our Free features, Premium features, and more!

Free Happiest Baby App Subscription

All SNOO users have access to the basic features of the Happiest Baby App for free. This version allows you to connect your SNOO to the App and personalise certain settings.

Free Happiest Baby App Features

  • Remote Control: Start, stop, increase, or decrease SNOO’s level of sound and motion. 
  • Basic Sound Settings: Raise or lower the volume of your SNOO’s white noise.
  • Motion Limiter: In this mode, SNOO’s sound will increase when the baby fusses, but the rocking never goes above Level 2 (Green).
  • Alerts: Get alerts if your baby requires extra attention in SNOO.
  • Real-Time Status: See your SNOO’s current level of sound + motion.
  • Sleep Tips: Practical pointers to help your baby get the best sleep in SNOO.
  • Multi-Baby Support: Create additional baby profiles for twins and triplets.
  • QR Code Share: Share your account via QR code.

No matter how you got your SNOO—even if it’s second- or third-hand—you get our basic App for free!

Premium Happiest Baby App Subscription

With the Premium subscription, you get access to all the free features—plus, a bunch of extra settings, tracker functionality, and support tools for a much more personalised experience! 

Premium Happiest Baby App Features

  • Car Ride Mode: You know how babies drift off so easily with the rumble and rocking on a long drive? Car Ride Mode adds some extra bounces here and there to mimic the lulling rhythms of a ride in the car.
  • Level Lock: Keep SNOO’s rhythms locked on your baby’s favorite level (Baseline, Level 1, or Level 2).
  • Sleepytime Sounds: Allows you to turn on SNOO’s soothing sounds before you put your baby in SNOO or after you took your baby out of SNOO for a nappy change or feeding.
  • Responsiveness Settings: Adjust if you prefer SNOO to respond only to major crying or even to mild fussing.
  • Motion Start Level: This works especially well for babies who like more soothing rhythms all night (when they’re going through a growth spurt, teething, or sleep regression). But, unlike Level Lock, this setting still gives babies an extra boost of sound/motion when they cry.
  • Weaning Mode: This mode perfectly prepares babies for an easy transition to the crib. The soothing sounds will play all night, but babies only get rocking if they cry.
  • Tracker: Keep tabs on all the big events to track your baby’s daily progress: sleep (in and outside of SNOO!), feeding (nursing, formula, solids…in any combo!), and nappy changes.
  • Daily Reports & Sleep Log: This makes it easy to see day-by-day changes and improvements in sleeping, feeding, and nappy patterns…and share them with additional caregivers or your physician. 
  • Multi-SNOO Support: Add multiple SNOOs—upstairs/downstairs or home/Grandma—to your baby’s profile.
  • Premium Content: Premium articles, advice, fun facts, and Dr. Karp’s best Sleep Tips—all tailored to your baby’s age—help get you from pregnancy through toddlerhood!

Premium Happiest Baby App Pricing

Authorised Owner Pricing

When you order SNOO directly from us (or our authorised partners), you’ll get a free premium subscription for your baby!

  • SNOO purchasers (those who get the bed directly from Happiest Baby or an authorised partner) will get a free 9-month Premium subscription.
  • If you are an original owner who is actively using your SNOO and bought it directly from Happiest Baby or an authorised partner before 15 July, 2024, you will continue to get free access to the Premium features for 9 months beginning when you started using SNOO for this baby. Original owners (those who originally registered SNOO to the app) will automatically get a free Premium subscription for their next baby, too. Just assign your SNOO to your new baby’s profile in the app. (Note: For free Premium app subscriptions for additional babies, original purchasers should reach out to customer care for further assistance.) 

Monthly Subscription Pricing

Those who are not original purchasers (for example, secondhand buyers or those who are borrowing their SNOO) or anyone who wants to extend their subscription beyond the free months included with their purchase, can enjoy the Premium Happiest Baby App settings and features for £14.99/month.

Premium vs. Free Happiest Baby App Features

Here’s how the two Happiest Baby App experiences stack up!

Happiest Baby App free and premium features comparison chart

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