Sometimes working from home is a best-of-both-worlds scenario for new parents that allows them to squeeze in extra time with their new bundle of joy, while still doing the job they love. Other times, working from home is an inevitability (which is what we are experiencing right now with the COVID-19 pandemic).

But no matter what the reason for working from home, one thing remains true for new parents: It is much easier with an extra pair of hands. And, when a set of literal hands is not available, SNOO is the next best thing—it is like a live-in, 24/7 nanny that helps new parents get more work done. 

Here are 4 ways SNOO helps new parents work from home:

1. SNOO aids sleep—for everyone! SNOO aids sleep at night for babies…which aids sleep for their parents' too! In addition to helping parents start their workdays feeling well rested, studies show that sleep boosts the immune system (meaning fewer sick days!). For example, one study found that people sleeping less than 7 hours per night had a 3 times greater risk of catching a cold than those with 8 hours or more.

2. SNOO gives parents the peace of mind that their babies are safe all night long…and for all naps. It is difficult to accomplish much at work when you feel like you have to glance over at your little one every two seconds to make sure they are still snoozing safely. Fortunately, SNOO gives parents the added peace of mind that as long as their baby is dreaming in SNOO, she is out of harm’s way. SNOO has a special swaddle that keeps babies on their backs for all sleep.

3. SNOO lets parents work uninterrupted while it automatically calms their baby’s fussing (often in under a minute). SNOO responds to a baby’s fussing and mimics the soothing sounds and motions of an experienced nanny to calm upsets (usually in less than 60 seconds!). That means Mum or Dad can keep tele-conferencing…without putting the call on mute.

4. SNOO is a virtual babysitter that gives parents an extra pair of hands—without the threat of infection that a visitor might pose. Under normal circumstances, new parents may welcome the parade of guests who come over—ready to snuggle the baby—giving Mum and Dad a much-needed break. But, with in-person visits on hold for the time being, families can rely on SNOO to be a virtual babysitter; expertly rocking and soothing their little one so they can catch up on work or take care of themselves…without worrying that their baby is being exposed to illness.

Because when babies sleep, everyone sleeps! (And, that means Mum and Dad work better…and stay healthier, too!) 

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