With a degree in education and experience working at a day nursery, first-time mum Tabitha Notareus had some idea about what to expect when her baby Allison arrived in November. But she quickly realised that nothing she had learned about children could have prepared her for the sleepless nights she endured during the first weeks of motherhood. 

'I knew it would be bad, but I didn’t know it would be that bad,' she recalls. 

In her first four weeks, Allison refused to sleep anywhere except her parents’ arms, in a swing, or on a baby pillow...none of which are considered safe for sleep.  She and her husband traded off, but most nights Tabitha was not getting more than two hours of sleep.

On one of these late nights, Tabitha began searching for rocking beds—she thought a moving cot might help lull her motion-loving little one to sleep. That is when she stumbled across SNOO. She had never heard of SNOO before but was intrigued by the videos she saw online. She decided to rent SNOO to try it out.

'The price point made me nervous, but now I would pay double for what it has done for us,' she says. 

Within two weeks, Allison’s constant nighttime wakeups had dwindled down to just two, and by three months, she was sleeping through the night. 

'SNOO seriously changed our lives, and that’s not an exaggeration,' Tabitha says. 

In addition to aiding Tabitha with getting some shut-eye, it gave her some much-needed peace of mind. At the same time she was fighting sleep deprivation, she was also battling postpartum anxiety…and SNOO help to put many of her fears to rest.

'I was so scared all night Allison would stop breathing. I was so scared something would happen,' Tabitha remembers. 'Not only did it help her sleep, but it also relieved my anxiety. I knew she was in the safest baby bed and I could actually sleep well again! With her being strapped in, I felt like nothing bad could happen.'

Allison is 6-months-old now, and is sleeping thorough the night in a cot. 'I didn’t have to sleep train. She sleeps great in the crib,' Tabitha says. She attributes swaddling Allison with arms out to making the transition from SNOO to cot extra smooth.

While Tabitha says she was sad to see her SNOO go, she could definitely see SNOO coming back into her family’s life again.

'We plan on using this product again if we have more kids and 100% recommend everyone try it!'

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