The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, cheerful orange gourds are adorning stoops, and pumpkin-spiced everything has made its way into our kitchens. Autumn is a pretty magical time, not just for grown-ups, but for kids, too! So, why not fully embrace the season with by planning some fall activities for toddlers? These 14 fun fall activities for toddlers let tykes explore this special season, all while flexing their creativity, building developmental skills, and—most importantly—having a blast.

Leaf Faces Toddler Activity

Photo & activity via Craft, Learn & Play

Leaves are in abundance this time of year and in addition to being eye-candy, they are the perfect canvas for your toddler’s next doodle! With so many sizes, colours, and textures to explore, there are endless possibilities for making silly or even serious leaf faces. Littles can learn about emotions through this hands-on nature-inspired fall activity for kids.

Pinecone Painting Fall Activity for Toddlers

Photo & activity via Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds 

If you have your eyes on the holidays, then this fun activity will help you and your toddler create some cool art that can be saved for gifts later in the year. Let your little one explore nature, get messy with paint, and have fun learning about colours and textures.

Pumpkin-Scented Play Dough Fall Activity for Toddlers

Photo & activity via Your Modern Family 

There is no shame in being Team Pumpkin Spice…and now you can create your own play dough that smells good enough to eat. This fall toddler activity is a fun way for your little one to explore scents with some hands-on fun. 

Footprint Turkey Painting

Photo & activity via Fun Handprint Art 

Making prints of little feet is so much fun—and the best part is it leaves you with a visual record of just how adorably tiny your child once was. Check out this fun turkey-themed fall activity for toddlers that will have your kids howling with delight when they realise they get to step in paint! (And, there is a handprint version for parents who maybe are not sold on having their kid potentially track paint around the house…we get it!)

Torn Paper Acorn Fall Activity for Toddlers

Photo & activity via No Time for Flash Cards

Have your toddler work on those fine motor skills with this fun activity that gets them colouring, ripping paper, organising, and gluing. The end result of this fall toddler activity is a fridge-worthy piece of art.

Ring Around the Pumpkin Fall Activity for Toddlers

Photo & activity via Sunny Day Family

Not only is it fun to toss rings and see if you can catch a pumpkin, but this fall activity for toddlers also gives kids a chance to practice their counting skills.   

Scavenger Hunt Fall Activity for Kids

Photo & activity via Edventures for Kids

Make your own scavenger hunt list or use a pre-made printable. Then, bundle up and head outside to see how many items on your list you and your toddler can find together. Take pictures and create your own picture book of your adventure together.

Fall Harvest Sensory Bins for Toddlers

Photo & activity via Fireflies + Mudpies 

Toddlers loooove to touch things. So, use this fall activity for toddlers to appeal to your toddler's tactile nature.  Create an autumn-themed sensory bin filled with dried corn, small toys, dried leaves, pinecones, and whatever other seasonal objects you can think of. Then let your child dig in and make some fabulous discoveries. 

Memory Game Fall Activity for Toddlers

Photo & activity via Simple Play Ideas

With some ordinary paper plates and lots of imagination you can create your own super-sized Memory Game with your toddler. Not only is this a fun fall activity to make together but the mental exercise is great for developing brains.

Ghost Pumpkin Bowling Fall Toddler Activity

Photo & activity via: Kid Friendly Things to Do

Upcycle some water bottles and find a funky gourd or little pumpkin and voila! You have yourself a game of fall-themed bowling for the backyard. Just do not smash the pumpkin!

Bobbing for Apples Fall Activity for Toddlers

Photo & activity via Sunny Day Family

Bobbing for apples is much-loved fall activity for kids (and adults too, TBH!). But, let us face it, sticking your face in a germy bucket of water has never been less appealing. So, put a twist on this time-honored tradition: Give your toddler a ladle, spoon, or other tools to use instead of their mouth. Bonus, as they try to scoop apples, they will also be working on their motor skills! 

Apple Printmaking Fall Activity for Toddlers

Photo & activity via Tinker Lab 

This fall activity for toddlers is the perfect follow-up to an apple-picking excursion (but, of course, grocery store apples will suffice!). Cut open a crisp new apple and have your toddler use it as a stamp to make their own fall-themed art. 

Paper Bag Scarecrow Fall Activity for Toddlers

Photo & activity via Simple Everyday Mom 

It takes only a few materials to transform an ordinary paper bag into a cute scarecrow puppet, thanks to this fall activity for toddlers.

Handprint Leaf Fall Activity for Toddlers

Photo & activity via WhimsyRoo

This fall activity for kids lets littles get a bit messy (so naturally, they will love it!). Simply unroll butcher paper or even old holiday paper. Paint a trunk, and then let your kiddos go to town making leaves with their hands and finger paints.  When your little artist is all done, you will have a super fun mural for your walls.

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