Making new friends is hard…and it can feel even harder when you are dealing with all the struggles of new motherhood at the same time! But mum friends are important. You need someone you can text during middle-of-the-night feeding sessions, complain to about potty-training, and compare notes with when it comes to starting nursery school. But how do we go about making them?

1. Join a Mum & Me Class

There are mum & me classes for so many things like massage or yoga. Join one that appeals to you and you are sure to meet a few mums who have babies around the same age as yours. Luckily, that is a built-in conversation starter. Ask a fellow mum what her baby’s name is and let the conversation flow from there.

2. Get Out of the House

You are not going to meet a new friend from your kitchen! Take your little one out, whether it is to an infant massage class or just the local park. At the park, make conversation with other mums who have kids around the same age as yours. Ask them about themselves and their children. They are probably starving for adult conversation just like you are!

3. Be Extroverted

Even if it is not in your nature, try to be a little bit more extroverted and open to communication while you are looking for mum friends. You can even just be honest and say exactly what you need—read an example of this from one of our guest writers. It worked out for them!

4. Ask For Their Phone Number

If you have connected with a fellow mum, do not be afraid to ask for their phone number. It can be nerve-wracking at first—and feel a little bit like dating—but it is likely that they want mom friends just as much as you do. Maybe even extend an invitation along with the phone number. Try something like ‘here is my number—we would love to have you over for a play date.’

5. Plan a Play-Date

Which brings us to our next piece of advice—plan the first play-date! When you see a mum and baby you want to become friends with, invite them over to your house or to the park at a specific time.

6. Take A Library Trip

The library is a great place to bring your little one and many libraries offer story-time or activities that attract other mums and their honeys. It is a perfect place to make a connection.

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