Your baby shower’s over. Before you wash all the onesies and put clean sheets on the bassinet, there is one little task to prioritise: the baby shower thank you notes! Even if you opened your gifts at the shower and had an opportunity to say thanks in person, it is still a warm and considerate gesture to follow up with a hand-written baby shower thank you card.

The people you invited to your baby shower are your village. You will be leaning on some of them for advice, home-cooked meals, and companionship during the newborn days ahead, so why not show them how much they mean to you now with a thoughtful baby shower thank you card?

But if you are struggling to put your gratitude into words, do not worry—we are here to help you come up with the perfect baby thank you note wording for everyone in your village! 

When should you send a baby shower thank you card?

Try to send your baby shower thank you notes out within two to three weeks after the event. You can make the process easier with a bit of advanced planning:

  • Before the shower, buy your stationery or make personalised thank you cards online using your favorite maternity photo.  
  • Make sure you have enough stamps. There is a larger selection online than in your local post office and you can choose something special such as flowers or even Sesame Street characters.
  • Keep a written log of all the presents you receive in the mail and at the shower, matching the giver to the gift. This way, not even 'pregnancy brain' can stop you from remembering who gave you what, and you can make your note more personal.
  • Set a goal for how many notes to draft each day and schedule your writing sessions at a convenient time, such as right after supper.
  • It is much more convenient to complete your thank you notes before the baby comes because you will be busier than ever caring for your newborn. But should you miss the window, remember that it is never too late to show your gratitude, and a sweet text with a photo of Baby is better than nothing at all!

Who do you need to thank with a baby shower thank you note?

Everyone who came to your shower or sent a gift gets a thank you note. If a few friends pooled their resources to get you one gift, you should still thank each giver individually. But if all of your co-workers (say 10 or more people) chipped in, you might consider writing one gushing email or letter that you post in your office break room for all to see.

How to Write a Baby Shower Thank You Card

There is a simple three-sentence formula for baby shower thank you wording that never fails:

  1. A general thanks for coming to the shower or sending a gift
  2. A specific reaction to the present given
  3. A closing statement of appreciation

Here is how your baby shower thank you note might look in practice:

It meant so much to me that you could come to my shower. Thank you for the adorable onesies—I cannot wait to see them on our baby girl. You are such a generous friend and I am so glad to have you in my life.

If you have more to say, go for it, but three sentences is a great target. Plus, it will not take you too long to get done!

Baby Shower Thank You Wording Examples

Mix and match at will, or let these examples inspire your own creativity if you are still looking for things to write in a baby shower card.

Classic baby shower thank you wording:

Thank you for coming to my baby shower. I absolutely adore the books you chose to start baby’s library and I cannot wait to read them to her. I hope you will visit soon and read a few yourself!

I loved seeing you at my baby shower. Thank you the snuggly swaddling blankets. I am lucky to have a veteran mom like you in my corner, and you know I will be asking you for a lot of advice.

My favorite part of the baby shower was giggling with you! I absolutely love the pyjamas you picked out. Our baby is going to have the sweetest dreams thanks to you.

Baby shower thank you wording to an out-of-town guest:

It was wonderful seeing you at the shower and I am so glad we got to catch up. Thank you for the baby bathtub. I know my little one will feel cosy and safe in there, and I will make sure to tell him who sent it!

I cannot believe you got on a plane just to come to my baby shower. You are the greatest for giving us the baby swaddle—here is to hoping it helps Baby sleep. Thank you for being you!

Thank you for making the trip to come to my baby shower. I am blown away by your hand-knitted blanket and I know we will have it in our family forever. I am fortunate to be so loved.

Baby shower thank you wording for someone who sends money or a gift card:

Thank you for the very generous check you sent. We are excited to use it to buy Baby’s stroller. We cannot wait to cruise over and thank you in person!

Thank you so much for the generous gift card. We cannot wait to put it toward the finishing touches of Baby’s nursery! Our little one is lucky to have you in her life!

Baby shower thank you wording for someone who missed the shower:

It was such a nice surprise to receive a diaper bag from you. I love the style, which is good since I will be wearing it everywhere! Thank you for thinking of me.

Thank you for the amazing baby carrier! We missed you at the shower but will have to plan a get together soon. You are so thoughtful.

Your presence was sorely missed at the baby shower but thank you so much for sending such an amazing gift. How did you know the play gym was the number one thing I wanted from my registry? I cannot wait for you to meet the baby!

Final Thoughts on Baby Shower Thank You Notes

At the end of the day, the best way to express gratitude is from the heart! Rest assured that no matter what you write in your baby shower thank you notes, your words will be warmly received. Still putting together your baby registry or planning your baby shower? Let your guests know that they can chip in to get you the ultimate gift—a SNOO Smart Sleeper—by sending a Happiest Baby Gift Card!

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