‘Tis the season to gather, and there is no sweeter reason to do so than celebrating a new baby! There is just something about this time of year that makes us want to clink mugs, decorate pumpkins, and reconnect with loved ones while the leaves turn outside.

If you are planning a fall baby shower, scope our list of the cutest ways to celebrate the little pumpkin on the way. From mulled cider to campfires, we have the best fall baby shower themes to make the parents-to-be feel special and loved this time of year.

Little Pumpkin Fall Baby Shower Theme 

Pastel colored pumpkin cookies and decor for a fall baby shower 

Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas

It is the quintessential fall baby shower idea, and there are so many cute ways to pull it off. From rows or clusters of pumpkins as decor to pumpkin-themed paper goods, you can really run with this theme and create a fall-perfect spread in any colourway.

Fall Baby Shower Cookies

Colorful leaf and pumpkin cookies for a fall baby shower 

Photo: Instagram/SweetCourseCookie

All of the sweetest fall motifs combine to make this autumn baby shower idea shine. In addition to themed cookies, use rustic touches like twine and burlap, serve drinks on birch coasters, decorate in a colour scheme inspired by fall leaves, and make sure to incorporate pops of gold and baskets of gourds throughout. (See more baby shower dessert ideas!)

‘Apple of Our Eye’ Fall Baby Shower Theme

Frosted cupcakes topped with apple slices for a fall baby shower

Photo: Instagram/pjdonofrio11

Pumpkins do not get all the fun this time of year! Apples are a super sweet addition to the fall lineup, and a great central motif for a baby shower. You can serve cider donuts, warm and chilled cider, and add dried apple rings as garnish for drinks. Red balloons with green paper cut-outs shaped like leaves are a perfect pop of pretty for the apple-themed baby shower. 

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Fall Baby Shower

Pale green flowers in a terracotta mason jar and glittered pumpkins for a fall baby shower

Photo: Project Nursery

Another take on the pumpkin-themed baby shower idea: Kick it up for the 'basic fall mama' in your life with Starbucks logos, pumpkin-spiced everything, and an orange, gold, and green colour scheme. Personalised cups would be the perfect party favour, and do not hold back on the bling… nothing goes with spice like sparkle!

Harvest Fall Baby Shower Theme

A spread of purple grapes, sliced red apples, figs, blackberries, and more for a fall baby shower 

Photo: Sugar and Charm

Reap the best of the season with a gorgeous fall fruit and vegetable theme. This would be especially stunning if you can throw your party outside. If not, set the scene indoors with foliage, corn husks, and overflowing baskets of seasonal florals and snacks. Do not forget a robust, vegetarian charcuterie.

Woodland Wonderland Fall Baby Shower

Emerald green, cream, brown, and fox and deer balloons on display for a fall baby shower

Photo (and to Purchase Garland): Ellie’s Party Supply

Baby animals make any shower extra cute. When it comes to fall baby showers, this idea can be done easily and is very on-theme. Decorate in a scheme of browns and greens inspired by the forest floor, bringing in little creatures where they feel appropriate. Acorns, pinecones, and dried flowers round out the space adorably.

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