Gone are the days of 'pink is for girls, and blue is for boys.' A girl’s baby shower decor can be anything you want it to be! Lots of mums break from tradition and throw lovely gender-neutral showers...or go all out with a typical boy’s baby shower theme. However, there is also no shame in really leaning into the pink and frills when you are expecting a baby girl!

If you are looking to throw an ultra-feminine baby shower for a girl, there is no shortage of inspiration to feed your imagination and make your party unforgettable. From piles of flowers to pops of pinks...plus all the sparkles and metallics her heart desires, there are so many girl baby shower decoration ideas that can help make a new mama’s day extra-special as she celebrates her daughter-to-be.  

Spare no ruffle or piece of lace trim; have fun creating a wonderland of surprises and lavish adornments for the mother-to-be you are celebrating. Here are some of our favourite ideas for girl baby shower decor... 

Butterfly Girl Baby Shower Decor

Photo: @dulcepaladarmcallen

Incorporating paper, silk, or foil butterflies into the baby shower decor will make the expecting mama’s heart flutter with delight. A simple scattering against the backdrop and one on the side of the cake sets the stage for a sweet girl’s baby shower, as seen here.  

Pastel Balloon Wall Baby Shower Decor

Photo: @FigBalloonCo

Balloon art and structures are so on-trend at the moment, they are practically a must for any baby shower or party. Create an entire wall of pastels with gold or silver accents for a dreamy backdrop that will take any girl-mama’s big day to the next level.

Tented Luncheon Girl Baby Shower Decor

Photo: @ElegantCreators

This baby girl shower idea looks almost like a wedding! And why not? A white tent with drapery and a chandelier, plus elegant blush-and-gold table settings will make this luncheon shower one the mum-of-the-hour will never forget. The balloon arch does not hurt, either! 

Flower Crown Baby Girl Shower Decor

Photo: @littletwigflowers

It is a hybrid activity/decoration/accessory/party favour! Set up a flower-crown station that guests will see as soon as they enter the space: florals in little vases or laid out on plates with twine, scissors, and other supplies off to the side in mason jars. Then, once everyone has settled in, make the crowns together and wear for the duration of the shower. Or, take the shortcut and make or buy them ahead of the party and display them over a rustic chair or side table near the entryway for guests to choose and wear as they walk in. 

White & Gold Baby Shower Decorations

Photo: @viawedding_decorations

The elegant chaise and bursts of white roses make this setup so elegant for a girl baby shower. Add a gold room-divider as shown, or even a sequin drape as the backdrop, and make the present-opening spot over-the-top gorgeous. 

Disco Darling Baby Shower Decor

Photo: @weballonz 

Disco balls are a surprising—but totally cool—choice. Pick a funky palette and go wild, like with this space. The sequin backdrop is disco ball inspired for a 1970’s feel in the very best way, while cherry blossoms and a red-and-pink balloon burst are sweet and chic. 

Baby Shower Game Display

Photo: @artbyaspyn 

Up the ante on baby shower games by decking out your activity table with pretty details. Write instructions or details in a paint marker on glass and stash supplies in eye-catching jars or holders, as seen here.  

Pastel Mason Jar Baby Shower Decorations

Photo: @kastylesny

Mason jars can adapt to any environment or theme! In addition to gracing rustic weddings and charming homes, they are also the perfect piece for 'it’s a girl' baby shower decor. Pastel chalk-painted jars are a super cute touch at a baby girl’s shower. 

Little Mermaid Motif for a Girl’s Baby Shower

Photo: @cdballoonscrafts 

This baby shower bubbles over with delightful details! A shimmering, oceanic colour scheme with mermaid tails and coral reefs create an absolutely stunning setup for a mermaid-theme baby shower.  

Pretty Chair Back Baby Shower Decor for Girls

Photo: @interprintations

Artful chair backs are such a subtly sweet piece of decor for a girl’s baby shower. Use ribbons, tulle, or another flexible material to create bows on the backs of all the chairs, or just deck hers out like this. Eucalyptus and paper cut-outs are the perfect blend of boho and fabulous.  

Purple, Please Girl Baby Shower Decor

Photo: Uplamb

Pink might be the obvious choice for a baby girl shower...so why not consider purple? Infuse the party venue with details in varying shades of purple to create a regal paradise that the mum-to-be will love. This paper flower arch is a stunning baby shower decoration that is easy to build from. Search Etsy for similar products—or make your own! 

Bohemian Hearts Baby Shower Decor for Girls

Photo: Jenny Cookies

A heart-shaped wreath is a creative and meaningful way to decorate the space for a rustic or boho baby girl shower. Mama might even want to take it home to use in the nursery...and who could blame her?

Rustic Florals Baby Shower Decor for Girls

Photo: @distinctivs

The environmentally conscious mama-to-be will appreciate paper straws and other earthy details. Consider wildflowers in lieu of roses and reusable glass jars wrapped in twine (like these) instead of plastic cups. 

Parisian Backdrop Girl Baby Shower Decor

Photo: @jossignsbydesign

French-inspired parties really bring that je ne sais quois with thoughtful details. From the unicycle bursting with florals to the intricately designed paper backdrop, this baby shower decor for girls takes guests straight to Paris for the afternoon.  The très chic setup would make any mum exclaim, “J’adore!”  

Glitter-Dipped Feathers Baby Shower Decor for Girls

Photo & to Buy: JadeandJo via Etsy

Every glam baby shower for girls needs to have these spread throughout the space: adorning the cake and biscuits table, strung up by the entrance, and dangling from the guest-of-honor’s chair, for a few ideas.

Hot Pink Pops Baby Shower Decor 

Photo: @maryronisevents

The girly mama who is having a girl? She will likely want a double dose of pink. In conjunction with softer hues, nothing says 'party' like punches of bright pink throughout the party. Done tastefully, as with these balloons and flowers shown here, it is a classic, straight-up fun way to celebrate the baby girl who is on the way.

Rainbow Accent Baby Shower Decor for Girls

Photo: @lizzyandlois

Paper, felt, wood, or even flower petals can all be used to create a mixed-media rainbow that you can hang or prop up at the party, and the mama-to-be can display proudly in the nursery later. These could also make a fun craft for guests to do together instead of—or in addition to—shower games.   

'Hot Air' Balloon Baby Shower Decor for Girls

Photo: @lighter.than.air.ky

Up, up, and away to a lifetime of adventures for Baby Girl! This pretty hot air balloon decor is made with balloon string and curled gifting ribbon. Set up a large one as a centerpiece or cake table accent, or place smaller ones throughout the party room for a unique baby shower. Either way, it is a wonderfully whimsical detail that is easier to make than it looks and elevates a standard balloon to new heights.

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