Spring is in the air and a baby is on the way! Flowers, sunshine, and bright happy colours are a perfect backdrop to your exciting pregnancy announcement. Here are some lovely spring pregnancy announcement ideas to share your happy news with the world!

Springtime Shadows

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @burtsbrisplease

While outdoor photo shoots and all things floral are perfect for a spring pregnancy announcement, using the soft seasonal light to create a precious silhouette is such a lovely and unique way to let the world know you are expecting.

Batter Up!

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas

Photo: The Miller Affect

When your spring birth announcement syncs up with baseball season, you at least have to consider letting your ball caps do the talking!

New SNOOzer on the Way!

Spring pregnancy announcement

Photo: @brittanynoelroblesmd

Capturing your pregnant belly, sweet baby swaddles, stuffies, and booties, plus SNOO…well, enough said! Could be our favourite springtime pregnancy announcement ever!

Showers, Flowers, a Bump—Oh My!

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: Catch My Party

The wording for this springtime pregnancy announcement is so adorable for a letterboard—or even a caption for your social post sharing your news.

Sunset Smiles 

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas 
Photo: @rikkinoel

Bare feet, breathtaking views, and a baby on the way? Sold! This lovely springtime baby announcement shows that love is always in season! 

An Easter Surprise!

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Picture: @amberyanovichphotography

Easter is just bursting with cute pregnancy announcement inspiration. For instance, how cute would it be to set up your very own a chocolate bunny family?! For more Easter-theme pregnancy announcement ideas, look no further!

Boots Are Made for...Baby!

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @justagirlchasingadream

Spring rain, mud puddles, and outdoor adventure: Why not use these seasonal staples to share your news? 

Big Sib Announcement

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @emilycpe

Get the soon-to-be big brother or sister involved in your spring baby announcement! This bright and crisp, balloon-filled set-up is fab for the season of sunshine. 

Baby is Blooming!

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/CreateMeAPrint

Make your spring pregnancy announcement easy-peasy and of-the-season with a customisable and downloadable springtime scene, like this one.

Field of Baby Dreams

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @kaitlynoelle

You, your bump, your beloved, a beautiful view…and a big ole’ baby balloon! What a soft and lovely way to share your news!

A Sweet Share  

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @blushbakesplymouth

Up, up, and away to a new chapter of life! Hot air balloons are seasonally spot-on for spring...and using hot air balloon cookies makes this spring pregnancy announcement even sweeter.

It is a Sign!

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @lezbedovas

Sometimes all you really need are cute coordinated outfits, a gorgeous spring afternoon, and a sign to spell out the news.

The Pram Reveal

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @lexibgreer

The bounty of the season expertly arranged in a vintage pram just screams sweetness!

A Cutie is Coming!

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/StyledHomeDesign

Mandarin oranges—those sweet, citrus bites—are just finishing up their season in the spring…offering you just enough time to tap their "cuteness" to share your pregnancy news! 

Third Wheel Arrival! 

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @curlz1129

What is your favourite spring pastime? Whatever it is, use it as inspiration for your pregnancy announcement! If you love to bike, copycat this adorable idea and hitch a trike to your ride!

Blossoming Booties

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: Lana Sky Photography

Cherry blossoms are the epitome of lush and whimsy—add in a precious pair of baby booties and you have got a modern, subtle pregnancy announcement for the ages.

Fresh Air, Fresh News!  

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @ingridkuipers 

Get outside! After a long, chilly winter, it is an ideal moment to throw on some neutral or pastel clothing and have a friend snap a picture of you sharing this happy news with the big sibling-to-be! (Here are more ideas for sibling pregnancy announcements.)

Tee Time

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/ParkerAndKane

Put on this T-shirt and head out for a family picnic or another fun springtime adventure and wait and watch for the Wow reactions from all! While you are at it, take a quick selfie to share your announcement on social, too. 

Flower Power

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: Leah Hope Photography

This floral themed pregnancy announcement is simple, chic, and oh-so-sweet. Bonus: It is both gender-neutral and bursting with love!

Steal This Magnolia Idea

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: Jacqueline Marie Photography

Take advantage of these stunning, seasonal blooms as a backdrop to your very own 'blooming' announcement! 

Poetic News

Spring pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo and to purchase: Etsy/KelMurphyDesigns

A little rhyme gets us every time! And this one is super sweet for a spring baby announcement.

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