While pregnancy announcements are always exciting, sharing the big news around Easter is eggs-tra special! Whether you play on the words 'egg' and 'hatch' or use wee chicks, bunnies, or an Easter basket in your pregnancy announcement, there is really no shortage of cute seasonal inspiration this time of year. Here, we have taken a 'crack' at rounding up the cutest Easter pregnancy announcement around. What do you think?

Big News Hatching!

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas

Photo and purchase: Etsy/GoodNewsCompany

Before you share your big news with the world, consider sending a little something special to your nearest and dearest this Easter. When this beautiful custom egg is cracked, your announcement is revealed!

New Peep in Town

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas

Photo and purchase: Etsy/PoseyCreative

This cheeky letterboard idea is just about the sweetest! And those delectable Peeps can be used again for nursery decor—or another craft projects down the line once Baby has arrived. Love!

A Tail to Remember 

Easter pregnancy announcement
Photo and purchase:

Bunny bums! This minimalist Easter pregnancy announcement bodysuit could not be more precious.

Hippity Hoppity Hilarity

Easter pregnancy announcement  
Photo: @living_with_the_simpers

Got some belly paint and a bunny costume? Then you know what to do!

Blessed Nest

Easter pregnancy announcement
Photo: @thora.parker7

A custom 'hatching' bodysuit adds another layer of preciousness to this Easter pregnancy announcement. With or without the props, the 'blessed nest' theme is darling.

Duck, Duck…Baby!  

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @sandlinm5

A tiscket, a tasket, wow, what an Easter basket! If you can score a baby duck or two, this Easter pregnancy announcement will surely be a hit!

And the Winner is…YOU!

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas

Photo and purchase: Etsy/EmmaLeeLouDesigns

Hosting Easter brunch? Set these super-sweet cards at each place setting. Once scratched, your pregnancy news will be revealed! Watch the fun and joy abound!

Hop To the News

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas 
Photo and purchase: Etsy/strongconfidentYOU

This cute preggo tee does all the talking…along with your burgeoning bump, of course!

The Golden Egg

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo and purchase: Etsy/TheLetteringStudio

Wowza! This beautifully designed egg is a creative way to share your pregnancy news this Easter. While the one pictured is hand lettered on a porcelain keepsake, you can mock one up at home with an egg from your fridge and a gold pen.

The Sweetest Surprise

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo and purchase: Etsy/PaperlyPrints

How much joy can one bassinet hold? Once Baby is here, you will see for real… but until that moment, a lovely onesie is at the heart of a darling tableau announcing your pregnancy.

Sweet News 

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @beecookiemama

What a perfect treat to bring to your Easter celebrations! These Easter egg-shaped pregnancy announcement cookies are too egg-citing to eat…almost.

Big Sis Bunny

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @allybarrett92

When you make it about the big sister or brother, you have got an Easter pregnancy announcement they will remember forever!

Going on an Egg Hunt

Easter pregnancy announcements
Photo: @_cassandrareyes

All you need is a marker and a pack of chocolate eggs to pull off this easy Easter pregnancy announcement. Wanna pump up the fun? Hide the eggs and ask your family to figure out the secret message!

Team Egg-specting!

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo and purchase: @katrinakrowiak

Complimentary (and silly) Easter pregnancy T-shirts are always fun. And if this is not your first bundle of love, consider getting announcement tees for your older children, too.

Big Sis Basket

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @lifeonclancylane

An Easter basket baby announcement is a truly special way to share the news…first with the big brother- or sister-to-be…and then with your friends, family, and followers if you post this snap on Insta afterward. (Learn more ways to make Easter special with your big kid.)

Tight Knit Announcement

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo and purchase: Etsy/CozyBeddingBoutique

Must love an Easter pregnancy reveal box! This one includes a lovely knit egg with a customisable message revealing your amazing news. After the big moment, slide a ribbon through the yarn to turn this into a memorable holiday ornament.

Meaning on the Season

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas 
Photo: @sgutta6

This pretty announcement utilises a cross as a gentle reminder of the meaning of this important holiday, while also sharing that a new little love is on the way.

Egg-citing News! 

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @mademoiselle_djordjevi

Subtle and sweet, show that you and yours made this Baby bump.

Great Eggs-Pectations

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo: @denise.bella

Booties, carrots, and baby, oh my! The itty, bitty visuals paired with the telltale  “eggspecting” makes this the perfect Easter pregnancy announcement.

Bunny Talk

Easter pregnancy announcement ideas
Photo and purchase: Etsy/treandanndesigns

You can add this instant digital download design to a card, T-shirt, sign, paper napkins, or just slap it on a photo and post it to social media. The possibilities are endless!

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