Babies are a blessing at any time of year, but if you are planning a shower in winter there are so many cute and creative ways to celebrate. Sure, it is not exactly the best time of year for bright flowers or a sunshine-themed baby shower, but you can take inspiration from the season to create a baby shower that feels authentically wintry and yet so warm and special for the parents-to-be.  

Bright whites, deep greens, pops of shimmer, and plenty of cool blue and pink tones can be incorporated in any cute winter baby shower theme you choose. Cozy, toasty snacks; lots of candles everywhere and maybe a crackling fire; plus, the ever-appropriate tree in a corner are all welcome details at a winter baby shower. Here are some of our favourite winter theme ideas for baby showers.

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Theme

 Winter wonderland-themed baby shower

Photo: Mommy Diary

A sparkling, sensational fete filled with white, silver, and pops of sequin and glitter is a perfectly pretty way to shower the parent of honour. Keep the details elegant and upscale, with an emphasis on shades of white. Add bits of pink or blue for a gendered shower as desired. And, a silver or gold sequin backdrop will be a must for photos, plus seasonal greens and florals to round out the space. 

Christmas-Themed Winter Baby Shower 

 Christmas-themed winter baby shower welcome sign

Photo & To Purchase File: Etsy

Santa, Baby. It might be kitsch, but for the Christmas loving parents-to-be, this is a dream theme! You can take it in the babyish direction with decor inspired by Santa and his helpers (Elf on the Gift Shelf, anyone?), or more upscale like a grownup Christmastime dinner party. Either way, make sure to have a gorgeous tree lit up at the center of the festivities, use garlands and mistletoe in your decorating, and consider ornaments as the favours. Oh, what fun! 

Buffalo Plaid Baby Shower Theme

 Buffalo plaid winter baby shower cake

Photo: Jordan’s Easy Entertaining

This theme can be done boyish in black and red, neutral with white instead, or girly with pink and black! Select a palette that best fits the parents-to-be and take a plaid-themed baby shower toward full-on lumberjack or in the little lady in a vest and boots direction. Buffalo plaid baby shower cakes are having a moment so look up inspiration on Pinterest. Use lots of wood and winter greens in your decorating throughout, and consider camping themed treats like s’mores alongside the cake or as a take-home treat. 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside Winter Baby Shower

 Hot cocoa bar at a winter baby shower

Photo: Aspen Jay

It is close to the winter wonderland theme, but the emphasis here is on a cozy feeling over a glamorous one. Reach for burlap over satin, faux fur over sequins, and a more muted colour palette in general. This is a sweet winter themed baby shower that can include food elements like a hot cocoa bar, hot toddies for those imbibing, and lots of candles and pine… everywhere.  

Skiing Into Parenthood Winter Baby Shower Theme

 Skiing-themed winter baby shower

Photo: Hooray Mag

If Mama likes to shred, a mountainy après-ski themed baby shower would be unbelievably special. Serve all her favourite lodge snacks, lay out blankets and floor pillows for intimate chats, and make sure the cake features tiny skis on top. Mountain motifs tie it all together, and if you have old skis lying around, you can prop them up at random to enhance the scene. A 'lift ticket' would be the perfect inspiration for the invites and other paper goods.  

Frozen-Theme Winter Baby Shower 

"Frozen"-themed winter baby shower decorations 

Photo & To Purchase: Momo Party 

Disney people will take any excuse for a party that brings the magic. If you are hosting a baby shower for a pregnant princess, you cannot go wrong with a Frozen theme. Keep the decor in the colour palette of Elsa’s dress with iridescent accents throughout or set up the party area to look like Coronation Day. You can go full-on, bringing character motifs to the space, or keep it classic and upscale with just a light icy touch throughout. 

Snow Excited for Baby 

Snowflake-themed winter baby shower cake-topper 

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

Another beautiful winter baby shower idea is to bring in a wintry mix. Deck out your party space in snowflakes and cotton batting across the tablescapes to look like fallen snow and keep the foods on the white side. This would be a gorgeous luncheon shower theme with cream puffs, simple sandwiches, and other pretty white foods as well as large Thermoses for serving coffee and hot chocolate to the guests. 

‘Figured’ We Should Celebrate Winter Baby Shower

 Skating-themed winter baby shower invitation

Photo & To Order Invites: Minted

Make all her childhood dreams come true with a thoughtful, tasteful, elegant figure-skating-themed baby shower. Use large, mirrored trays for decor and serving to look like frozen ponds and give out ice skate shaped keychains or soaps for the favours. Little snowdrift inspired table details and white balloons will be perfect and simple to pull off. Mittens would be a cute touch to add to the centerpieces and string up among the balloons.  

Polar Bears & Penguins Winter Baby Shower

 Cupcakes decorated as polar bears

Photo & Recipe: The Little Blog of Vegan

Woodland-themed baby showers are precious, but better timed for the season is a winter animal party featuring the best snow-bound creatures around. We love penguins and polar bears; pick one or use both winter animals for charming baby inspiration. These cute characters will deck out your space adorably and there are so many small and sweet ways to carry out the theme. Better still, many of your little polar bears or penguins can be repurposed in the nursery if it fits their theme.  

Baby New Year Winter Baby Shower

New Year's themed baby shower banner

Photo & To Purchase Banner: Etsy

The post-holiday slump is the worst, but a January baby shower can be a total blast. Try a New Year’s Eve theme baby shower filled with a sense of both renewal and glam. This is an elegant baby shower idea you can throw in the evening (as a co-ed shower or ladies only), requesting cocktail attire and serving a nice dinner. Or, it can be a bubbly brunch with bright colours and vintage-inspired Baby New Year details. Run with this New Year’s Eve baby shower theme in any direction your fancy takes you, and the lucky parents-to-be will be thrilled to start off Baby Year just like this.  

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