Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

Neutral nurseries are a lovely way to create a soft mood in Baby’s room. Whether you are 'Team Green' and not finding out the sex, or simply like a less heavily gendered or themed approach in decorating, there is so much inspiration for decorating a nursery in a neutral way. From boho vibes to classic lines, pick a simple and tasteful colour scheme and the elements that mean the most to you, and create a neutral space for Baby that everyone will love:

Neutral Nursery Theme With Subtle ‘70s Vibes

Photo: New Darlings

This gorgeous neutral nursery manages to be bright without any garish colours or in-your-face accents. Warm neutrals and a vintage feeling keep the eye moving while fresh greenery, surprising props (like a guitar!), and jaunty earth tones round out the space. 

Bunny Love Neutral Nursery Idea

Photo: Styled Snapshots

Animal motifs are popular for neutral baby rooms—which depending on execution, could be as loud as a lion’s roar...or as soft as a rabbit’s tail. This infusion of bunny prints in a colourless nursery adds something soft to an otherwise slightly industrial feeling space for a chic baby room that sets the stage for extra sweet dreams.  

Light & Breezy Neutral Nursery

Photo: Jess Ann Kirby

Beachy photography prints, a beaded chandelier, and a variety of wood tones and wools in this gender neutral nursery are pleasing to the eye and certainly create a soft mood for Baby.

Bright White Neutral Nursery Ideas

Photo: Yellow Brick Home

All white everything is the name of the game when you are shooting for a crisp, clean neutral baby nursery. This room is bliss with its blend of whites and creams that serve as a gorgeous neutral space for Baby to learn, grow, and hopefully get plenty of sleep! 

Patterned Neutral Nursery 

Photo: @brittanymarominteriors

Beige does not mean boring! The proof? This artfully designed neutral nursery decor that manages pattern mixing with a limited colour palette. The result is soft, warm, and inviting...a baby boy or girl’s dream. 

Lightly Themed Neutral Nursery

Photo: Jessie Salzbrun

This polished gender-neutral baby room makes a statement with minimal colour. The mama behind this design integrated subtle plane and sky imagery as a nod to her little one’s name (Jett). Get all of the details about this modern neutral nursery here

Old School Neutral Nursery

Photo: Little Glass Jar 

A vintage-look black cot, hardwood floors, and poster-style ABC hanging above the bed give this neutral baby room a cosy, old-fashioned feel. 

Wooden Accents in a Neutral Nursery

Photo: Steph Pollack

Light wood for the furniture is a great place to start when putting together a neutral nursery. The earth toned wallpaper and yellow or beige blankets and cot sheet round out the space.

Black & White & Chic All Over Neutral Nursery

Photo: Room for Tuesday  

Whimsical monochrome wallpaper against beechwood and gray furniture? A definite win for a parent looking for neutral nursery ideas. Add some black-and-white curtains and black photo frames throughout the space to carry out the theme. 

Touch of Femininity in a Neutral Nursery

Photo: Keys to Inspiration 

You can bring girly pieces into a neutral, white and gray nursery easily. The oversized blush pillow, pot of flowers, and monochrome floral print on the wall are easy feminine touches that do not overwhelm the otherwise neutral baby room. And that stunning star mobile would be adorable for a boy or a girl. 

Coastal Calm Neutral Nursery

Photo: Table & Hearth 

How about that vacay-inspired ceiling fan? A beachy rug, sandy tones, and driftwood-look mobile above the cot create a cool coastal feeling that is perfect for a baby boy or girl.

Shades of Colour in a Neutral Nursery

Photo: A Life Well Consumed 

Your neutral nursery decor does not have to be totally devoid of colour! Earthy rainbows keep this baby room cheerful and pretty without feeling overwhelming or too bright and bold.

Light White Neutral Nursery

Sometimes the absence of colour can make a big statement! Here, wall-to-wall white opens up the room for a bright, spacious, crisp, clean look. 

Bold Monochrome Neutral Nursery

Photo: Design Sponge 

Funky stripes and black-and-white animal busts give this black-and-white, back-to-basics gender neutral nursery a bold twist. The black lighting fixture and sharp curtains and rocker hit the perfect note for a modern monochrome nursery. 

Texture Over Colour Neutral Nursery

Photo: @thepicketfences 

When putting together a soothing neutral nursery theme, integrate a variety of textures to create interest where colour is not doing that work for you. The woven mirror, variety of objects on display shelves, and sweet little palm-inspired lamp with linen shade bring in tons of detail to keep the eye moving in this elegant neutral nursery.   

Grayscale Neutral Nursery

Photo: @kaylabcollection 

Do not underestimate the power of simplicity—or of the non-colour gray! This lovely gray and white nursery is a neutral oasis for a baby boy or girl. Sweet details like the mobile and word art add baby-friendly touches, while the pretty gray cot, decorative white wall, and simple details make it a space that you will want to hang out in, too.  

The Ultimate Neutral Nursery Essential... 

There is one baby essential that will look at home in any neutral nursery: SNOO Smart Sleeper! But its sleek, modern aesthetic is not the only thing to love about SNOO. SNOO automatically responds to a baby’s fussing—helping both babies and parents get sleep. Learn more about SNOO here.

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