Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

We know you want to give your little one the world, but how about the whole galaxy while you are at it? A space-themed nursery is such a fun choice for a baby boy or girl, and can be taken in seemingly infinite directions, from dark and moody to bright and understated. Whether you are opting for full-on moonwalking splendor and rockets in flight, or soft stargazing and a scattering of planets, here is some of our favourite space-themed nursery inspiration. Your little bundle of joy is about to absolutely rock your world; have fun doing the same for them with a space nursery theme. 

Monochrome Moon & Stars Space-Themed Nursery

Photo: @make_it_monochrome_n

Shoot for the stars! A black-and-white moon and stars theme is simple to pull off and looks incredibly chic. Babies love stark contrast, and this look creates the perfect space for sleep and play. (See more black-and-white nursery ideas!

Soft & Sweet Outer Space Nursery

Photo: @palindrome_home

Pale blue, white, and natural wood set up a serene environment for Baby and serve as the perfect backdrop to whimsical outer-space elements like the floating moon shelf, star map, and cartoonish space renderings above the cot.  

Chart the Moon Space-Themed Nursery

Photo: @redeeminghampton

Bring things down to Earth with a simple moon chart for striking wall art in the space-themed nursery. As seen here, it is a statement piece that can tie a bunch of more neutral options together toward your theme.

Space-Themed Nursery Planet Mobile Decor

Photo & to Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids 

Like those solar system models you made in middle school, but way cuter! This mobile is a special item that really pops in the space-themed baby room.

Space-Nursery Bassinet Bedding and Swaddles 

Our stars and planets SNOO Sack and Sleepea designs take an ordinary snooze to another orbit! (Shop SNOO Sacks, SNOO Sheets, or Sleepeas!)  

Colour Blast Space Themed Nursery

Photo: @mypr0jectpage

Rainbow book organisation is always a good idea. In this outer space nursery it serves as a continuation of bold, punchy colours to delight a baby boy or girl. 

Space Nursery Constellation Accent Wall

Photo: @projectnursery

An accent wall is a great way to tie together the baby’s theme without overextending yourself. These constellation decals placed on a soft blue-gray wall are an ethereal way to set the tone in a space-themed baby room. 

Space Nursery Astronaut Mobile

Photo: @habiaunavez.tallerdeilusiones 

If this felt space mission cot mobile is not the cutest thing ever, we are not sure what is! The tiny astronaut and rocket ship will have your little guy or girl shooting for the farthest reaches of Dreamland.  

Pink & Purple Sky Space-Themed Nursery

Photo & to Purchase: Home Depot

Who says space-themed nurseries are always masculine or neutral? A hint of pink never hurts, and you can create a girly vibe with a wallpaper like this one. 

Deep, Dark Space-Themed Nursery

Photo & to Purchase: MongDecor via Etsy

Go for the wow factor with a stunning starry night on one wall—or all of them! This dark and visually stimulating stick-on wallpaper is perfect for a galaxy space-themed nursery. 

Astronaut Nursery Rocket Hamper

Photo & to Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids

Newborn laundry can get out of control, so make storing it out of this world! A rocket-shaped clothes hamper fits your space theme and gets the job done. 

Space Nursery Starry Curtains

Photo & to Purchase: Bed Bath & Beyond

Sometimes a printed curtain can be too much; this is not one of those times! We are starry-eyed for these sweeping, star-spangled window treatments in this space-themed nursery. 

Space Nursery Moon Bookshelf

Photo & to Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids 

This sweet shelf appeared in another entry on our list, but deserves its own mention. The shape and colour make it adaptable to any space nursery.  

Warm & Neutral Space-Themed Nursery

Photo: Pink Pineapple 

Delightfully subtle, yet whimsical at the same time... gray walls, a smattering of white stars, and some out-of-this-world bedding serve this space well. 

Epic Space Nursery Gallery Wall

Photo: SuzAnn Kletzien Design

These parents framed pages taken out of vintage astronomy books to create a special wall full of starry details to enchant and inspire. Designing the rest of the room in colours pulled from that art make the space nursery decor feel consistent and unique.

Beyond Space-Themed Nursery Ideas:

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