Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

Gone are the days when baby rooms looked like, well, rooms for babies. Now, nurseries have evolved to the point where they look just as polished and on-trend as any adult’s room. And that is especially the case when it comes to black and white nursery decor! Whether you are looking for a gender-neutral nursery theme or just want to create a chic space for your babe-to-be, black and white nurseries are incredibly versatile.  

When decorating a black-and-white nursery for your baby-to-be, the options are endless. From minimalist nursery designs to black and white nurseries that are wall-to-wall with patterns and textures, there is baby room inspiration for every taste. Here, a few of our favourite black and white nursery ideas! 

Boho Black and White Nursery

Photo: Winter Daisy

Create a wonderland for your child with bohemian finishings, stars on the walls, and all sorts of magical little play nooks and cosy spaces. This black-and-white baby room is goals from corner to corner. 

Black and White Nursery Pattern Mixing

Photo: @ashleeknichols

If you strip your nursery down to two colours, consider introducing a variety of patterns. Here, black and white polka dots and gingham play nice! 

Black and White Nursery With a Pop of Yellow

Photo: @anonymously_me_x

What better way to bring a black and white nursery to life than with splashes of gold and yellow? This baby’s room is expertly done with mostly monochrome and a few bold pops of colour.

Black and White Nursery With Super-Fun Wallpaper

Photo: @bnwkids 

Whether you achieve the look with cut-up sponges and a can of paint, or perfectly patterned black and white nursery wallpaper, an allover pattern like this on one wall brings serious style for a baby boy or girl.

Black and White Rainbow Nursery Decor

Photo: @the_georgie_mum  

Rainbow nursery decorations are always sweet and gender-neutral, but grayscale ones are a surprisingly gorgeous choice.  

Black and White Nursery Accent Wall

Photo: Jessie Salzbrun

Don’t want to go black and white all over? Use black-and-white wallpaper on one wall—either stretched wall-to-wall or framed, as seen in this modern neutral nursery design

Black and White Nursery Wallpaper

Photo: @_sarapward_

Busy black and white nursery wallpaper makes the rest of the space’s streamlined details really pop!

Black Nursery Rack and Other Furniture

Photo: @OllieandLime 

Black nursery accessories and furnishings will grow with your child long after the baby stage. A rack like this not only adds interest to a blank wall, but it also serves an important purpose—keeping wet baby towels and cosy blankets up off the floor...and one day being a parking spot for your child's school bag.

Black and White Nursery With One Colourful Statement Piece

Photo: @paperllamas 

An all black-and-white room is the perfect place to display a favourite piece of colourful art, like this racing-red car photograph. It really pops with a monochrome backdrop. 

Black and White Nursery With Potted Plants

Photo: @minimench 

Infuse your space with colour and texture by bringing in a bit of nature and wood. Potted plants—hanging or otherwise—work expertly with black and white nursery surroundings.  

Black and White Nursery Text Art and Pictures

Photo: @grovecottagecornwall

This minimalist nursery idea gets an extra dose of cool thanks to a black-and-white Andy Warhol quote above the cot. A simple black and white poster like this featuring an important or themed piece of text is a perfect choice for your monochrome nursery.  

Black and White Nursery Rug

Photo: @JessicaLimmy

A lack of colour does not mean a lack of interest. Check out black-and-white nursery rugs in tribal, geometric, or funky patterns to bring personality and fun into the space. 

Black and White Nursery Contrast Bedding

Photo: @ollieandlime 

The bright white cot and dark or black bedding seen here are so trendy for baby rooms. Make the most of your black-and-white nursery by ramping up the contrast. What a cute backdrop for baby pictures this makes! 

Glam Black and White Nursery

Instagram: @grahamandbrown 

Black and white nurseries do not have to be cheerless or simplistic. Add a sophisticated touch with bold, girly monochrome wallpaper as seen here for a dose of femininity and whimsy.  

Polka Dot Black and White Nursery Decor

Photo: @paperllamas 

Polka-dots, pets & stripes...oh my! This monochrome nursery practically screams, 'Fun!' With dots on one wall, sweet black-and-white-animals throughout, and other pops of texture and prints in the space, this modern nursery is anything but one-note. 

Black and White Nursery With Patterns Galore

Photo: @paperllamas

Wall-triangles, dotted floor pillows, and friendly art add to the fun of this black-and-white nursery idea. It’s a gorgeous gender-neutral baby room that will grow into an equally posh kid’s space. 

Black and White Nursery Prints

Photo & Where to Buy: @MiniLearnersPosters 

Black-and-white art prints are a beautiful way to bring baby-room vibes to your space. These Etsy mermaid posters are perfect for a black and white girl’s nursery.

Black and White Nursery Walls (+ Feathery Lighting!)

Photo: @themonochromehouse

It is hard to say what is more striking in this unusual black and white nursery: the black walls with elegant detailing at the top; or the feathery chandelier. So we are highlighting both to say: You can have a ton of fun with your baby’s room...even sans colour!

Black and White Nursery With Tidbits of Pink

Photo: The Lovely Drawer

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Dusty ballet pinks in tiny amounts add a flash of girly charm to this otherwise black and white nursery for a baby girl. 

Black and White Floral Nursery Wallpaper

Photo: Project Nursery 

Black-and-white floral wallpaper is the epitome of glamour. Timeless and romantic and contemporary at once, a paper like this sets the tone for major sweetness in a black and white nursery for girls. The bold black and white rug and gold accents round out the space flawlessly. 

Black and White Nursery Bunting

Photo & Where to Buy: JuJuBeeGoods vis Etsy

Whether woolen poms or paper flags are your more speed, a monochrome wall-hanging is a quick, easy, and affordable accent that adds texture and style to a black-and-white nursery.

Final Thoughts: Black and White Nursery Decor

Prefer bright colours to stark black and white? We have got nursery ideas for every taste:  

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