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Designing a baby room for your little boy or girl? The colour green, often overlooked in favour of more popular gendered picks pink and blue, or the classic neutral choice of white, is having a moment. Green opens up a world of possibilities from bright and cheerful to soothing and sweet; from bold and edgy to natural and soft.  

Whether you are going for statement pieces against a neutral background, or an all-out green scene, here is some gorgeous green nursery inspiration for your home.  

Green Textured Nursery Wall

Photo: TheTimelessCrane via Etsy 

Do not just wow them with colour; bring in texture, too. This evergreen accent wall with square-shaped molding is a stellar choice for a green baby’s room. Hanging plants add interest in the corner, too. 

Olive Green Nursery Cot

Photo & To Purchase: Crate & Kids

It is a deep and interesting shade of green with vintage appeal, and this smart looking cot in olive green is the perfect way to bring it in. 

Emerald Green Nursery Cot

Photo & To Purchase: Buy Buy Baby

A Jenny Lind cot is the hallmark of a classic, upscale nursery and in this brilliant shade of green, it does overtime in the design department to create a stunning space for Baby.

Velvet Green Nursery Rocking Chair

Photo & To Purchase: AllModern

A modern looking chair is certainly statement-making, and in deep green velvet the baby’s room gets a mega dose of chic from this one. 

A Green Nursery Where Dinosaurs Roam 

Photo & To Purchase: anewalldecor via Etsy

Dinos have a special place in the heart of childhood; like fairies and unicorns there is a mythical quality to them, but the science that backs them up turns childlike wonder real… what could be better than that? A green baby room gains a storybook quality with this theme. 

Solid Green Nursery Walls

Photo: @caybren_

Lean into the green! That is what this mama did—pairing green nursery walls with a forest green cot. 

A Quirky Green Nursery Chandelier

Photo & To Purchase: Overstock

Beaded chandeliers are popular for boho nurseries, and also can have a glam look as shown here. Consider a show-stopping shade of green in the light fixture to take your baby’s room to the next level. 

Green Rainbow Nursery

Photo: @jenniejsullins

Why should blue skies get all the attention? This dreamy green rainbow-studded wallpaper is absolutely stunning and perfectly complements the neutrals in the room. (See more rainbow nursery ideas!)

A String of Nursery Greenery

Photo & To Purchase: TwigsandInkShop via Etsy

Dried eucalyptus is such a simple and pretty natural touch to bring greenery into the nursery. This neutral white baby room is also enhanced by the chunky moss-coloured throw hanging over the side of the cot.

Moody Green Nursery

Photo: Wayfair

An upscale baby room can be done in greens flawlessly—this jungle themed wallpaper and potted plant look brings in a darkier, moodier palette...and we are here for it!

Green Nursery With Lots of Succulents

Photo & To Purchase: BabyMaesShop via Etsy

The succulent trend is going nowhere, so if you love it, go for it! This bright, happy theme is perfect for a baby girl or boy nursery and offers up a heavy dose of green.

Palm Tree-Lined Green Nursery

Photo: TapetShow via Etsy 

Make your baby’s room into the epitome of safari-chic with a wildly cool backdrop like this nursery peel-and-stick wallpaper. Palm trees of any kind whether in the wild or at the beach make for a fresh and cool look in the green nursery.

Serene Pink & Green Nursery

Photo: BrePurposed

Add some drama to your green baby room with rose tones throughout the space. Oversized modern art and lush cot accessories do the trick in this statement-making green nursery for a baby girl. (See more pink nursery ideas!)

Green Nursery Frond Wallpaper

Photo: @charlie.the.schnoodle

Lush walls like these allow you to pare down all of the other details and still make a statement. (See more nursery wallpaper designs!)

Green Nursery Details

Photo: Lovely Lucky Life

The lush green artwork, matching chair, and thick velvet curtains bring just enough of the hue into this otherwise neutral space for a baby boy room that feels inviting and cosy.

Teal Appeal Green Nursery

Photo: Little Crown Interiors

It is inching toward the blue side, but a teal green nursery is a fun choice if you are not sure how traditional you want to go with your greens. A variety of textures and shades creates a truly special space for this little guy or girl.

Mint Condition Green Nursery

Photo: Medicine & Manicures

A pale shade is the answer to delivering a green nursery that feels baby-focused and elegant at the same time. These parents picked the absolute perfect paint colour for the walls and built a precious mint green nursery around it to welcome their baby boy in softness and style. 

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