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Bringing a little princess into the world? A modern baby girl nursery needs design, charm, and if you are going girly, a double dose of pink. Contemporary princess nurseries are big on the glam without veering into cheesy territory. Crystal chandeliers, gold-tone details, and lush bedding are all good ideas… as are outside-the-box decor elements that will set your little girl’s space apart. Here is some of our favourite princess baby room inspiration.

Princess Nursery Crown Decor

Photo & To Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids 

This elegant cornice with pink sheers by Monique Lhuillier for PBK is every bit the princessy dream come true. While shown here in a big-girl room, it would look divine hanging behind a cot as well (out of Baby's reach, of course), or on any special wall in the nursery.

Princess Nursery Tufted Cot

Photo: @lolafondant

Is the princess crib over the top? Yes. Is that why we love it? Also, yes. It truly does not get more elegant than this unique tufted crib for baby girl (or boy, if you’re going the prince route!)... and with swans thrown in for good measure, you’re looking at baby room furniture that’s totally royalty-ready for your sweet one’s arrival.  

Princess Nursery on a Budget

Photo: Project Nursery

Do not let the extravagant ideas overwhelm you: These parents proved that a little princess can get the baby room she deserves even on a small budget (and in a small space). Click through for design details on this pretty princess nursery.

Girly & Glittery Princess Nursery

Photo: Pinterest

Fairy lights and balletic details bring an ethereal and overwhelmingly sweet princess vibe to this special space. The rose name letter and furry carpeting are also nice touches for this little princess nursery.  

Floating Crown Princess Nursery Mobile

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/ZOZOtoys 

This precious mobile featuring golden crowns, puffy clouds, and little raindrops is an absolutely perfect addition to your baby girl’s princess nursery.

Princess Nursery Personalised Bunting

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/TheLittleElephantGB

Any baby room gets an extra pop of precious from a name banner or sign; this princess-themed nursery bunting is handmade to fit your colour scheme and will be a piece to treasure for years to come.

Princess Nursery Watercolour Prints

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/PrintPhilosophyCo

Whimsical and classy, these princess-themed prints are vaguely reminiscent of the Disney girls she will grow to love… but also subtle and simple for a pared down Disney princess nursery.  

Boho Princess Nursery Idea

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/aclementina

It is not just the glam girls who like to feel like royalty; your little boho babe can have a room fit for a princess, too. Try greenery, a bright rug, a wooden chandelier, and design elements like this handmade knitted crown decoration to round out the space. (See more boho nursery ideas!)

Princess Nursery Cot Sheet

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/EventsJoyGifts

Not only is this princess cot sheet decked out in royal coaches, castles, and crowns… it also features your little girl’s name for a special piece of bedding that is made just for her.  

Princess Nursery out of a Fairy Tale

Photo: Rock-a-Bye Mommy

This twin baby girl room is exquisitely decked out in all the princessy details, and we could not love it more. From the dramatic chandelier to the pink tufted cots, custom drapes, and ornate table and chairs, it seriously looks like something out of a modern-day miniature Versailles, and we have a feeling your little girl would be all about it. (See more twin nursery ideas!) 

Gorgeously Gilded Princess Nursery Decor

Photo: Project Nursery  

A wise mum once said, 'If you are going for it, go all the way!' Or maybe that is just the vibe we are picking up in this absolutely rich, gold-and-pink princess baby room that truly appears fit for royalty, and would be sure to become your absolute favourite spot in the house.

White-Washed Princess Nursery Idea

Photo: @decor_for_kids via @annica_noelle

Gold is great, but white is wonderful! A neutral colour scheme lets all the intricate details of this princess themed nursery shine, with little peeks of blush and silver to add interest. (See more neutral nursery ideas!) 

Princess Nursery Painted Ceiling

Photo: Pinterest

Transport your little girl to a magical world without ever having to leave her bedroom! A ceiling mural is one of those truly special ways you can create a royal scene in the nursery and memories to last a lifetime.

Princess Nursery Shelving

Photo: J Malay 

If there is one thing a little princess has a lot of, it is stuff! This modern mama created a ton of visible storage space for displaying all those adorable little shoes, dresses, and soft toys to make this princess-themed baby nursery feel like the pint-sized atelier she deserves.

Dramatic Princess Nursery Wallpaper

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/WillOTheWispDesignAU

It is wild, it is whimsical, and it is absolutely wonderful for a romantically royal baby girl room that wows. This princess-themed wallpaper might just be the clincher for creating your little one’s amazing little corner of the world.  

Rustic Royalty Princess Nursery

Photo: Homify

The faux fur rug, the brickface, the burlap! It is timeless and fabulous and utterly sweet, princess perfection. We love the mix of browns, purples, and whites in this baby girl room featuring all the trappings of a princess-ready room in a surprisingly rustic aesthetic.

Storybook Sweet Princess Nursery

Photo: Rachel Parcell

This sugary-sweet baby girl room is all things princessy perfection without feeling in the least bit overdone. The blush patterned rug, elegant furniture, minimal wall art, and castle-worthy wallpaper all come together to create a space that is absolutely dazzling in its royal simplicity.

Princess Nursery Rolling Rack

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/ShopAndisList 

If there is one thing we know about little princesses, they love a wardrobe change. These exquisite kids’ clothing racks can be customised to your liking and stacked with her prettiest things for an unmistakably royal fixture to make the room extra functional and cute at once.

French Country Princess Nursery

Photo: Petite Haus

It is a lush baby girl room that appears to have been plucked right out of the French countryside, and we are swooning over every detail. The gold cornice, hot air balloon art, and ornate little sconces are just a few of the best parts of this carefully constructed princess nursery to adore.

Princess Nursery Daybed

Photo: Project Nursery

It is a pretty genius idea if you are tight on space and might need to accommodate guests at some point… but also for weary parents to take a rest between feeds. Rather than a couch, the well-dressed daybed looks stately and elegant in this little princess’s room. 

Sweet Princess Nursery Chandelier

Photo & To Purchase: Burke Decor

We saved the most important detail for last. It just would not be a royal room without a super-special lighting fixture. Treat your baby girl to something sparkly and maybe, pink, to bring a warm glow to the most beautiful place on earth—her room.

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