Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

Mouse-loving mamas, you have been waiting for this moment: A baby is on the way, and the decorating can begin. There is something about Disney that helps make everything a little more magical and fun...or sparks cherished memories from our own childhoods. So why not infuse all of those good feelings into your baby’s room with a Disney themed nursery?  

There are many ways to bring your most beloved movies, characters, and stories to life with a Disney nursery... and trust us, a Disney-themed nursery does not have to be cheesy or over-the-top. Here are some of our favourites Disney nursery ideas for your future House-of-Mouse devotee.  

Boho Minnie Mouse Art Disney Nursery Idea

Photo: @castleboundsupplyco

This feminine-bohemian Disney nursery decor is pointed, yet not over-the-top. The floral Mouse ear wall hanging and simple framed prints are super-sweet touches that bring the Disney theme home without being cheesy. 

Disney Nursery Mural

Photo: @laylakaristattoo

There is nothing low-key about this splashy wall art, but if you are ready to go big, you cannot go wrong with a Disney World or Land inspired mural. This is such a magical fixture, you could do very little else and still create so much wonder in the baby's room.  

Classic Disney Nursery Decor

Photo: @acozyhome

You cannot go wrong with old-school Mickey Mouse and friends, and this Disney baby room ties the theme in flawlessly. The Mickey varsity jacket and simple throw pillows give a nod to the Mouse without anything too showy.  

Disney Nursery Small World Sign Accessory

Photo: @heylindsaymichelle

A swoon-worthy Small World sign would be the perfect touch in your modern Disney inspired nursery. Support small shop artisans on Etsy or Instagram, or try making one yourself!

Mickey Ears Disney Nursery Decor

Photo: @mallory.erin.makes 

Include those famous ears in surprising ways for a whimsical take on a Disney nursery. This rainbow Mickey ear shelf is a great example of a subtle way you can weave the magic into your baby girl or boy’s room.  

Disney Nursery Castle Pillow

Photo: @disney_glitter_and_bow

Here is proof that a little detail can go a long way. This 'HOME' pillow with Cinderella’s castle in the 'O' spot is an adorable idea for a classy Disney nursery.

'Minnie Me' Disney Nursery Bedding

Photo: @officialfreyja 

We are loving this Minnie Mouse-inspired cot mobile and bedding set for the sweetest little Disney baby girl nursery inspiration. (Of course, pillows and blankets should be kept out of your baby’s bed until they are at least a year old).  

Toy Story Mobile Disney Nursery Idea

Photo: @beemboland

You do not have to decorate the whole room in these bold colours, but a fun and quirky mobile or over-the-cot art is a cool idea for a Toy Story nursery. 

Comic Strip Wallpaper Disney Themed Nursery 

Photo: @polinnnnnnn

Another take on Classic Mickey, these walls do all the talking so the rest of your decor can be simple, subtle, and monochrome. Perfect for a gender-neutral or boy’s nursery.  

Disney Nursery Art Ideas

Photo: @magicallyak

Sweet little pops of pretty in the form of tiny framed art and artifacts are a great route to take if you want to create a Disney baby room without erring on the side of corny. This little one’s decor is eclectic and chic with plenty of that Disney magic peppered in. 

Pop Some Poppins Into Your Disney Nursery

Photo: @cadyhearn

It does not take a spoonful of sugar to make a sweet nursery...artsy throw pillows make the Mary Poppins theme in this little girl’s nursery feel complete.  

Disney Nursery Wall Paint

Photo: Project Nursery

Bring home the fun of the Small World with an all-out accent wall like this one in your Disney nursery!

Princess Dress Disney Nursery Decor

Photo & Where to Buy: PrettyLittleInvite via Etsy

Deck out your little princess’s room with prints of iconic Disney gowns! These Etsy prints are a darling find for a Cinderella baby room—and they’re customisable! 

Find Nemo in Your Disney Nursery

Photo & Where to Buy: Pottery Barn Kids 

Add a fishy friend to your Disney-themed nursery, and your baby will grow up remembering to 'just keep swimming!' Pottery Barn Kids has tons of Disney collaborations to outfit the perfect Disney nursery for your little one, and this decorative Finding Nemo pillow is no exception. 

Disney Nursery Fit for a Princess

Photo: @katyskingdom 

That sweet smile says it all! Growing up in a grand room decked out in pale pink, white, and gold—with that sweet princess-themed mobile? A definite YES from this little princess. 

Disney Nursery Gallery Wall

Photo: @jadedaisy 

Gallery walls are always a good idea, and in a nursery they are a great way to bring in the Disney theme of your choice without going all-out throughout the space. Also, you can easily switch out prints as Baby grows and his or her tastes change.  

Peter Pan Disney Nursery Theme

Photo: @pirates_and_pixie

Want a little one who never never grows up? A subtle Peter Pan theme is easily pulled off with details like the little clock, pirate pillows, and messages in a bottle this Mum infused into the decor for her baby boy. 

Disney Nursery Toy Story Wallpaper

Photo: @happylittlethought

Those iconic Toy Story walls would be absolutely adorable in your tiny human’s first room. 

Once Upon a Time… Disney Nursery Decor

Photo & Where to Buy: WonderWireDesign via Etsy

Add a storytelling vibe with a beautiful handmade sign like this one; it would look gorgeous above the baby’s cot or changing station.  

Stained Glass Disney Nursery Art

Photo: @lifewiththewerdekkers 

A Beauty and the Beast nursery deserves some classic touches, like these stained-glass effect movie portraits. White finishings and simple wallpaper keep the space from feeling too Disney-fied, but the roses along the curtain rod and Chip figurine sitting on the window sill are other nods to the theme.  

Look Up! Disney Nursery Idea

Photo: @mydisneyfinds

This ceiling mural is an absolutely brilliant way to spread a little Disney magic in Baby’s room. The adjacent hot air balloons are a further nod to one of the modern Pixar classics, Up.  

Looking for More Nursery Ideas? 

If these Disney themed nurseries do not inspire you, then do not worry! You can check out these other nursery ideas below: 

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