Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

Before you welcome your bouncing baby boy to the world, you will want to make sure his nursery is ready for him.. Whether you are working with a full-on nursery room or you are decking out a corner of your own bedroom, any space can become the perfect place for your little man to snooze and play with some fun inspiration and a whole lot of love. Here are some of our favorite baby boy nursery ideas for inspiration.

Neutral Boy Nursery Decor

Photo: Kathy Kuo Home

Bring on the creams, browns, and golds because a neutral, earth-tone baby boy nursery is seriously sweet and classy.

Minimalist Baby Boy Room Ideas

Photo: @MeganDiez

We love a minimalist baby boy nursery, and this one does not disappoint. Stick to just what you need in terms of furniture, and pack toys and clothes away to create a clutter-free oasis of calm that you and Baby will treasure in those early months and the years to come.

Wood & Straw Baby Boy Nursery Decor

Photo: Livvy Land 

We are in Swoon City over the natural materials and stunning textures in this precious baby boy nursery theme. Hardwood floors and straw baskets are a winning backdrop for just about any decor dreams you have for your little boy’s room.

Animal Boy Nursery Idea 

Photo: Instagram/CravenHaven

This animal nursery for boys is almost regal. Between the bold colours, enchanting wallpaper, masterful pattern-mixing, there is a lot to love.

Oh Boy! Baby Boy Nursery Idea

Photo: @_papercut 

While this nursery does literally scream 'boy' with the Oh Boy wall-hanging, it is actually quite subtle. The neutral wall colour lets other details (like the blue poufs and chevron curtain) pop without feeling overwhelming. 

Crisp White Nursery Idea for Boys

Photo: Ashley Terk

This mostly-white baby boy nursery room looks like a sanctuary for Parent and Child. Paint everything white, bring in white furniture and floor coverings, and add interest with tiny pops of black or another neutral to recreate this feeling. 

Wordy Boy Nursery Decor

Photo: Courtney Rice

Word art is a cute trend for nurseries, and you can play this up in your baby boy’s nursery with favorite quotes, song lyrics, or anything that has personal meaning. This mum even brought wording in on the throw blanket, which is a fun modern touch.

Baby Boy Nursery Theme With a Brick Accent Wall

Photo: @house_of_mccormack

Accent walls are having a moment, and this white brick look is absolutely perfect for a baby boy room idea. Consider following this image’s lead with your son’s name in big, black letters that really pop over the cot. 

Blue Sky Baby Boy Nursery Theme

Photo: @flickatbabyvine

One sweet way to tie in the classic boy nursery colour? Create a cloud-dotted blue accent wall (the hot air balloon detail is another way to extend the theme without going over-the-top).  

Baby Boy Nursery Bedding

Photo & Where to Buy: Serena & Lily 

Make your little dude’s cot a peaceful escape from whatever colourful and cool boy decor elements you have going on elsewhere in the home. A crisp blue-and-white pattern like this coastal toile on a white cot hits the perfect note for baby boy nursery bedding.

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas With Clothing

Photo: @emmamelins

Baby girls should not be the only ones who get to have extensive wardrobes they can put on display! Consider folding racks, pretty hooks, open shelving, and other fun ways you can hang those tiny outfits in full view, to lend a softer touch to your nursery decor. As Baby Boy grows, these racks or hooks can be used for toys, dress-up, and more.

Striped Boy Nursery Decor

Photo: Uptown with Elly Brown

This contemporary baby boy room idea combines nautical stripes and classy sports elements, for a room that says 'all boy' without feeling too cheesy.

Classic Boy Nursery Decor

Photo: 12th and White

There is nothing like baby blue, soft white, and plenty of monogrammed details when arranging a classic baby boy’s nursery room. The silver heirloom cups, vintage toys, and perfect blend of soft patterns just make this whole space dreamy. 

Bold Boy Nursery Decor

Photo: Poor Little It Girl 

Monochrome is not for everyone, and this modern boy baby room proves that colour can be your friend, and surprising details can definitely work. A deep emerald wall colour and mid-century modern furniture create a stunning if unique look in this daring nursery for boys. 

Grayscale Boy Nursery

Photo: @forevergreyhome 

This soft take on a monochrome baby boy nursery is a darling way to go if you do not want a ton of colour but also are not into the contrast of black and white nurseries. Using various textures (velvet, plush, feathers, paper…), you can create a gentle baby-ready design in grays as seen here.

Green Boy Nursery Decor

Photo: Meghan Basinger

Blue might be the traditional choice for boy nursery decorations, but lots of parents are testing out the waters with another gorgeous that is sure to make you green with envy once his room looks even better than his parents’! 

Final Thoughts on Designing a Baby Boy Nursery 

As you can see, you have got lots of baby boy nursery ideas for your little dude! As you plan your little boy’s nursery, you will want to make sure you pick out a baby cot that goes with whichever decor you choose...and SNOO, with its modern design, is an ideal piece for any baby room. Plus, SNOO helps to automatically soothe your baby through fussiness and upsets. You can learn more about it here

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