Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

Twins mean double the fun, double the love, and double the stuff! (Yes, double the cots, too…) If you are expecting two babies, you have no doubt stressed a bit over putting together a nursery for your little bundles without getting overwhelmed or packing everything in super tight. Fret not!

From genius storage solutions to easy-fit cot ideas and other smart takes from other mothers of multiples, we have pulled together a list of creative and cute twin nursery ideas to get you started on your decorating journey. Enjoy these twin nursery inspiration photos and let us know about your favourites in the comments. 

Twin Nursery With Couch

Photo: Twist Me Pretty 

Adding a day bed or couch to your twins’ room is a chic way to keep them within reach once you have moved them out of your own bedroom. The couch also creates a functional space for two parents or a parent and bonus caretaker to give the babies a feed and cuddle at the same time, while chatting and hanging out together. 

Twin Nursery Art

Photo: @graymalin

This nursery has us seeing double...and triple! We love that the Gray Malin print hanging above these snoozing babes pays tribute to multiples in its own chic way.  

Twin Nursery Attic Takeover 

Photo: The Ivory Lane

Vaulted ceilings and window seats, and extra space, oh my! A twin nursery on the third level of your home is the perfect solution to spatial and other design concerns. With the technology of modern baby monitors these days, sleeping on another level is not the concern it used to be. These parents made the most of their attic to create an absolutely state-of-the-art nursery for their twin daughters. 

Twin Nursery With Bold Wallpaper


Photo: Palms-to-Pines 

Between the lush wallpaper, soft accents, and pair of macrame chandeliers, there is almost too much to love about this dreamy twin nursery. 

Old World Aesthetic Twin Nursery

Photo: Jess Coulter

Simple, clean lines, black-and-white basics with eclectic gold accents, the globe, and vintage-look trunk all bring things together to make this neutral twin nursery a total success. 

Mint Condition Twin Nursery

Photo: The Salt Water Wife

If you are expecting boy-girl twins, mint green might just be the perfect accent colour for their shared room. Soft, neutral, and baby-friendly, this soothing colour lends easily to monochrome, metallic, or other pastels to make their individual spaces look special while still keeping a cohesive feel throughout the nursery. 

Boho Beautiful Twin Nursery 

Photo: Moda Prints

This gorgeous neutral space is a bohemian paradise for twin baby girls. That said, the same colour scheme and similar pieces can easily be used for two boys or boy-girl twins. Lush, soothing browns and tans paired with wicker pieces and plenty of funky toys create a cool and functional twin nursery that any babies would love to grow up in. 

Mini Man Cave Twin Nursery

Photo: Oh Happy Play 

This miniature man cave for a set of twin boys is everything black-and-white nurseries are best at: bold, bright, and modern. The cots are super cool, the art is simple and eye-catching, and the toddler-sized tent is ready for chilling. In short, this twin parent nailed the double nursery!

Twin Nursery + Play Space

Photo: Oh Happy Play

Practicality is important, but so is fun. Mesh the two when you add a play area to the twins’ room. Not only does this cut your clutter in other areas of the home, but it encourages them to love their space. Also, doing nappy duty or a feed with one twin while the other is entertained nearby will make life so much easier as they become more curious and mobile. 

White-Washed Twin Nursery

Photo: Whit J XOXO 

Lots of white makes even the most jam-packed twin nursery appear clean, bright, and relaxing. If you are tight on space with double the babies (and double the gear!) consider an all-white-everything approach like the parents of this set of boy-girl twins did.  

Back-to-Back Babies in a Twin Nursery

Photo: The Creative Bite

It can be hard to configure the cots, especially in a small space or if you only want to dedicate one area of the room to sleep. These parents put them right up next to each other touching on one end which allows plenty of space in the room for storage, play, and changing. 

Twin Nursery With an Accent Wall

Photo: @_sarapward_

Just because you need double the everything, does not mean you have to strip down the rest of your twin baby room. An accent wall can make your more streamlined furniture and accents really pop!

Maximise Your Twin Nursery Storage Space

Photo: The Learner Observer

It goes without saying that double the babies will mean just about double the stuff. Turn every nook into a clutter-containing opportunity with baskets, bins, boxes, and storage cubes to keep baby needs up, away, and out of sight. [RELATED: Get more nursery storage inspiration!]

Twin Nursery With Dueling Rockers

Photo: A Slice of Style

Is this not the sweetest little conversation-and-cuddle nook you have ever seen? Not every twin nursery has room for two rocking chairs, but if yours does, we say go for it! This can cut down on scheduling stress and sleep loss if you have two caretakers there to get bottles and rocking handled at naps and bedtime.  

Angled Cots in a Twin Nursery

Photo: Project Nursery 

If you are tight on space and do not want the kiddos shoved in corners, consider getting creative with how the cots are situated in the room. These angles create interest and allow some hidden storage behind as well.  

Twin Nursery Bassinets

The NHS recommends that babies sleep near their parents until they are at least six months old...but two cots in Mum or Dad’s room can feel totally cramped. That is where SNOO comes in! This sleekly designed smart sleeper works just as well, even when multiplied by two. And in addition to being a space-saver, it is a sleep-saver. SNOO acts as an extra pair of hands, automatically responding to babies’ fussing and lulling them back to sleep...saving exhausted, busy twin parents precious Zzz’s. Learn more about SNOO here!

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