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Fans of the hit TV show Fixer Upper on HGTV fell in love with the dynamic husband-wife team behind its success, Chip and Joanna Gaines. The Waco, Texas-based couple and parents to five young kids know a thing or two about design; through their carefully crafted, cosy-chic curation of gorgeous spaces, they (inadvertently or intentionally?) created a design movement known ‘round the world as 'Modern Farmhouse.'

The style, heavy on homegrown detail, monochrome palettes with soft earthy accents, exposed wood, and the assembly of gorgeous found objects, has spawned a trend that works in every room of the house. Why should the nursery be any different? If you are planning to create a farmhouse style baby room for your bundle-to-be, consider these beautiful details and full-room inspiration to bring your farmhouse nursery vision to life.

The Perfect Farmhouse-Style Cot

Photo & To Purchase: Target 

The cot is a great way to make a statement in the baby’s room, and this example is effortlessly farmhouse-chic. Neutral bedding and some rustic art above it will seal the deal.  

Gaines-Approved Farmhouse Nursery Decor

Photo: TODAY 

For a prime example of a farmhouse style nursery, it makes sense to go right to the source. When Chip and Jo Gaines welcomed their fifth child two years ago, the stylish mama let TODAY in on some sneaks of her sweet baby boy room in the farmhouse aesthetic. We love the unique elements like this mid-century rocker made cosy with a chunky blanket and pillow, and the black floating shelves.

Shape Up & Shiplap Farmhouse Nursery

Photo: Elizabeth Joan Designs 

It is a staple in any farmhouse room, and whether you go the traditional route attaching actual boards to the walls or create a similar effect with wallpaper, shiplap walls are a perfect touch for the farmhouse nursery.

Charming Farmhouse Nursery Details

Photo: Healthy Little Peach

This little nook says it all—from a simple wreath of greenery and the farmhouse-inspired orb chandelier to that trend-right blanket ladder off to the side and the buffalo check cot sheet. (And, of course, do not forget the shiplap!)

Pop of Pink Farmhouse Nursery

Photo: Making Joy and Pretty Things

Farmhouse style is often associated with black, white, and gray, but you can infuse the space with any other colours that fit your fancy. These creative parents put together a girly farmhouse nursery that wows, thanks to classic details and a heavy dose of pink throughout. (Peep more pink nurseries!)

Farmhouse Nursery Barn Doors

Photo: Making Manzanita

This look is intrinsically farmhouse, and the barn doors make a clear statement in your little boy or girl’s room. Add neutral flooring and furniture and you are in business.  

Deep Gray Farmhouse Nursery

Photo: Balkania the Blog

The shiplap wall look is not just about white. Dark gray tones create an upscale pop, as seen in this expertly done gender-neutral baby room. (See more gray nursery inspiration!) 

Incorporate Antiques Into Your Farmhouse Nursery

Photo: @nest.out.west 

This is a bit of a different look, bringing in some eclectic pieces like the rug and baskets. But adding an antique dresser in natural wood as shown here makes the overall aesthetic decidedly farmhouse.

Green Farmhouse Nursery

Photo: @goldpoppyfarm

Colour is fun for a kid’s room, even if you are going with modern farmhouse decor. The sage green wall is a stunning choice for the nursery and the whimsical leaf-print wallpaper above complements it perfectly. (See more nursery wallpaper ideas!)

Pink Country Farmhouse Nursery

Photo: Caden Lane

Ballet pink and cottony fluff are the central design points in this modern farmhouse nursery for a girl, proving again that neutrals are not the only way to achieve this style. The tobacco basket, blanket ladder, and buffalo check round out the space in farmhouse-y perfection.

Buffalo Check Farmhouse Nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Magnolia

You cannot go wrong when shopping from the line put out by the couple behind the trend! This watercolour-style check wallpaper from Magnolia by Chip and Joanna Gaines is a perfect choice for the farmhouse nursery and comes in multiple colours. (Browse more black-and-white nursery ideas!)

Farmhouse Nursery Word Art

Photo: @alieshaporto

It might be everywhere these days, but when you find a piece that speaks to you, go for it! This charming framed art above the cot is expertly farmhouse, and the pom-trimmed blankie, pile of woven floor pillows, and black shiplap complete the look. (See more nursery art ideas!) 

Vintage Farmhouse Nursery

Photo: Lynzy and Co 

Distressed furniture and faded rugs are perfectly rustic-farmhouse and we are here for it. This combination nursery/guest room incorporates various elements in a farmhouse style while keeping the personality of the homeowners alive in the details like the needlepoint art and pressed flowers. Joanna Gaines would love this one!

Soft-Hued Farmhouse Nursery

Photo: The Charming Detroiter

Pale sage and dusty rose make a gorgeous jumping off point for designing your modern farmhouse nursery. Textured, mismatched pillows and throws, pillar vases, and the brass cot are perfectly placed details. 

Farmhouse Nursery Wood Toys & Built-Ins

Photo: Life by Leanna

A big piece of the heart behind farmhouse style decor is the integration and display of personal family items. On Fixer Upper, you will often see the team repurpose or hang up family heirlooms throughout the space to create a unique touch. In the baby’s room, shelving in the form of floating shelves or generous built-ins is key, as it allows tchotchke a display place. The wooden toys reach back to a foregone era and evoke a sense of calm and excellent style. 

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