Valentine's Day is all about love, which makes it the perfect time to announce your newest main-squeeze: the baby-to-be! Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcements use the swoon-worthy details of this lovey-dovey holiday to share the big news. Here are 10 Valentine's Day pregnancy announcements that pack a whole lotta love...while still being simple enough to execute IRL.

Letterboard Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement

Image: Etsy/DGImprovisation 

This is a cute Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement idea that blends the adorable letterboard trend with the sweetness of the holiday. Create your own poem or baby booties to add a personal flair.

Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement

Image: Pinterest

These heart-shaped candies are a quintessential part of Valentine’s Day so why not use them for your pregnancy announcement? Get creative with the candies to announce the date and even add other details for friends and family to celebrate.

Roses Are Red…Valentine’s Day Baby Announcement

Image: Pinterest/Sara Stevens

How adorable is this Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement? Share a sweet photo of you and your partner holding hands with the world’s oldest love poem helping to share the big news. Add some sweet touches like baby clothes or a rattle to make it even more personal.

Simple Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement

Image: Pinterest

If you prefer a simply elegant way to approach a Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement, this might be just the ticket. With some chalk, a pair of baby shoes, and the exciting news spelled out in a simple line, you can surprise your friends and family. 

Bun in the Oven Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement

Image: Pinterest

Got something sweet cooking? This baking-meets-baby pregnancy announcement is a real treat. Make it even more special by tying it to a family recipe. 

Box of Chocolates Valentine’s Day Baby Announcement

Image: Pinterest

Life is like a box of chocolates, or so so the saying goes. Share your big baby news in a big box of chocolates! Talk about a sweet surprise. 

Balloon Valentine’s Day Baby Announcement


Balloons are such a fun way to celebrate amazing news like a pregnancy announcement. Grab a bunch of shiny red balloons and your ultrasound images and start snapping pics.

Valentine Pregnancy Announcement Onesie

Image: EandMeCo/Etsy

There are so many adorable Valentine’s Day baby announcement onesies out there so why not use one to be the backdrop for your big news? With a few simple embellishments, you can create a lovely announcement that will surely send the hearts of friends and family fluttering.

Shoes in Hand Valentine’s Day Baby Announcement

Image: Pinterest 

There is something so sweet and poignant about baby shoes. This idea for a photoshoot just exudes love and excitement, perfect for a Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement.

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Love Poem

Image: Etsy/CustomPrintablesNY

The old 'roses are red, violets are blue' poem is, well, kind of old. So, if you are looking for something new, this adorably modern take on a classic poem might be just what cupid ordered. Plus, you can frame this Valentine’s Day baby announcement and hang it in the nursery later!

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