When naming your little darling, you want to choose something distinct. A name that reflects your tastes, maybe your family or ancestors, and of course one that imparts a meaning you love. D is a first initial that definitely deserves your consideration—and you can find delightful baby names that start with D all across the globe. If you are thinking of a D name for your baby girl or boy, look no further than our favourites names that start with D.

Baby Boy Names That Start With D

Dabney: This lovely French baby boy name is not often heard. It has a refined air, and its meaning, 'from Aubigny,' refers to a person hailing from a quaint historic French town in the hills near Sancerre. 

Dane: It is a nice, strong name for baby boys, also implying someone from a particular place. This is the English word for a person from Denmark, and it makes a smart first or middle name for a little boy. 

Danton: Another storied name about origins, this one is of French roots meaning either 'from Anton,' making it a place reference, or 'of Anthony,' the descendant of one named Anthony. Thus it is a lovely and unique baby name that starts with D if you are looking to name your little one after someone named Anthony, but also a handsome pick without the family ties. 

Dashiell: It is a dashing choice for sure! Dashiell has mixed roots meaning 'a young boy' from the Scottish, or 'from the sky/heavenly' in French. Either meaning that suits you makes this a sweet pick for a son. 

Deacon: We cannot resist the country-cool sound of this fun baby boy name of Greek origins meaning a 'servant' or 'messenger.' It has got great potential for a modern baby boy with a subtle nod to the complicated and lovable male protagonist in the hit TV show Nashville

Decker: Another shamelessly American boy name that packs a punch. Decker is from the Hebrew, originally Deker, or 'piercing.'

Dempsey: This unique D name for a boy is of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning 'proud.' We cannot get over how adorable it would be for a little boy. 

Denzel: After Washington, or just because it is a cool choice for a baby boy! Denzel is a Cornish name meaning 'from the high stronghold.'

Deshi: It is such a cute baby name starting with D, and its meaning is just as great. From the Chinese, meaning 'a man of virtue,' this is a cool one to consider. 

Donovan: A handsome choice with Italian roots, and most popular among American Italians, Donovan shortens easily to Don or Donny, and is an all-around classic. 

Drake: It has got a star-studded association thanks to the charismatic Canadian singer/songwriter. Drake is a name of English origin and it means 'dragon' or 'male duck.'

Dwayne: A short baby name starting with D that has bold and stormy appeal—it hails from Gaelic meaning 'swarthy, dark.'

Baby Girl Names That Start With D

Dawn: Clear and pretty as its meaning, this classic D name for girls refers to the start of the day... or more widely, the beginning of any new era or fresh start. 

Dacia: You might never have heard of this one, and that is the point! A truly rare baby girl name with Gaelic origins, it means 'from the South.'

Dalina: If you have considered the flower name Dahlia, we would also love to recommend this unique idea, a take on the Old German Adeline and the Old English Dale for a combo name that means 'noble' and sounds gorgeous. 

Delora: It feels like a more modern version of Delores but this gem is actually an ancient Latin name meaning 'from the seashore' or, more moodily, 'sorrows.'

Danika: A Slavic name meaning 'morning star,' it has the alternate spelling Danicah and lots of nickname possibilities including Dani, Nika, and Kiki. 

Daniela: Danielle was popular about 30 years ago and the French name still carries weight. But if you would like a slightly trendier take on a classic, we love the Spanish version with the added 'a' sound at the end, which means 'only God is my judge.'

Daphne: Thanks to the Netflix phenomenon that is Bridgerton, we are anticipating a big moment on the rise for this old fashioned name. Daphne is a Greek name meaning 'laurel tree' or 'bay tree.' 

Darla: The English name meaning 'darling' is a truly sweet choice for a baby girl. We love this surprising and charming D name for girls. 

Delilah: It has got an elegant, princessy feeling and the meaning 'delicate' from mixed Arabic and Hebrew origins, making this dreamy baby girl name a resounding yes! Didi, Lilah, and Del are all adorable nickname options. 

Dorothy: In a nod to classic Americana or just because it is pretty, the famous baby girl name from The Wizard of Oz fell out of favour for a while but it is back with a vengeance as vintage baby names become popular. Dorothy is the English take on the Greek Dorothea, or 'gift of God.'

Dulcette: Every list of the best baby names needs some serious style to round it out. This Latin name, a truncated version of Dulcibella, means 'sweet' and sounds it, too! 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With D

Dael: The Dutch variation of Dale, meaning 'valley,' you can do either spelling for a boy or the 'a' first for a little princess. 

Damaris: A Spanish name with Greek influence, meaning 'to tame;' we love this unusual and intriguing pick for a baby boy or girl, and depending on how you pronounce it, it can also rhyme with 'glamorous!'

Darren: This sweet gender-neutral Irish name means 'little great one' and it has a pleasing sound that will work well with any last names and middle selection. 

Derby: Horse-racing fans will adore this unique gender-neutral D name for babies; in the United States it is known widely for the race in Kentucky but its original meaning from the English is a 'park with deer.'

Dean: An easy, cute name for a baby boy or girl, Dean is another English baby name and it applies to a church official. If you are torn on giving this more masculine-sounding gender-neutral name to your daughter, you might consider a lengthened and feminized version, as in Deanne or Deanna.

Delaney: This name starting with D is just so cute! It is an Irish name meaning 'dark challenger' and it rolls right off the tongue. Your little boy or girl will likely be the only Delaney in their class at school, and that might mean it is the absolute perfect pick if you are on the hunt for something one-of-a-kind.

Devon: Tried and true, this gender-neutral D name has ebbed and flowed in popularity for generations. It dipped in the charts back in 2011 but is on the rise again. Devon means 'poet' with Irish roots.

Dion: It has definitely got musical vibes, as in Celine, but this charming gender-neutral baby name would stand out anyway. From the Greek meaning 'child of heaven and earth,' it is a beautiful baby name idea for your little boy or girl. 

More Dazzling Baby Name Inspiration:

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