Summer babies are so much fun... even if summer pregnancies are not! If you are expecting a sweet new addition in the months of June, July, or August, we have put together a gorgeous selection of the best summer baby names to consider for boys and girls. We have got the obvious month—and season—name picks on here as well as lots of cute names that mean 'sunshine' or similar in a host of different languages.  

And to round out the list there are some truly unique summer baby name ideas you may have never even heard of, to make sure we inspire parents naming a summer baby, from traditional to completely rare. So grab the nearest frozen treat and dive into our unabashedly cheerful list of the best names for summer babies.

Summer Baby Names for Boys

August: It is a month of summer, and also an impossibly chic and handsome summer name for a baby boy. Augie makes a darling nickname, too.

Cyrus: The Persian name meaning 'sun' is a warm and bright choice for a baby name that goes with summer.

Helio: This baby name also means 'the sun,' in Spanish, and it is fittingly perfect for your little SON-shine.

Julian: With whimsical meanings 'youthful' and 'sky father,' this one actually makes our list of names for summer babies for having the same root sound as the month of July.  

Kir: The Russian version of Cyrus, also meaning 'sun,' is a dignified choice for a summer baby name. It is still quite rare but rose a bit last year.

Leo: This is the star sign for babies born from the end of July through much of August. Leo is a fire sign and they are known to be theatrical, passionate, and the center of attention. Sounds right for the baby of the family! 

Luca: An absolutely adorable Italian baby name that will never go out of style! It is derived from the Latin word lux, or 'light.'

Nikko: This summer-themed baby name acts like a diminutive of Nicholas, and it is also a Japanese baby boy name in its own right, translating to 'sunshine.'

Ray: Like a ray of golden sun on a summer’s day, here he comes shining into your world. What a sweet—and subtle—way to name your little guy after the season when he was born.

Reef: A beachy nature name that is promising for a baby boy; this is a masculine answer to Cora or Coral, and we are absolutely loving it for a summer boy name.

Sampson: The Hebrew boys’ name meaning 'sun' is a charming idea for your summer-born boy. It can also be used as a proper name for Sonny, sounding summerish.

Solaris: This unique summer baby name is definitely more 'out there' but that is why we love it. It is from Latin, meaning 'of the sun.' Solomon and Sol are similar ideas if you want to go more mainstream.

Somerset: The gorgeous English name for boys meaning 'summer settlement' is pulling on our heartstrings for its romantic yet strong, masculine feeling. 

Sorley: A charming, sunny name from the Irish meaning 'a summer sailor,' we adore this rare baby name idea. 

Sulien: Any name that sounds like a twist on a better-known favourite is always cool; this one rhymes with Julien but has its own summery meaning—'sun born'—with Welsh roots. 

Theros: The gorgeous Greek baby boy name means 'summer' and could not be more perfect for a little guy born this time of year! 

Summer Baby Names for Girls 

Aelia: A warm and airy baby girl name with Roman origins meaning 'sun,' we love this one for a little girl born in summer. 

Chasca: The Incan name means 'goddess of the dawn' for a super-rare and just as special choice for your baby girl.  

Eleodora: It is so fancy sounding, and offers up tons of nicknames like Ella, Ellie, Elle, and Dora. Eleodora is a Spanish name meaning 'gift of the sun.' If you like Ellie and want something more popular, Elina is a similar idea meaning 'bright, shining light.'

June: Like August for a boy, naming your little princess after a summer month is a truly sweet idea. This summer baby name is back in the top after shooting up and down in popularity over the past hundred-plus years. 

Kalinda: The Hindi baby girl name meaning 'sun' is a lovely idea for a daughter born in summer; your little Kallie girl will adore her uniquely pretty name. (See more Indian baby names.)

Lavender: Consider all the plants and flowers of summer when naming your little one born in this season; the calming and lovely-smelling purple June bloom is a great place to start (or end!) your search. Marigold and Zinnia are other summer flower names we love.

Leonora: The Greek baby girl name meaning 'light' is a lovely, lyrical pick for a daughter born in the summertime. 

Muriel: It means 'warm shore,' 'sea,' and 'bright' depending on which roots you trace. While not the most contemporary sounding summer baby name on this list, it could be a timeless choice to consider, especially if you add an 'le' to the end for more of a French feel.  

Nanaka: The charming Japanese baby girl name has multiple meanings, including 'sun' and 'summer.'

Ondine: We love a warm, rich, French-sounding name 10 times out of 10! Interestingly, this one is actually of Latin origin and it means 'little wave' for adorable, beach-baby vibes. 

Pearl: The June birthstone makes a lovely summer baby name for a girl and a subtle nod to her birthday. You could also go with Ruby, which is July’s stone. 

Soleil: French for 'sun,' it is a shimmering summer baby girl name with a major warm-weather feeling. Solly and Leila or Leilie are adorable nickname options here. 

Souline: Similar to many of the sunny summer names on this list in origin, but absolutely unique sounding, this Spanish/Latin moniker meaning 'sunlight' is a contender for best rare summer girl name. 

Summer: Just in case you needed us to state the obvious, Summer is the quintessential summer baby girl name and we love it for its simplicity and warmth. 

Suvi: Our fun list is peppered with unique summer name ideas, and Suvi fits that bill. It is a French name meaning 'summer' and sounds equal parts exotic and familiar. 

Tesni: This is one of those baby names that sounds like it could be a modern invention to fit sound trends, but it is actually an old Welsh name with the beautiful summery meaning, 'warmth of the sun.'

Gender-Neutral Summer Baby Names 

Aster: The gorgeous gender-neutral summer baby name means 'star' from the Greek, but is relevant to our list because it is also the name of a colourful flower that blooms in late summer.

Daystar: If you are looking for a stand-out summer-themed baby name for your little guy or girl, this is a poetic word for the sun, whose word-for-word translation is 'light-bringer,' or 'a planet visible in the east before sunrise.'

Dylan: Beach baby names are big on our summer list, so this gender-neutral standby, meaning 'son of the sea' is a fitting addition. There have been plenty of cool Dylans in history and pop culture worthy of naming a little one after, from folk icon Bob Dylan to candybar maven Dylan Lauren and beyond. 

Golden: Your tiny sunshine will glow into this absolutely stunning baby name idea, a gender-neutral answer to Goldie (currently on the rise for girls), that feels as warm and beautiful as its meaning would imply.

Kai: A rad Hawaiian name meaning 'sea,' it is a gender-neutral choice for a beachy babe. This is one of those rare summer baby names that have many meanings in several different languages, which only amplifies its power. It has been steadily rising in popularity since 1980.

Mirri: The Australian Aboriginal name meaning 'the sun' is a cheerful and snuggly unisex baby name to consider for your summer babe. 

Ocean: A quintessential part of summer culture and an incredibly special baby name to consider; the endlessly deep and alluring wonder that is the ocean serves as a perfect moniker for a summer baby.  

Solstice: To be fair, this boy or girl name translating to 'when the sun stands still' would be an equally apt name for a winter baby as we have two solstices a year; the sunshine root in there makes it especially perfect for your summer babe.

Storm: It is a strong nature name for a baby boy or girl and we love the dark connotation for the other side of summer. Stormi is a precious nickname if using this one for a girl.  

Sunny: Cheerful, bright, and well, sunny! It is an absolutely apt name choice for a summer-born son or daughter. If you would like to use it as a nickname and need a longer version, ideas include Sunil and Sunday.

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