Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and babies are being born! Spring is a beautiful time of year for renewal and cleansing, and if you are expecting a new addition in springtime, you might want to consider one of our freshly picked spring baby names to match the season. Airy, sunny, rainy, or soft… our collection of the best spring baby names will have you swooning, and hopefully feeling inspired. 

Spring Baby Names for Boys

Aries: A spring-born zodiac sign, Aries has Greek mythology roots and means 'ram' from the Latin, but can just as easily represent his star sign to create a cool spring baby name for your little man.  

Avri: This spring name for baby boys has two sets of derivations—it is a variation of Avery from the English or Avraham from the Hebrew, with the meaning 'springlike, fresh, dewy' from its English roots. 

Bradwell: A handsome choice for a little boy born in springtime, this strong masculine name means 'from the broad spring.' And while the English place name is technically referring to a spring of water as opposed to the season, its watery roots justify its placement on our list of names for the rainiest season. 

Haruka: The Japanese name meaning 'spring flower' is a cute way to give your baby boy a floral spring name that does not read feminine.  

Jarek: It is a Slavic name translating to 'spring,' and though rarely heard, its spelling and pronunciation feel familiar enough that this unique spring baby name will roll right off the tongue.

Madhava: A Sanskrit name meaning 'of the springtime,' this is certainly a rarer choice but that might just make it the perfect one for your baby boy.

Neo: Short and sweet, the Latin baby name meaning 'new' is adorable for a little one born in the season of renewal.  

Niall: The more common Neil also comes to mind (and has a similar meaning), but we are loving this rising variation from the Irish that translates to 'cloud.'  (See more Irish baby names!)

Petrichor: Another somewhat 'out there' choice that works beautifully for a spring baby boy. Petrichor translates to 'the earthy scent of fresh rain on dry ground,' a wonderfully detailed meaning for your little love. If the full version is too much of a mouthful for daily use, you can always call him Pete or Chory!

Robin: Birds make us think of springtime, and this nature name for boys also means 'bright fame,' giving it extra springy vibes. It is technically a gender-neutral choice but on the rise for boys big time.

Ryo: A cute Japanese baby name with many meanings; when given to a boy, among them is 'refreshing.' We love that symbolism for a spring boy.

Storm: The rainy season evokes this powerful baby boy name if you are looking for a bold spring baby name. 

Walken: This name is extra cool-sounding and has an edge. Even better is its springy, and hopeful, meaning: 'rainbow.'

Wells: Another slight cheat, as the 'spring' this name’s meaning refers to is a spring of water, but between watering the flowers, Wellington boots, and all the other close associations you can draw, it made the cut for our spring-related baby name list. 

Xavier: The dignified 'X; name is gaining popularity, and it is perfect for a spring baby as its Arabic meaning is 'bright.'

Spring Names for Girls

April: It is a spring month, and a pretty spring girl name—you cannot go wrong! (Related: Here are some fascinating facts about April babies!) 

Aurora: This Latin name for girls means 'dawn,' making it a perfect spring girl name. 

Aviva: A spirited Hebrew name for girls that translates to 'springlike, fresh, dewy.'

Bahaar: This unique spring baby name for girls has Hindi origins and means 'springtime.'

Bloom: If you are looking for a special flower name for your spring-born baby girl, this creative pick is sure to please. Blossom is a similar choice that works beautifully.

Cerealia: It is a gorgeous name with Latin origins and the meaning, 'of the springtime.' Nickname possibilities are endless here, including Cici, Rea, Lia, or Lili. 

Chloe: This popular choice for girls means 'green shoot,' for a fresh and pretty spring girl name.

Diamond: She will probably be the only one she ever meets with this sparkler of a name, but April’s birthstone has shining potential for a spring-born girl. 

Esperanza: The Spanish word for 'hope' or 'expectation' is a fun one for a baby girl born in spring, as this time of year brings hope and renewal. 

Flora: Another unique spring baby girl name, the word flora translates to 'flower' from the Latin, and in English refers to plants and flowers as a broad entity. 

May: Like April, it is a romantic and vintage pick that is lovely, even if a bit obvious. (Related: See fascinating facts about May babies!)

Primavera: It means 'spring' in Italian and Spanish, so if you have these cultural ties or just love it, it is worth considering this long and lyrical spring baby name.

Spring: We had to! It definitely could not hurt to take the guesswork out and name Baby Girl after the season itself. 

Varsha: The Hindi girls’ name meaning 'rain' is a cleansing seasonal choice for a baby born in spring. 

Gender-Neutral Spring Baby Names

Lark: It is a lighthearted bird and an upbeat, extra-sweet nature name for boys and girls, especially relevant in springtime.

Maxwell: We love Maxwell, and its adorable nickname options Max, or Maxy for a girl! You might not know this beloved gender-neutral Scottish name means 'great stream,' making it an apt choice for a spring-born little one. 

Nova: Meaning 'new' from the Latin, this powerhouse gender-neutral baby name has starry connotations and a spring-like feel. 

Raine: Consider naming your little one after the rainy spring season they were born into; it is fresh, easy, and adorable for a boy or girl.

Tal: One-syllable names can be particularly profound and this one is no exception; from the Hebrew meaning 'rain, dew,' it is a lovely choice for a springtime baby.  

Zia: The name of mixed Arabic and Latin roots meaning 'light or splendor' is seasonally appropriate and oh-so-sweet for your little boy or girl. 

Beyond Spring Baby Names…

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