The glorious letter G, bursting with different sounds from soft and J-like to hard or combined with r’s or w’s for emphasis… G can be bold or quiet, simple or more dramatic; there are G names for babies from all around the world and with lots of unique and familiar meanings.  

Whether you are looking for a name that is glamorous or girl-next-door, gigantly powerful or gingerly poetic, our favourite baby names with a G can be found here. There are so many gorgeous G names for babies, our list could only possibly scratch the surface but we hope you find some inspiration here!

G Names for Baby Boys

Gabriel: It is a classic biblical name starting with a G and a favourite around the world (which, by the way, can also be given to a girl or feminised further with an 'le' at the end…). Gabriel means 'God is my strength' in Hebrew.

Gage: A super-cool word name that is gaining footing in the naming trends; it is a French baby boy name with a G that means 'oath' or 'pledge.' 

Gallant: As an adjective, it is a beautiful way to describe a person—heroic, honourable, and brave. This one gives off chivalrous gentleman vibes and is thus a fitting baby G name idea for your little prince.  

Garrett: Country-cute and worldly at the same time, it is actually an Irish boys’ name derived from Gerard (another nice G boy name!), and it means 'spear-strength.'

Gatlin: Texans will note the proximity to the famous beach city; it is also a cute English baby name for boys starting with G meaning 'wandering man.' 

Gatsby: Fans of the novel The Great Gatsby might lean toward this charming literary baby name starting with a G that derives from the German. 

Gideon: This G name for boys is just so cute, reminding us of a little science enthusiast or scholar. It makes a super-sweet baby name for your little guy and means 'a hewer,' or someone who cuts wood and stone, in Hebrew.  

Grady:  The Irish G name for boys meaning 'noble, illustrious' is equal parts familiar and unique. It has been all over the naming charts in the past 100+ years.

Grant: It means 'large' with mixed French and Scottish roots. We also love the concept of 'granting' someone a gift, in this case the gift of love and family. 

Grayson: Actually one of the most popular G names on our list, we love this charming baby name that shortens easily to Gray and means 'the son of the bailiff' from the English.  

Griffin: A Latin G name for boys translating to 'strong lord,' this one is powerful in meaning and charming in sound.  

Gunther: Another strong G name for baby boys, Gunther is of German origins and translates to 'battle warrior.'

Guy: What can we say? It is utterly adorable for your little...guy! This boy name starting with G actually has roots in French, English, Italian (Guido), and Hebrew (Gai meaning 'ravine'), so it is a nice choice if you are looking for a name that honours any of those cultures. Or just because it is cute!

Baby Girl Names That Start With G 

Gaia: This pretty G Greek name for girls means 'earth mother' after the earth goddess in Greek mythology, and it has such a soft and sweet sound. 

Galilea: It stems from Hebrew/Israeli and Italian roots for a multinational name to love. The meaning is 'Galilee' (a G name for girls in its own right) which is a mountainous region by the Sea of Galilee in Israel.   

Gardenia: The pretty white flower is reason enough to impart this baby girl name that starts with a G on your little one, but it also means 'Garden’s flower' to imply homage to whatever flower is your favourite. 

Gelsey: It rhymes with the better known Kelsey and Chelsea, but this unique girls’ name that starts with a G means 'flower' in Persian and will have her standing out from the crowd.  

Gemma: Most popular in the UK, this G name for girls is growing more favoured in recent years. Gemma is actually an Italian name, meaning as you might have guessed, 'precious stone.'

Genevieve: We love this vintage baby name idea that starts with a G which shortens sweetly to Genna, Genny, Evie, or Vivi and rolls right off the tongue in its original form. Genevieve means 'tribe woman' with mixed English and French roots.  

Georgina: Just as charming as George for a boy, but the girly version sounds extra special! Both names mean 'farmer' from the English. 

Gianna: It is a pretty Italian baby girl name with a G that is a diminutive of the long version Giovanna— both mean 'the Lord is gracious.'

Ginger: Cute little Ginger, the sweetest redhead in town... or maybe the name just rings true for your spicy family regardless of the recessive gene. (See more food-inspired baby names!)

Gisele: Made famous by the Brasilian supermodel, the stunning German name meaning 'pledge' is a powerful moniker to impart on a baby girl. Gigi and Ella are cute nickname options here. 

Glinda: If you love fairy tales and literary names, then consider this quirky-magical G name for girls from The Wizard of Oz. 

Grace: One of the most used word names of all time and with good reason! Grace represents some of the best parts of human nature and for that it will always be a precious name option for baby girls. If you would like a more exotic version, consider the Italian, Grazia. 

Gwendolyn: Another one of those G names for girls that makes us say, Aw! She is vintage, pretty, and trendy at once, with Welsh roots meaning 'white ring.'

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With G

Gair: Meaning 'small one' in Irish/Gaelic, this traditionally masculine name, which is used more freely between genders in recent years, is a great choice for your new addition. 

Gable: We have got lots of cute G word names on our list, and this might be one of our favourites. It is an architectural triangle, a nod to a series of books, and an unusual yet quite charming gender-neutral baby name to boot.  

Galaxy: For the parents seeking a baby name that is out of this world—literally!—this cool English word name starting with a G contains the sun, moon, stars, and so much more for your little love. 

Garland: Such a cool rare baby name, for the actress Judy or simply in reference to a wreath of leaves or flowers. They will likely be the only little Garland at kindergarten, but that is even more of a reason to consider it.  

Gedla: It is a place name starting with a G that plays a role in Christianity and has a unique flair. If you like gender-neutral biblical names and want something rare, Gedla is definitely a contender. 

Genesis: The Latin name meaning 'birth' is a perfect G name for a boy or girl. It is also the name of the first book in the Christian Bible, making it a nice choice for those considering a religious name in that tradition. 

Gentry: Long considered boys-only, this charming English baby name meaning 'gentle,' or 'of high breeding/social position' is a refined pick that is used for modern girls as well.

Guadalupe: The Spanish baby girl or boy name meaning 'wolf valley' is equally cute for a baby of either gender and a nice way to honour a Spanish-speaking family member whose name starts with G. 

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