It is the spookiest time of year, but that does not mean there is not room for a little bit of delight amid all the frights! If you have got a little pumpkin on the way and are gearing up to treat family and friends to the big news this Halloween, check out our list of the best Halloween pregnancy announcement ideas. These Halloween pregnancy announcements range from scary to downright sweet!

Nesting Pumpkins Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: TODAY via Betty Nasr Najem

Bring a little something special to your carving adventures this year. A baby pumpkin inside the 'mummy pumpkin' is a charming, seasonal way to announce your pregnancy this Halloween.

X-Ray Baby Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Costumes

Photo: @_kittiekaboom_

Skeletons and the spooky holiday go hand-in-hand, so have a little fun with your Halloween pregnancy announcement using a setup like these cute parents-to-be did.

Hocus Pocus Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/BabyBlabber

Winnie, I smell children! Calling all ‘90s kids: This Hocus Pocus Halloween baby announcement will cast a spell on anyone who grew up watching the Sanderson Sisters on repeat.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Photo & To Purchase: Love LuluBell

Simple, sleek, and oh-so subtle, you could post pictures on social media...or do a lap around around the Halloween party to see who notices your exciting Halloween pregnancy announcement first!

Bun in the Oven Halloween Costume Pregnancy Announcement

Photo & To Purchase: Amazon 

Dress up to let your friends and family know what is cooking! How adorable is this 'bun in the oven' baby announcement costume for Halloween? Heads will turn and tears of joy will flow… 

Little Pumpkin Pic Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: @lemongirls4

Your new little pumpkin’s ultrasound picture propped up at a themed photo shoot is a simple and timeless way to announce the baby-to-be.

Deady & Mummy Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Photo: @blondarazzidesigns

A play on words for the parents-to-be! These tees are hilarious and even though they only work for Halloween, we say the photo opp is worth it! 

Baby Brewing Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: @whitney_kellen_photography

There is a baby brewing, and whether you have a little witch to stir the cauldron or this is your first, a steaming pot and themed signage is a magical way to announce your baby news this time of year!

Walking Dead Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: @miss_cali_o87

This time next year, you might just feel as dead as you look in this picture. Kidding... sort of. Happy Halloween to all the parents-to-be! 

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