Charming names somehow manage to feel traditional and totally contemporary at the same time—which could explain their rise in popularity in all regions. So what makes a baby name charming? A big trend among parents is to impart a place name or family name on their little one. Naming your child after a famed singer or other celebrity is another option. Or you could simply look for a charming baby name that calls to mind the comfort and peace of a sunny afternoon.  

Whether you are looking for a boy name or girl name, here are some ideas to jumpstart your search. And P.S.: If you want to make your baby’s name super charming, consider Elizabeth or Jo for a little lady’s middle name; and Layne or Brooks for the middle spot with Baby Boy.  

Now, sit back with a sweet tea in hand and take note of some of our favourite charming baby names!

Charming Girl Names 

Caroline: One of the classics, Caroline is actually the female version of Charles (another popular name in England!).

Collins: A surname with European origins traditionally used for boys, Collins has picked up steam among baby girls in recent years.   

Daisy: This name is ideal for a baby girl born in spring or summer time. With a warmer climate comes more flowers...which maybe explains why nature names are popular during warm months. The daisy is a flower and it is a pretty girls’ name that will be just perfect for your belle. 

Ellie: This name means 'bright, shining one' and is a stand-out pick for baby girls. It also satisfies your nickname needs for Elizabeth, Eleanor, or Ellen (three other popular baby girl names!).

Georgia: When it comes to place-themed girl names, the state or country of Georgia is on our mind. (See what we did there?) Interestingly, Georgia has an actual meaning too—'farmer.' Georgeanne and Georgette are adorable alternatives for your little peach. 

Grace: An English name of virtue, this mellow moniker has religious connotations and also evokes loveliness and charm.  

Magnolia: The magnolia is a beloved flower that grows on tall, strong trees and smells like lemony heaven. White magnolias are a common flower in bridal bouquets and symbolise purity and nobility.  

Palmer: This baby name, which means 'holder of the palm,' is technically unisex, but it has been growing in popularity with baby girls. Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks gave the name to her daughter in 2017, upping the profile of this understated name.   

Scarlett: A colour name deriving from English for red, Scarlett’s popularity dates back to the classic novel Gone With the Wind. These days, the name is solidly in the top 100 baby names, landing at No. 20 (perhaps due to Scarlett Johansson’s rising star?). 

Sutton: A stunning baby name meaning 'from the southern homestead,' this is another unisex baby name that has been growing in popularity for little girls. Triple-threat and TV star Sutton Foster is likely to have lots of little name twins within the next few years. 

Charming Boy Names

Alden: This baby boy may need a few years to grow into his name’s meaning—'old, wise friend'—but it is still a beautiful sentiment. Bonus: If you are a Jason Aldean fan, you can impart it as a quiet nod to the star. And Alden Ehrenreich, the heartthrob actor now playing Han Solo, makes it even cooler for the next generation. 

Bennett: Meaning 'blessed,' this boy’s name is about as charming as they come! The Medieval form of Benedict, Bennett would eventually develop as a surname in England and dates back to the early 13th century. (And is Benny not the cutest nickname ever?) 

Harrison: Like many charming things, this name is a total classic. In addition to gracing the likes of Harrison Ford, George Harrison, and other nostalgic and newer celebrities, it is also just a solid boys name; and a derivative of the English, Harry.  

Hunter: Meaning (no surprise) 'one who hunts,' this boy’s name has been hovering around the 50th most popular boys’ name in recent years. 

Luke: This boy’s name has biblical and Greek roots, but has evolved into a pick for baby boys (and beloved country stars, like Luke Bryan!).

Mason: A name with English origins meaning 'stone worker,' this one evokes hard work and good ethics. It is also just so darn cute; which is perhaps why celebs have turned to it, including Kourtney Kardashian, who used it for her first son back in 2009.

Rhett: Rhett means 'advice,' which is short, sweet, and frank just like the sound of the name itself. It is another Gone With the Wind inspired choice, made popular as a first name after the release of that book. Rhett was originally a surname rooted from the Netherlands dating back to the late 1600s.  

Sterling: Your baby boy will absolutely shine with a name that means 'of the highest quality.' The obvious association is silver, and Sterling has been a solid name pick for babies for years. A similar choice is Steel and these two would pair perfectly for a set of twin boys. 

Walker: It has English origins and is a common surname, but Walker also makes a sturdy first name for baby boys. 

Wyatt: Translating to 'brave in war' and sitting high on the baby name list at No. 26, Wyatt is a surname from the Middle Ages that started growing in popularity as a first name after Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell imparted it on their son in the ‘80s. 

Gender-Neutral Charming Baby Names

Harley: It is a unisex name derived of two parts from Old English: 'hara' or hare, and 'leah' or clearing/meadow. Harley is a modern take on a nature-inspired name with a soft side...that also could be interpreted with a bit of a harder-edge if you are a motorcycle enthusiast. 

Julep: Sweet, sassy, and oh-so-darling. Consider this precious moniker which means 'rose water' for your baby boy or girl and bear in mind it also doubles as a delectable summer cocktail. What could be better? 

Parker: The English occupational name 'park keeper' is a name that has swagger. While three times likelier to be given to a baby boy, Parker is a pretty pick for baby girls as well.  

Presley: Perhaps it is most relevant due to the late, great Elvis Presley, but this darling boy or girl baby name is hip in its own right. And it is super charming to boot, with the direct meaning, 'priest’s meadow,' a pretty straightforward derivation of the 'God’s country' concept. 

Final Thoughts on Charming Baby Names

Did you find the baby name you were looking for? If these charming baby names did not quite charm you, here is some more baby name inspiration:

And while choosing a baby name is a BIG part of baby prep, so is planning a baby shower and putting together your baby registry (while you are at it, do not forget to register for the ultimate baby gift: SNOO Smart Sleeper!)

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