Swedish baby names have a feel that is both aristocratic and special. With similar naming trends as seen in surrounding European countries, and some crossover with the naming preferences of Norwegian parents, there are plenty of fun avenues to explore within the country known for infectious pop tunes and a day of round-the-clock sun.  

We did not include too many from Sweden’s Top 20 for the current year because many are heard the world over (like Lily, Dylan, and Lukas). Instead we dug deep for some creative and unique Swedish baby names while peppering the list with a few favourites from modern Swedes. 

Swedish Baby Names for Boys

Adolphus: This handsome name means 'noble wolf.' It is definitely a rare Swedish baby name which could make it the perfect pick for your baby.  

Elias: The Swedish take on Elijah ('Yahweh is my God' from the Hebrew) is technically a gender-neutral baby name, but Swedes tend to give this cool-sounding name to boys.  

Evert: We love the shorter, Swedish version of Everett, which means 'brave boar.' 

Humfrid: There is just something comforting about this cute choice for a baby boy, meaning 'peaceful warrior.' It is the Swedish variation of Humphrey (as in Bogart!) from the German.

Justinus: Another more rare Swedish baby name twist on a well-known name—Justinis is on the rise as a unique alternative to Justin, and means 'fair, righteous.' 

Kalle: If you can get past the leafy green-adjacent spelling here, it is a cool-sounding Swedish variant of Karl meaning 'free man.'

Klemens: Another solid 'K' name for your little guy, it means 'mild, merciful' and is softened by its final s sound.

Leon: The popular Swedish name (in the 10th spot currently) means 'lion' and sounds noble yet sweet. 

Natanael: Sweden’s 'Nathaniel' meaning 'given; gift of God' has a unique spelling and sound but is still recognisable. 

Nils: A fun baby boy name growing more popular among Swedish parents, it means 'victory of the people.'

Olin: We love this quirky Swedish baby boy name meaning 'to inherit,' as much on its own and for its cute nickname possibility, Oli.  

Stefan: This is a nice choice for your little prince as it means, 'man wears crown.' 

Svens: Like Klemens and Nils, we like the 's' closing out this cute Swedish baby name for boys. Your miniature Disney-lovers will probably point out its proximity to Sven from Frozen, but that is not a bad thing! Svens means 'youth.' 

Vanentin: If you want to reach for names that are popular in Sweden right now, Vincent would be a more relevant choice for 'V' names. But we could not help but include this unique moniker with vague valentine vibes translating to 'strength, health.'

Swedish Baby Names for Girls

Agata: Meaning 'virtuous' or 'good,' it is widely used around Europe and has been popular with Swedish parents for decades. 

Brigitta: Sweden’s 'Bridget' is exotic-sounding and extra pretty. The Swedish name means 'strength' or 'exalted one.' 

Carolinda: This whimsical Swedish take on Caroline means 'free man.' It also shortens easily to numerous nicknames including Carrie, Callie, Linda, Lin, or Lindy.  

Ebba: The name is in Sweden’s current top 10; it is a cheeky choice for a little girl meaning both 'fortress of riches' and 'strength of a boar' with Anglo-Germanic roots.  

Elia: Another top pick for Swedes, this cute Swedish girl name that is actually of Italian origins ('Jehovah is God'), resembles popular baby girl names like Ellie and Ella. 

Freja: It is a popular choice in Sweden and gaining traction elsewhere as well; this pretty pick with various spelling options (Freya, Freia...), means 'lady, noblewoman.'

Gustava: A bold pick for a baby girl, it is a rarely heard Swedish name meaning 'staff of the gods.'

Jolande: The Swedish take on Yolanda means 'purple' or 'violet flower' for a soft and pretty name choice for your little girl. 

Lovisa: It is a battle-ready Swedish baby name meaning 'renowned warrior' that is definitely less used than Louisa or Eloise and has a similar sound.  

Linea: This pretty Swedish name for girls gets high marks in Sweden, currently landing in their top 10. It means 'lime tree' or 'lime blossom' with Norse origins.  

Noemi: Sweden’s most popular girl name means 'my delight' and is actually of Italian/Spanish origins. This is a better choice if you are looking for something that is trendy with Swedes rather than an authentically Swedish name.

Pixie: We could not love this unique Swedish name more. It certainly stands out, but that is what gives it such charm. This is the Swedish word for 'fairy,' but you probably guessed that!

Sassa: It is so cute, it almost sounds like a pet name for a little girl rather than a freestanding name choice, but its gentle quality is exactly what we love about it. Sassa is the Swedish version of Sarah meaning 'princess' in Hebrew. 

Sybilla: The Swedish version of Sybil is extra-girly with that final 'a,' and it has a multifaceted meaning to love: 'seer, oracle, prophetess.'

Vilhemina: We have all the heart eyes for this flowy baby girl name from the Swedish, meaning 'determined protector.'

Gender-Neutral Baby Swedish Names

Arya: This Swedish name is growing in popularity for girls, thanks in large part to a female character by the name on Game of Thrones. But did you know that Arya is actually a widely used gender-neutral Swedish baby name? Alternate spellings include Aria and Aarya, and the meaning is 'noble.' 

Britt: A cute gender-neutral Swedish name meaning 'high goddess' that also feels a little bit posh due to its association with the term 'Brit.' 

Jona: It is one of Sweden’s most popular gender-neutral name choices, meaning 'dove' in its original form, Jonah, from Hebrew. 

Juni: The spirited Swedish name meaning 'June' is a popular pick there for both boys and girls.

Lauris: A refined and unique gender-neutral Swedish name with a meaning stemming both from an ancient Italian city and the Latin, 'laurel.' 

Malin: This lovely Swedish name can be used for a boy or girl; it originates as a form of the girl name Magdalene meaning 'high tower,' but in modern usage is popular for boys and girls.

Beyond Swedish Baby Names…

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