If we are being honest, this era of social distancing is less than ideal for everyone. New and expecting parents and are certainly feeling the strain, as many of the milestones of parenthood they had looked forward to are being cancelled or altered. Enhance the experience of a virtual baby shower for a special parent-to-be by creating a unique online party that feels as close to the 'real thing' as possible. 

One great way to make a socially distanced baby shower feel just as fun and normal as a typical one is with creative baby shower games. With a few alterations, some of your favourite shower games can be enjoyed on a Zoom or Google hangout party. And we have some fun and unique new ideas to add to your list too, for a virtual baby shower that will provide lots of laughs for the expectant parents. 

Virtual Baby BINGO

This traditional baby shower game can be easily adapted for a virtual crowd. Send a printable ahead of time (you can link right to the free download with the invitation). As the parent-of-the-hour opens gifts over the screen, tick off the registry items on your board to achieve 'BINGO.'

If you are not planning on a virtual gift opening, you can try Baby BINGO another way with commonly used baby shower words. Every time someone says them (like delivery, big sister, nappy, dad, etc), acute listeners can block off those words on their sheet toward 'BINGO.'

The 'New Parents' Virtual Baby Shower Game

A modern adaptation of The Newlyweds Game, this one is a bit more performative as it includes the parents-to-be answering questions about each other to guess their partner’s preference, confirm pregnancy cravings, etc. However, you can get guests involved by having them submit the questions either during the beginning of the virtual baby shower with Mum answering live, or ahead of time in email form. 

How Well Do You Know My Mummy? Virtual Baby Shower Game

Guests will guess at some of the parenting and random facts about Mum, from where she grew up to her favourite colour and some of her more basic parenting plans (Wipes warmer or dummy clip? Baby-wearing or stroller?, etc). Then she answers the truth and they tick off their correct responses; the person with the most correct answers wins. 

Alpha-Baby Names Virtual Baby Shower Game

This game is easier on paper or in the comments section of a Facebook post, so it will be hilarious live when you are all in different rooms and competing to talk over each other. Going in pre-assigned order, the first guest starts things off with a baby name that starts with the letter A, the next guest has 30 seconds to follow with a B name, and so on. If one participant does not get a name within the allotted time, she is out and the next guest has to take her letter (which adds a wrench in trying to plan your name choice too carefully!). If you make it all the way through the alphabet, round two goes down to 20 seconds per turn. Last one standing wins! You can make it even harder by sticking to girl names, boy names, or only gender-neutral names for an added twist, too. 

The Price is Right, Virtual Baby Shower Edition

It is a great virtual baby shower game that always gets lots of laughs, and of course some confusion from the older generation or people who are not parents yet and just cannot fathom how expensive baby items are these days! Like BINGO, you can procure printables ahead and just play it live over the online party as you would in person. 

Baby Animal Guessing Virtual Baby Shower Game Idea

This classic baby shower game needs some more aggressive adapting to be virtual-friendly, because you do not want everyone just scribbling on their paper quietly and creating dead air over the screen. Instead, alter this classic baby shower game where baby animals that go by obscure names are paired with their adult counterpart. You can do it call-and-answer style, where the host says the adult animal name and the other guests either raise hands and respond when they have it, or like the alphabet game they go in order and are 'out' if they cannot answer on their turn.  

Never Have I Ever—Parent Edition

Ah, the good old days of drinking games… remember those? You will all be in stitches with a cleaned-up version of this nostalgic game. Instead of the more PG-13 topics, it will focus on all the crazy, gross, and funny things you have done as parents.  

You can sip brunch mimosas (or a nonalcoholic alternative) out of baby bottles when you have done the thing being discussed, or set it up ahead so guests are prepared with a jar of baby food they have to take a bite of every time they have done it. Good ones: 'Never have I ever asked the question ‘Is this poop or chocolate?’;' 'Never have I ever slipped on my kid’s pee on the bathroom floor;' 'Never have I ever caught vomit with my bare hand.' And so on…  

Parental Overshare Virtual Baby Shower Game 

A cute offshoot to the last virtual baby shower game, or simply in its place if you would like less structure, you can all gather around the proverbial campsite and swap stories of motherhood--the good, the bad, and the most embarrassing. A fun way to start this one off is with topic sticks that the hostess pulls out. Who has a funny parenting story involving a car? Whose child has said something mortifying about them in public? Etc. 

Celebrity Parent Charades 

A good baby shower game in real life is to match famous mothers with their creative baby names. But like some of the other more traditional games that require a lull in conversation while guests are writing down their responses, this one doesn’t translate that well over the computer or phone!  

So, make this idea work by adding a performative element. Use a random generator or send each guest a list ahead or at the start of the party with her celebrity to impersonate and then it runs like a typical game of charades. The person acting can say 'My child’s name is…' but cannot use the name of the celebrity themselves. If you do not get a chance to assign them ahead, you can always send a private message to each person at the start of their turn with which celeb they will be acting out. This method also prevents them from planning ahead too much, which will make for a funnier and more authentic, old-school charades experience. 

Baby Prediction Submission

Towards the close of the virtual baby shower, guests can either read aloud pre-prepared—or state in the moment—predictions for the baby’s sex (if unknown), name, arrival date, length, and weight. Add more dimension with length (hours) of labour, baby’s hair colour, etc. The hostess writes down these predictions, or guests can submit via email. Once Baby has arrived, the person who was closest with the most right answers gets a prize mailed to them. 

Do Not Say 'Baby' Virtual Baby Shower Game

This virtual baby game is super easy to start, but not as easy to win! State the rule at the start of the virtual shower that you cannot say the word 'baby' during the gathering. As anyone does say it, the guest who first calls them out gets a point. The guest with the most points at the end wins an amazing baby shower game prize of your choosing.

'Kahoot' Virtual Baby Shower Game

Guests will need to download the app ahead or at the start of the shower, but this virtual baby shower trivia game is a super-cute and of-the-moment way to have some fun online during your gal pal’s baby shower. 

Guess that Baby Tune 

If you have ever played the 'do do do' game where partygoers have to 'sing' a popular song with only the word 'do' and have the rest guess the title, you know how much fun this one can be. Stick to a list of songs that contain the word 'baby' for the shower and let the laughter ensue. 

What Is in Your Playroom? Virtual Baby Shower Game

It is like 'what is in your purse,' an interactive baby shower game where the guests get points for digging various items out of their bags… keys are a point, lipstick is 2 points, a dummy is 5 points, etc. But instead of purses, do playrooms, junk drawers, or something else they can get to and demonstrate to compete for points during the virtual baby shower. The highest score wins!

Which Parent? Virtual Baby Shower Game

You will need some assistance from the parents-to-be ahead of time to answer a series of questions about them for this fun who-is-who game that can be easily adapted for a virtual shower. The host asks guests in succession, 'Who was the bigger baby at birth?,' 'Who will be the overprotective parent?,' 'Who wants the most kids?' etc. Guests can answer by raising their hands to vote for Mum and Dad each question. Whichever parent better 'duped' the crowd is the winner. 

No matter how you virtually celebrate the parent-to-be, one way to make your guest-of-honor feel extra-special is to go in on the ultimate baby gift: SNOO Smart Sleeper. Not only does SNOO give babies a place to sleep, it also automatically responds to fussing with increasing womb-like sound and motion, calming most crying in under a minute...and aiding sleep for babies and their tired parents!

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