If you are in the process of selecting the perfect baby name for your little one, there are so many factors to consider. The first letter is a big piece of the puzzle; in some cultures, naming a baby after a beloved relative is as simple as choosing a name with the same first letter. Also, there are initials and monograms to think of, and perhaps a naming trend where you would like to keep all of your children with the same first initial. 

No matter what your reasoning in searching for the best baby names that start with H, we have scoured the baby naming sources, lists, and top baby names from around the world for the cutest H names for baby boys and girls. We hope you happily find the right H name right here!

H Names for Baby Boys

Hackett: It has got Beckett vibes, but its own fun sound. This is a German occupational name meaning 'little hewer' (a hewer is a person who cuts wood or stone). 

Hampton: We love this bougie baby name that is a nod to the Hamptons in Eastern Long Island, a beach-laden string of towns featuring large homes and beautiful scenery. The name on its own is from the English, meaning 'home settlement.'

Hamsa: This one is rarely heard, but is a gorgeous Hindu name for boys meaning 'swan.' The hamsa is also a protective hand in Jewish symbolism. 

Harrison: You just cannot beat the classics. A tiny Harry is just about as cute as it gets, and the long form, meaning simply 'son of Harry,' is perfect. 

Harvey: Fans of the USA show Suits might consider this name for the wit and power that character exhibits, but you do not have to know Harvey Specter to fall for this charming baby boy name meaning 'battle worthy' in French. (Oh, and we are pretty partial to this H name for our own reasons.)

Hayes: This H Name got Americana written all over it, and we love the country-boy feeling of this one-syllable baby boy name. Hayes is an English surname and it means 'hedged area.'

Heath: Another English baby boy name, this one meaning 'the heathland dweller.' It is a handsome choice for your little guy. 

Hector: The Greek name meaning 'holding fast' is very popular around the world especially in Latinx families. 

Henry: As vintage names experience a surge in popularity, we are head over heels for this classic, which comes from the German meaning 'estate ruler.'

Heston: Using this hefty surname for a baby boy would be a romantic way to pay homage to Old Hollywood (ie. the actor Charlton). 

Hiroki: This adorable Japanese baby boy name means 'vigorous,' 'ample hope,' or 'great tree,' and cutely it shortens to Hiro for a nickname which sounds just as valiant in English as it does in Japanese. 

Holden: The English name meaning 'hollow valley' has risen and fallen ever since the release of J. D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye. Whether you choose it as a literary name or just because you like it, this one is still somewhat unique. 

Holt: At first glance, this one-syllable baby boy name feels powerful for its proximity to the word bolt, but its lovely meaning— 'son of the unspoiled forests'—renders it a unique nature name with potential. 

Hudson: Up there with Henry for popularity, we could not resist including this one that is both a modern place name for New York (as in the Hudson River) and a very old name in use since the Medieval era—'son of Hudde' or Hugh.

Hugh: Speaking of Hugh, here he is! This charming baby boy name meaning 'mind' or 'intellect' with German and English roots is a great choice for a little one.

Huntley: More unique but with potential to climb the charts, Huntly is a rarer answer to Hunter and an English baby boy name meaning 'meadow of the hunter.'

Baby Girl Names That Start With H

Hadassah: This elegant Hebrew girl name means 'myrtle tree' for a unique H name with natural origins and a rare sound. Haddie, Assah, and even Sadie would be pretty nicknames. 

Hadiya: We love this unique Arabic baby girl name meaning 'guide to righteousness,' making it extra-special for your little girl. 

Hadriana: If you love Adriana, consider this adjacent choice which is actually an ancient Arabic name meaning 'gift from Allah,' or 'blessing of God.'

Hallie: Hayley is also a good one, but we love the slightly more unique sound of this pretty pick for girls, with the lovely meaning 'dweller at the meadow by the manor.'

Halo: If the Beyonce sound starts playing in your head when you see this name, you are not alone. But above that pop culture reference, it is a gorgeous biblical baby name for your little girl representing the ring of light atop an angel’s head. 

Hannah: Cumulatively, it is among the most popular girl names given throughout history in its many forms. This spelling—which is the same backwards and forwards—is a favourite, and it means 'grace' with Hebrew origins. 

Harriet: If you like vintage names, definitely put this cheeky choice on your list. It is an anglicized version of the French name Henriette, which shares Henry’s meaning of 'estate ruler.'

Hartleigh: Definitely less heard, but a fun and contemporary sounding girl name to consider; Hartleigh means 'stag meadow' for an unusual and quite pretty nature name. 

Hazel: Colour names are always in style, and this one will fit perfectly whether she ends up with hazel eyes or not. It is also related to the hazelnut tree, for another nature-minded baby name idea with H. 

Heather: This purple flower name for girls was at the height of fashion in the late 1970’s and early ‘80’s, so now seems like a good time to encourage it into a comeback. 

Henrietta: Like Harriet, but ever so slightly more fanciful, this is another Henry offshoot for girls that we love. 

Hera: The Greek baby girl name meaning 'protectress' is a beautiful choice for a little one. 

Hilaria: A more exotic version of Hilary, the Latin name means 'cheerful.'

Holly: This nature name is perfect for a Christmas baby but just as special for a child born at other times of the year; it is a classic yet not overused. (See more winter baby names)

Hope: The eternal word name (up there with Grace) that is perfect for parents seeking something with spiritual or religious meaning, or just because it is beautiful. 

Hyacinth: Another sweet flower name to round out our H names for girls; the hyacinth is also known as 'blue larkspur' and it is a bold and gorgeous bloom.

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With H

Hadley: Probably among the most popular gender-neutral H names for babies, it is actually related to another name on our list as it means 'heather field.'

Halston: If you are a fashion-forward family, this unforgettable baby name idea could be it. After the late, great designer or simply because it sounds stately, add Halston to the list. 

Harbor: As an alternative to the uber-popular Harper, we love this watery baby name that works beautifully for a boy or girl. 

Harland: The German name meaning 'rocky land' is a step away from Holland (a cool gender-neutral place name with H), and offers up nickname possibilities like Harley for a boy or girl, and Lala for a girl. 

Hazen: Meaning 'hedged area' with English roots, this cute gender-neutral baby name has a nebulous, romantic feeling thanks to its adjacency to the word haze.

Hilton: Another cool surname to make our list of the best baby names with H, this one means 'settlement on the hill.'

Honor: Once Jessica Alba gave it to her first daughter, the then-rare baby name took off. We love a good word name, and this one is no exception. 

Hunter: Among the most popular H names for baby boys, it is also picking up speed with little girls in this tide of gender-neutral naming. 

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