Although the letter 'T' is one of the most common in many languages, the best T names are anything but. Our list of baby names that start with T has the old standbys that you remember from the 1980s and 90s—Timothy, Tiffany—along with vintage gems like Theodore and Tilda. But most of these names are more unique in usage despite sounding familiar, for a truly special list of T names to toss around for your tiny one on the way.  

Boy Baby Names That Start With T

Tabitha: The Aramaic name meaning 'gazelle' is well known but not overused. It is being searched more and more on baby naming sites, perhaps staged for a comeback. 

Tahlia: A gorgeous Jewish/Hebrew name (alternate spelling: Talia), it translates to 'gentle dew from heaven.' It is also an Australian Aboriginal name meaning 'by the river.'

Tara: One of the better-known T names on our list, it means 'rocky hill' from the Irish. 

Tasmine: Looking for Jasmine vibes but something even more unique? This baby name starting with T combines Jasmine and Tamsin (Thomasina’s mini-me) for a modern American name with a constructed meaning 'twin flower.' You can pronounce it to rhyme with Jasmine or emphasise the second syllable (taz-MEEN) for flair. 

Tatiana: The classic Russian name has been favoured for centuries, and while not currently super popular elsewehre, it will still be a recognisable and pretty pick for your babe.

Tehila: Another Hebrew name, less heard than Tahlia. Tehila translates to 'praise song' for a sweet religious baby girl name. 

Temperance: This word name is having a moment; for years it was only used in Puritan communities, thanks to its somewhat austere meaning 'modern, self-control.' But the lovely cadence of the name itself and the rise of word names in popularity has Temperance seeing new heights on the charts.  

Tessa: Fans of the 1988 cult classic film Working Girl have an automatic soft spot for Tess, the root name here. Whether you keep or drop the final 'a,' this is a fierce and pretty moniker for girls, originating from Theresa—'to reap or gather.'

Thamina: If you like exotic names like Yasmina and Adina, consider this Arabic name which means 'healthy.'

Theodosia: It has never been a chart-topper, but this beauty saw wider use in the 1800’s and early 1900’s than recently… that is, of course, until the global phenomenon that is Hamilton happened, and she has received much praise and moderate usage since being spotted there. Theodosia is a lyrical Greek baby girl name meaning 'giving to God.'

Thisbe: A Greek name with nebulous meaning, it is definitely a more 'out there' baby girl name, but that could make it the perfect choice for your unique little babe. 

Tiana: Any excuse to sneak a princess name in, we are gonna take. This charming girls’ name has kicked up in popularity since the release of Disney’s The Princess and the Frog in 2009, but it has always been a royally pretty pick, meaning 'fairy queen' in Slavic.  

Tiffany: Definitely more popular when today’s new parents were babies, we would go so far as to call this Greek baby girl name a classic. It means 'God’s appearance.'

Tilda: This diminutive of Matilda ('battle-mighty') is a sweet baby girl name in its own right; Tillie is another related choice. 

Tova: Another pretty Hebrew baby name with T, this one means 'good' or 'pleasing.'

Trudy: With vintage baby names back on the rise, she could be the perfect pick for your little girl. Trudy means 'spear of strength' with German roots.  

Tula: This one has hipster appeal and multiple origins and meanings. It is a Choctaw Native American name meaning 'mountain peak;' in Kiswahili it translates to 'to be tranquil;' and as a Hindi name, Tula means 'a Libra,' making it a cool option for an autumn baby

Boy Baby Names That Start With T

Tarquin: It is a strong Latin/Roman clan name, which also appears throughout literature in works from Shakespeare to the Shopaholic series.  

Tavish: The Scottish form of Thomas meaning 'twin' is such a special sounding baby boy name. 

Theodore: It is an old school name that will never go out of style! Whether you call him by the full version or opt for Teddy or Theo, this posh and presidential baby boy name is a winner. Also consider Theodora/Thea or Dora for a little girl. The name means 'gift of God' from the Greek.

Tennyson: An English familial name ('son of Dennis') it has an elegant air about it and multiple nickname possibilities. 

Terence: One of the more used T names on our list, this one means 'tender, gracious, and good' with Latin roots. 

Thales: Pronounced THAY-leez, this sweet little Greek name means 'to blossom,' for a subtly flowery name for boys, which is rare to find. 

Thatcher: It is an English occupational name ('roof thatcher') that also has a modern hipster feel we are loving. 

Theon: If you like Leon but want something a little less heard, this handsome Greek name meaning 'godly' is a great idea. 

Thibault: The French-from-German name meaning 'courageous people' is a triumphant and unique name choice for your little person. 

Thierry: Sure, you could go with Terry or Terri, but the French variation of Theodoric ('ruler of the people') looks better on paper.  

Thomas: A super popular T name that has not fallen out of the top baby boy names, it means 'twin.' For a girl, Thomasina and Tamsin are offshoots. 

Thorin: Dignified and bold, the Old Norse baby boy name means 'brave and daring one.'

Tobias: With Hebrew origins, it is a beautiful religious name to consider. Tobias means 'God is good' and shortens adorably to Toby. 

Torben: The Old Norse name meaning 'thunder bear' is a cuddly and strong name choice for your baby boy. 

Truman: The last names of former Presidents are on the raise in a time when many Americans are holding fast to a patriotic perspective. Truman is extra special, with the meaning 'loyal one' from the English. 

Tucker: The meaning of this English name might not be super thrilling ('fabric pleater'), but it is a cute baby boy idea that will carry him well through adulthood. 

Tyrone: The Irish baby name meaning 'land of Owen' is known but not overused, having fallen out of the popular name lists since its high point in the 1970’s. 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With T

Takara: This gorgeous, modern Japanese name translates to 'treasure' for a precious choice for your little boy or girl on the way.  

Talbot: It is so sweet and feels somewhat Southern, meaning 'command of the valley' with English roots. 

Tallen: Alternate spelling of Talon; both are versions of a word name from the French, for the claws on a bird of prey. Despite its cool sound and easy gender neutrality, we prefer the double-l-e, spelling for a slight removal from the bird-claw imagery. 

Tallie: Not as favoured as Allie and Callie for girls, it is got that same singsong feeling with a more unique twist. Tallie for a girl is a diminutive of Talia, and for a boy it is a short form of Talbot. Either way, it’s a standalone cutie to consider for your little one.   

Tate: Sometimes one-syllable baby names say it all; this is one of those times. Tate is a well-rounded, charming baby name with T meaning 'cheerful' with Norse roots.

Taylor: One of the more popular gender-neutral T names, it is another English occupational name ('tailor') which appears amply in pop culture and literature, so that its sound and associations go farther than its actual meaning. 

Teagan: An adorable Irish/Welsh baby name for boys or girls, Teagan means “little poet” and also “fair.” 

Tenzin: If you’re after a baby name with flair, this Tibetan stunner meaning “holder of the teaching” is a contender for sure.  

Terra: Meaning 'earth' or 'world' with Latin origins and also in Italian, it was traditionally a feminine given name but is inching into gender-neutral terr-itory these days.

Thaddeus: You might have taken this elegant choice for a boys’-only name, but it is being given to little girls these days as well. Thaddeus is an Aramic name related to Theodore. Thad is a cute nickname for a boy and Thaddy would be precious for a girl.  

Theory: With word names on the rise for both boys and girls, this is one to think about. It means, of course, an idea or speculation, and would make a perfect pick for the children of scientists or philosophers. 

Timothy: It has seen decades of favour from parents naming their boys, but did you know that Timothy is actually considered a gender-neutral name? It means 'honouring God' with Greek roots. 

Tivoli: Sometimes the rarest names are the best ones. Your little Tiv or Tivvy might be the only person they ever meet by this Italian place name, but we are pretty sure they would be okay with that.

Trace: A more modern take on the 80’s hit Tracy, this cute French place name (derived from Thracia, the ancient name of the Balkans region) is a fun T name for a boy or girl. 

Trinity: Word names rank high in the gender-neutral category, and this one makes a nod at the Holy Trinity of Christianity. As it means 'triad' from the Latin, it is also a sweet choice for a third child. 

Tristan: The beautiful Celtic baby name meaning 'sorrowful' or 'noise' is a poignant and pretty pick for a little one of either gender. 

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