Nordic names pack a whole lot of culture, with deep roots in Viking and Scandinavian history. While there are lots of influences at play here, Norse baby names tend to be as storied as the culture surrounding them—boasting nature-related meaning or backgrounds in mythology. Whether you are looking for a Nordic name that is strong or sweet, you will want to check out our list of favourite Norse baby names.

Nordic Names for Boys

Aksel: The Norse take on a trendier name (Axel) that has been center stage with trendy parents in recent years, we love this sweet Nordic name meaning 'the father is peace.'

Arvid: It is a name very rarely heard, which makes this one extra special for Baby Boy. Arvid means 'eagle-tree.'

Bori: A Norse baby name simply meaning 'father of Bor,' this one proves that many names from the region are familial pass-downs, as Bor itself means 'father of Odin.' (Odin is a Norse god who shows up later on our list of Norse baby names).

Cadby: It almost sounds like it could be British, but this sweet name has Norweigan roots and translates to 'from the warrior’s settlement.'

Derby: Horse racing fans will fall hard for this adorable baby boy name of mixed European tradition. The Norse meaning is 'from Denmark.'

Eske: A cool-kid name that is Norse and German, meaning 'spear of the God,' it makes a bold choice for a baby boy.

Gunther: This is probably one of the better known Nordic names on our list, though still not over-used. It is composed of two Old Norse words: gunnr or 'battle' and heri or 'armor' for a two-part word name that is battle-ready.

Hagen: It would fit in nicely with the Haydens and Jaydens milling about these days, while still holding credit as an ancient name from Scandinavia. The Swedish translation is 'an enclosed pasture' and there other associated farmstead meanings among its usage in Germany and thereabouts.

Hermod: He is a figure from Norse mythology whose name is associated with war, excitement, passion, and wrath, for a fiery baby boy name to consider.

Ingmar: The name means 'son of Ing' and Ing was a Norse god of fertility and peace, offering a tranquil and hopeful baby name idea for your son. 

Ivar: It means 'yew wood' or 'archer,' creating a sweet nature name for baby boys.

Kirk: After the legendary actor Kirk Douglas, or simply because this Norse baby name meaning 'church' is short and super sweet.

Modi: An adorable Norse name for boys meaning 'son of Thor,' this is a strong and simple one to consider!

Norbert: This Norse baby name has Germanic origins as a combination of the words for 'north' and 'bright,' and it  is a popular choice among Norwegian parents.

Odin: The Norse god of art, culture, wisdom, and law was known to be handsome and charming. It was not a popular given name until the start of the 19th century, but has remained in use ever since.

Quimby: This is such an adorable baby boy name that sounds super unique and is rarely heard in Scandinavia. The name means 'from the woman’s estate' and shortens easily to cute nicknames Quim or Bee.

Rutland: This Nordic baby name got a surprisingly country-western feel to it, but this cool name is actually Norse, and it means 'from the root land.'

Sigvard: Dignified and fancy, it is the Norse version of the German name Sigmund, meaning 'victorious protection.'

Thoren: A beautiful baby boy name with Scandinavian roots, meaning 'thunder.'

Nordic Names for Girls

Anneli: The Scandinavian name meaning 'grace' has a beautiful sound to match.

Astrid: It means 'beautiful goddess,' and is also a flower name in English, for an extra pretty pick for a baby girl.

Dahlia: Stemming from a Swedish surname, this Nordic name is another sweet choice that doubles as an English flower name.  

Erika: It is probably the best known girl name on our Nordic list. Spelled with either a 'c' or a 'k' in the center, it means 'eternal ruler' for the spunky baby girl in your home.  

Freya: A gorgeous baby girl name stemming from the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. 

Gale: It means 'lovely voice,' and this artful spelling of the no-longer-favorable 'Gail' could usher in a comeback.

Halldora: If you are looking for a unique baby name, this Norse choice meaning 'half spirited' is very rarely heard.

Hilde: There are many baby names that derive from the Old Norse word hildr or 'battle,' and this sweet version is one of our favorites.

Jord: Your little 'daughter of night' will grow beautifully into this charming Nordic name. 

Kelda: It is a darling Scandinavian name meaning 'fountain' that offers a unique sound and simple spelling for your little girl.  

Kirsten: Another pick you have definitely heard before, but maybe not too recently. The Scandinavian version of Christine offers a slant spelling and pronunciation that may just render it perfect for your family.  

Liv: Like the actress Tyler, and also because it is just so cute. The baby name is derived from the Old Norse word hlíf or 'shelter, protection.' Modern translations in Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish all equate it to the word by the same spelling, that means 'life.'

Mista: It is a bit of a showstopper and has both attitude and charm; Mista means 'a valkyrie' or figure in Norse mythology who would choose who lived and died in battle. Chic!

Noma: The Norse meaning of the baby girl name is 'fate,' and this sweet choice also shares cultural relevance with the Old Greek meaning 'mercy' and in Arabic, it translates to, 'resembling someone.'

Rana: It means 'queenly' as a Nordic baby name and we absolutely adore it.

Rinda: For a baby girl who will move mountains one day, this Norse name translates to 'a giant.' 

Saga: She was the Norse goddess of storytelling, which holds the same relevance for English-speaking parents as well!

Sigrid: If you liked Sigvard for a boy, the feminised version is just as cool with additional meanings including 'wisdom' and 'beautiful victory.'

Siv: The Norse mythological name means 'bride' and sounds both simple and elegant.

Thelma: It has got bad-girl vibes thanks to Louise’s accomplice, but that does not make us love this one any less! It is a Greek name meaning 'will, violation' that is widely used in Norway and has tons of cute nickname possibilities as well.  

Valen: This cool-girl Norse name from the Latin meaning 'strong, healthy' is a popular pick in Norway and a more pared-down answer to the flowery Italian 'Valentina,' which we also love.

Gender-Neutral Norse Baby Names

Darby: A fun gender-neutral Norse name meaning 'free from envy' and also 'from the deer estate.' It has an upscale feel and easy pronunciation, for a cute name choice everyone will love.

Kelby: The Old Norse name means 'farm near the spring' and makes a cute choice for a little boy or girl.  

Magne: There are a few options here, including the gender-neutral version with the 'e' on the end or swapping that final vowel to an 'i' for a son or an 'a' for a daughter. Whether you go with Magne, Magni, or Magna, this bold name from Norse mythology means 'great.'

Tate: Traditionally considered masculine, it is now used as a gender-neutral Nordic name and means 'cheerful.'

True: Famed American reality star Khloe Kardashian made headlines when she gave this moniker to her baby girl. It is considered an American 'word name,' but this gender-neutral name actually has Nordic roots as a 'Viking name,' used historically across Denmark, Norway, and Sweden since the 1890s.

Beyond Norse Baby Names...

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