It is the most wonderful time of the year… to announce baby news! If you are expecting, give family and friends what they are least expecting, with a Christmas pregnancy announcement that is sure to bring on tears of joy. From super simple to a little more effort involved, we have got tons of cute ideas to help you finish off the year strong with a beautiful Hanukkah, New Year’s or Christmas themed pregnancy announcement.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Photo & To Buy: Etsy/strongconfidentYOU

Show up at the soiree or pop a selfie up on Instagram in this cute Christmas pregnancy announcement tee and get ready for jaws to drop!

Hanukkah Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

Photo & To Buy: Etsy/LoveLuluBell

You are eating for two, so feel free to double up on those latkes! Whether meeting up with family in person or over Zoom this Hanukkah, an adorable announcement shirt like this one will charm everyone, especially Zayde- and Bubbe-to-be!

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Reveal Letterboard

Photo & Purchase Info: Etsy/PrintAffection

Has there ever been such a good reason to be merry? We are swooning over this adorable Christmas pregnancy announcement. Purchase the digital download on Etsy and set up in any way that feels special and unique to your growing family… twinkle lights, pine needles, cocoa… you name it, it works!

Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Baby Box Surprise

Photo & To Buy: Etsy/StylishLittles

It is a seasonal surprise for the grandparents, aunts and uncles, or anyone else in the family who could use a special gift this Hanukkah. Your baby news in a box arrives packaged and ready to roll for a sweet piece of happy mail the whole family will treasure.

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Baby Announcement

Photo: Flickr/DanMcGinty

Those naughty elves are up to no good, spilling the beans this holiday season! Whether or not you already have a child, bringing the elf on a shelf into the picture for your Christmas pregnancy announcement is just perfect.  

Hanukkah or Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Onesie

Photo & To Buy: Etsy/AboutASprout

This sweet 'layaway' romper idea works for Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa. The gift is still being formed, but that does not mean family cannot celebrate now!

Santa Hat & Boots Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Idea

Photo: Allison Shumate Blog

Set up a Santa hat and some little booties in front of holiday greens with an ultrasound picture and you have all the ingredients you need for a perfect Christmas pregnancy announcement! Pro tip: Buy the hat and boots in approximately the size your little one will need by next Christmas, so you can get another use out of the set.

Holiday Picnic Christmas Baby Announcement Idea

Photo: Alyssa Shrock

Cocoa, candy canes, and a Christmas tree farm seal the deal. This gorgeous Christmas pregnancy announcement photo shoot can be recreated in the theme of whatever holiday your family celebrates, and it makes an amazing holiday card or photo for social media sharing.  

Santa Sonogram Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: The Fifty-One 

Add Santa hats, lights, snowflakes, or whatever feels cutest and most personal to make your sonogram pic extra spirited this holiday season. You can recreate this idea with Bazaart or by downloading clipart online and adhering it with the 'markup' function on your iPhone photo app.

Wrap it Up Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: @homeofstars 

All it takes are some Christmasy ensembles and a cheerful ribbon around Mummy’s belly for the sweetest and simplest holiday pregnancy announcement card ever.  

Holiday Kisses Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: Emmy and Josh

Even if you are not showing yet, this cute belly-smooch photo moment will help get the word out at Christmastime.

A Book for Baby Holiday Pregnancy Announcement

Photo & To Buy: Amazon

Wrap up a children’s book in the theme of your special holiday and hand it to the grandparents-to-be for a super special holiday gift that they will always remember and cherish. Next year, make sure to snap a photo of them with their grandchild reading the book.

New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement


Photo: Etsy/CafeLatteDesign

The best way to wrap up the holiday season is with a special New Year’s pregnancy announcement. It is gonna be a good year. 

Full of Cheer New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement

Photo: Jenny Lynn Photography

It is a party at your house, and the whole fam is invited! Pop the confetti, blow up some balloons, and get the self-timer ready for some adorable photographs that will make friends and family from near and far feel like they are all in on the celebration.  

Holiday Card Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

Photo & To Order: Minted

It is simple, sweet, and oh-so-special: say 'Happy holidays' with a custom card from Minted that projects just the right message. We are loving this 'more the merrier' design with gold foil, but there are plenty of options to fit your style and budget.

More Pregnancy Announcement Ideas:

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