Pregnancy by IVF, IUI, or surrogacy always tells a story. Sometimes it is a story of prior loss or unfulfilled hopes. Sometimes it is a first step on the journey to parenthood for two parents who know they cannot conceive spontaneously, like in the case of same-sex couples. Sometimes, it is a single parent by choice who has taken growing their family into their own hands.

Whatever unique tale you have to tell, announcing that you are expecting your IVF baby, or a surrogate is carrying your little one, is a moment to cherish. The special circumstances that brought you to conceiving a baby with IVF, IUI, or surrogacy might have been tough, but they were worth it. Here are some cute ways to share your baby news with the world. 

Worth Every Shot IVF Pregnancy Announcement

 IVF pregnancy announcement made with needles arranged in a heart-shape

Photo: Instagram

Something about the injection imagery is just so powerful in an IVF baby announcement. There are so many ways to do this and make it special (and you will see more on this roundup!) but the 'worth every shot' verbiage is effortlessly evocative and just perfect. 

#FERTILISED IVF Pregnancy Announcement

Gray t-shirt announcing IVF pregnancy 

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

Some life experiences are best handled with humour. If that is how you do things, this is the tee to make your statement! 

The Timeline IVF Pregnancy Announcement

Wood board depicting the timeline of an IVF pregnancy 

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

A customisable wood cutout, or simply your own handmade sign with a wipe board? You choose, but the order of events is a powerful statement when announcing your miracle baby.

Needles & Hope IVF Pregnancy Announcement

Baby bodysuit surrounded by needles to announce pregnancy 

Photo: Instagram

You were warned that there would be more amazing IVF injection photos on our list! This tear-jerking imagery is a lovely way to share your big moment with the world. The onesie reads 'He answered' for a religious take, but any baby clothing would work here. 

Funny IVF Announcement 

Baby bodysuit announcing IVF pregnancy 

Photo & To Purchase: Milestone Post

Humour wins again with this adorable and funny IVF/IUI baby announcement idea. 

Love & Science IVF Baby Announcement

Letterboard and onesie used to announce IVF pregnancy 

Photo: Instagram

The recipe for this little baby? Spelled right out on a onesie (or a letterboard). It is simple, sweet, and adds a dash of humour, too. 

Get Technical With Your IVF Announcement

Letterboard listing HGC levels to announce IVF pregnancy 

Photo: Instagram

We are absolutely loving this HCG level announcement. If it seems like you have been inundated and obsessed with numbers lately, chances are you are not alone. Someone out there is going to feel this on a deep level—and that is a beautiful thing!

No Words Needed IVF Announcement

Needles arranged in a heart to announce IVF pregnancy 

Photo: Instagram

The needles and pregnancy tests laid out in a heart shape are such a beautiful way to announce your IVF/IUI miracle baby. The ultrasound picture is, of course, the best part! 

Never Give Up IVF Pregnancy Announcement

 A wood board that says "we never gave up" displayed with an ultrasound to announce an IVF pregnancy

Photo: Pinterest

Pregnancy after loss is a road filled with complicated emotions, but the most powerful of those are hope and gratitude. This IVF announcement pulls at our heartstrings and could be perfect for any parent or parents who are expecting a rainbow baby thanks to the help of IVF, IUI, or surrogacy. 

Our Bun in Her Oven Surrogacy Announcement

 Family posing by a chalkboard announcing a surrogacy pregnancy

Photo: Elephants & Tea

A joyful and cheeky way to announce a surrogacy pregnancy? Yes, please! This is such sweet sentiment, and we love that the mama carrying the baby is included in their special photo op.

Rainbow IVF Pregnancy Announcement

 Ultrasound displayed with rainbow-colored needles to announce an IVF pregnancy

Photo: The Creative Byte

Another stunning statement with all those saved needles… this is such a gorgeous display for the IVF baby (or babies!) announcement. 

Petri Dish Bodysuit IVF Announcement

 Funny baby bodysuit used to announce IVF pregnancy

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

This hilarious onesie for an IVF baby will make for super cute pictures on the actual child in a few months time. All you need is to post is this and a due date and you will get the message across!

Spelled Out IVF Pregnancy Announcement

Needles used to spell out "we're pregnant" to announce IVF pregnancy 

Photo: Baby Gaga

There are tons of creative ways to share the news using your saved needles from the IVF or IUI process; writing out the message is a really beautiful one to consider. 

Baby Blocks Surrogacy Announcement

Family posing with baby blocks to announce surrogacy pregnancy

Photo: Heartland Surrogacy

Using a baby-themed aesthetic with blocks is always a cute way to announce that there is a little one joining your family. In this case, the inclusion of the surrogate mama speaks volumes and is a touching way to document your journey while announcing your news. 

A Wood Sign IVF Announcement

Wood sign that says "the little embryo that could" 

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy

The little custom wood sign trend is here to stay, and this precious one will be just as cute tucked in beside Baby when they have arrived, as it is beside an ultrasound photo now…meaning two announcements with one product!

More Ways to Announce Your Baby News:

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