Korean baby names offer a beautiful collection of sounds and meanings for the modern babe, and baby-naming in Korean culture is full of tradition. Korean names tend to be made up of three syllables, with the first syllable representing the family name and the other two standing for the given name (one syllable of this given name often is what is called a 'generational' name and may be shared among family members of the same generation, while the second is unique to that person). For a long time, each syllable of a name had a corresponding Chinese character which also gave the name its meaning, but recently, more and more Korean families are opting to use a purely Korean word instead. 

These Korean baby names work well in that traditional three-syllable-name context. They also blend beautifully with names from other cultures (whether used as a first or middle name), for families who are looking to impart a baby name that reflects multiple backgrounds. If you are considering a Korean baby name for your bundle-to-be, take a look at our list of top Korean baby names for boys and girls.

Korean Baby Names for Boys

Chul: This Korean given name for boys means 'firm,' and we like its resemblance to the English word 'chill' for a handsome and relaxed, one-syllable baby name.

Doh: It is a word name translating to 'accomplishment' which is a great meaning to instill in your little boy’s life. 

Geon: Similar in sound to the name Gideon, this Korean boy’s name has three meanings: 'to construct,' 'strong,' and 'respect.'

Hei: This three-letter Korean baby name means 'wisdom.' It pairs well with a long middle name, but even by itself, it speaks volumes.  

Hwan: A Korean boy’s name with lots of potential; it means 'bright.'

Hyuk: This one is not as common in Korea, but definitely cute; Hyuk means 'radiant.'

Jin: A well-loved Korean name for boys meaning 'jewel' or 'truth.'

Kija: The name of an ancient historical figure (there is some debate about his role, but according to some, this 2nd-century leader mightily influenced Korean culture when he came from China), Kija also has Chinese roots, making it an especially cool choice for a child with both Korean and Chinese heritage.  

Kwan: The name means 'strong one' and if you add a g to the end, the very similar name, Kwang, translates to 'wild.' Two cute K name ideas for your baby boy! 

Kyong: A very popular name for boys in Korea, it means 'brightness.' 

Minjun: This Korean chart-topper has been popular for years and has plenty of meanings to love, including 'handsome, sharp, quick, clever, and talented.' No wonder it is so well loved!   

Myung: Another popular Korean name for boys, this one translates to 'clear and bright.'

Shin: Super sweet and often-used name for Korean boys, meaning 'belief.' 

Tae: 'A great individual' is a pretty good meaning for your little boy to grow into. This one is quite popular with Korean parents. 

Korean Baby Names for Girls

Aera: A beautiful Korean name for girls that means 'love.'

Bitna: It is more rarely used but very powerful and sweet. Bitna means 'shining.'

Bora: This baby girl name refers to a shade of purple, making it a cute choice if you are looking for a feminine and rare colour name. 

Dasom: Another Korean baby girl name meaning 'love,' this one is very pretty sounding.

Hana: Similar to Hannah, the Korean version means 'my favourite.' Maybe a fraught choice if you have other children who may take issue with the meaning, but it sure is cute!

Jae: Short and sweet baby girl name meaning 'respect.'

Kyong: The bold Korean name for girls translates to 'brightness.'

Mi Cha: We love this two-part girls’ name which means 'gorgeous.' It would lend easily to the nickname Mimi as well. 

Min: A classic Korean baby name for girls with the dual meaning 'sharp-minded' or 'quick response.'

Nabi: It means 'butterfly,' and this pretty nature name would be a very cute choice for a little girl. 

Nari: A very pretty sounding Korean girls’ name which means 'lily flower.'

Sook: This Korean baby name means 'pure and natural,' and would be lovely paired with just about any other name.

Yong: This is a popular Korean baby girl name which means 'the perpetual and brave one.'

Young: Young is a special Korean name for girls that translates to 'valiant.'

Gender-Neutral Korean Baby Names 

Cho: A cute one-syllable baby name given to Korean boys and girls, it means 'handsome' for a boy and 'beautiful' for a girl. This simple but chic Korean baby name would also be precious in the middle spot. 

Dae: This gender neutral Korean name is often used in South Korea; it means 'a great one.'

Joon: Popular for Korean boys and girls, this sweet name’s pronunciation may conjure up summery feels and translates to 'very talented.'

Final Thoughts on Korean Baby Names

Korean baby names have powerful sounds and meanings, but if you did not find the right name today, there is a whole world of baby name inspiration out there! Here are some of our other favourite baby names:

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