Note: While these nursery photos are gorgeous, please know that it’s NOT safe to place stuffed animals, pillows, bumpers, or any loose items inside your infant’s sleep space until Baby is a year old. —Dr. Harvey Karp

Baby rooms and animals go hand-in-hand, but the animal-themed nurseries of today are truly special and sweet. One popular critter theme to consider is the fox! Foxes are not just cute and cuddly, they are also cunning animals that—crucially—bring a fun pop of colour to the baby’s room. And, with a few strategic decor details, a fox nursery is easy to execute for a girl or boy. Here are a few of our favourite fox nursery ideas...

Super Sweet Fox Nursery Bedding

Photo & to purchase: Carousel Baby Bedding

Coordinating cot sheets and changing pad covers are a seamless way to bring in the fox theme for this nursery. Not only are they cute and easy to pull off, but you can change these details out later as Baby grows, much more easily than wall art, rugs, and other large fixtures.  

Wooden Fox Nursery Stool

Photo & to purchase: Monticello Shop

Carved wood is timeless and oh-so-sweet. In a fox-themed nursery, a little wood stool like this creates a warm and rustic vibe.  

Fox Nursery Floor Bins

Photo & to purchase: Crate & Kids

Every nursery needs a floor bin or two, and these foxes do not disappoint. Bright, cheerful, and unexpected, it is a not-so-subtle way to set the tone in your baby room.  

Fox Nursery Throw Blankets

Photo & to purchase: Spearmint Love

Cosy throws are a nursery must-have, and when they are this cute, how could you resist? A nice quilt or hefty blanky will tie in your fox-themed nursery delightfully, whether tossed over the back of the rocking chair in a corner, or spread out in the center of the floor for tummy time.  

Gold Fox Nursery Lamp

Photo & to purchase: Anthropologie 

He is handsome, dignified, and serves a functional purpose. This fox lamp is a definite yes for your baby’s upscale nursery! 

Cheerful Fox Nursery Pillows

Photo & to purchase: Target

Pretty sure it does not get much cuter. This little guy is prime for placement in any sweet nook or cranny of your little love’s fox theme baby room and the price tag is perfect, too!  

Gorgeous Fox Nursery Wallpaper

Photo & to purchase: Spoonflower  

If you are going to go there, why not go all the way? This whimsical woodland fox nursery wallpaper creates an absolutely magical escape in Baby’s room to evoke all the wonder and intrigue of the forest while keeping the bright orange fox center stage. (See more dreamy nursery wallpaper designs here!)

Fox Nursery Rocker 

Photo & to purchase: West Elm

Childhood fun is one of those things you wish you could just bottle up and keep forever. Create the memories now—and take lots of pictures—as your toddler lives their best rocking life with this adorable fox rocker from West Elm. 

Subtle Fox Nursery Details 

Photo: Ambitious Kitchen

Some like it loud, some like it subdued. Incorporate your fox theme in the nursery with some softer details like these parents did, and your minimalist mind will be at ease that you didn’t go too far. Peekaboo! We spot a friendly fox just waiting to be noticed… (Psst! See more minimalist nursery ideas here!)

Monochrome Plus Orange Fox Nursery

Photo: Steffy's Pros + Cons

If you really want to drive home the fox theme, consider a black-and-white palette that will make all those bright, foxy details really pop. This is a fun and spirited way to pull off a fox nursery that your little will absolutely adore. PS: That rug, though! (Get more black-and-white nursery ideas here!)

Framed Foxes for the Nursery

Photo: Project Nursery

Themed nursery art is always a good idea when you have committed to a concept you love and want to decorate the nursery around. We are all about little framed foxes on the walls in the baby’s room to create colour, interest, and a sense of fresh and youthful fun. 

Woodland Fox Nursery Shelfie 

Photo: Kirstie Morris

This girly fox nursery proves that practically any theme can be tailored to a more masculine or feminine interpretation with the right colours and details. The pastel fox stuffy, pink mobile, and simple basket at the foot of the cot are all we need here to include the woodland concept in a very saccharine space.  

More Nursery Inspiration: 

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