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There are few things as awe-inspiring as the why not infuse some of the beauty of the sea into your baby’s room? With a couple of beachy details, you can create an ocean-themed nursery for a baby boy or girl that overflows with colour, style, majesty, and fantasy. From breezy vibes to underwater discoveries with lots of depth to quiet adventures by the shore, there are so many directions in which you can take an ocean theme for your baby’s room. Here are a few of our favourite ocean nursery ideas...

Chic Shark Ocean-Themed Nursery

Photo & To Purchase: Urban Walls

Fascinating, majestic, and sure, dangerous when disturbed...are we talking sharks here, or little babies who need a nap? This gorgeous mural is a perfect addition to your ocean themed nursery.

California Vibes Ocean Nursery Wallpaper

Photo & To Purchase: Serena & Lily

A totally unique take on beach themed wallpaper, the 'seahaven toile' from Serena & Lily is equal parts whimsical and refined.

Ocean Nursery Animal Wall Art

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/TinyToesDesign

The gallery wall style art display is an of-the-moment way to express your style and enhance your ocean nursery theme. An assortment of under-the-sea creatures looks so sweet and playful here.

Beachy Keen Ocean Theme Nursery

Photo: @heymace

What better vantage point is there for enjoying ocean views than from a cosy hammock by the seashore? The feeling evoked here is effortlessly timeless and calming, and the hand-painted wall mural of ocean waves seals the scene.

A Whale-y Cute Ocean Baby Room Mobile

Photo & To Purchase: Serena & Lily 

Felted wool balls and whales are pleasing to an infant’s eye—and their parents’. We love this ocean themed above-the-cot mobile for a little boy or girl’s sea themed room.

Creative Ocean-Themed Whale Nursery Storage

Photo & To Purchase: Crate & Barrel 

You have got to store the essentials somewhere...why not in a 'whaley' cute wicker basket that drives home your ocean nursery theme with a modern-bohemian feel? (Check out more cute nursery nursery storage ideas here!) 

Pastel Ocean Nursery

Photo: @homeofmalones 

You have to look closely to notice the subtle sea details in this sweet ocean nursery (the bronze octopus and pastel seascape painting), but that is kind of what makes it so great. 

Under-the-Sea Ocean-Themed Cot Bedding


Photo & To Purchase: Crate & Barrel

It is all in the details, and an ocean-themed nursery cot bedding is a perfect example. These sweet little fishies will look just precious in your little guy or gal’s oceanic nursery.

Soft Blue Ocean Nursery

Photo: Baby-Chick

Cool, cosy blues and a blend of creamy and stark whites create a gorgeous colour scheme for an ocean-themed nursery. This baby boy’s room is complete with aqua, sky, and grayish teals, plenty of neutral bright accents, and charming details like the ocean photography above the cot.

Neatly Nautical Ocean Nursery Theme

Photo: Project Nursery

Oars as art, and the blend of navy and white with pops of red, make this nautical take on the ocean themed nursery a success.

Coral Relief Ocean Nursery

Photo: Project Nursery

For a break from the blues, consider taking an ocean themed baby room in a totally different direction with bright, bold coral implemented throughout the space.

Nursery With 'Ocean Views'

Photo & To Purchase: Minted

Less can be more, and in the case of a baby room you absolutely do not need to infuse your theme into every nook and cranny. White walls, neutral flooring, and some sweet little seashell motifs throughout are all you need to include when there is a piece of art this stunning on display.

Stylish Wave Ocean Nursery

Photo: @anirisdesign  

We are getting major surfer vibes from this handsome baby boy room, and we are all about it! Waves on the walls, themed art, and a canvas name sign are all cool ideas to consider.

Ocean Nursery Decals

Photo: @audreygriffen 

Not ready to go full-on ocean wallpaper? Try a few water-dwelling decals instead!

Get Roped In Ocean Nursery Details

Photo: @chloejfitz

Spelling out Baby’s name as part of the decor is a sweet trend right now; this rope-script version is adorably beachy and bold. 

Black-and-White Ocean Nursery

Photo: @mabelandfox 

If you do not gravitate toward ocean brights or cool blues, a monochrome sea life baby room might be the right choice. The black octopus and mostly grayscale painting are key components to the success of this moody little corner. Patterns throughout the room can be kept simple, funky, or glam in all black-and-white to complete the look. (See—or should we say sea?—more black and white nursery inspiration here!) 

Sweet Sea Life Ocean Nursery

Photo: @otisandthewolf 

It is not a nursery without a stuffy or two… a string of them is even better! Darling sea creatures dance across the shelving in a precious piece of this ocean-themed baby room to delight Baby.

Mermaid Mobile for an Ocean Nursery


Anything goes in your baby’s room, and that includes some fantasy among the factual. A mermaid-theme baby girl room is oceanic in nature, and can be done tastefully and beautifully with the addition of pieces like this mobile. (Peep more girl nursery ideas here!)

Turtle-rific Ocean Nursery Details

Photo: @ocean_daze_ 

The watercolour turtle painting is resplendent on its own, but the other turtle-themed items on this little shelving unit bring extra interest and whimsy to the space. Did you notice the surfboards at its back? Your ocean-loving baby girl or boy would love this.

Boho-Whimsical Ocean-Themed Nursery

Photo: @dearestlittledecals

There has been quite a bit of blue on this list, and with good reason. But girlier hues like blush, peach, and gold are giving us major ocean vibes with this exquisite boho beach baby room fit for a little princess. And that wall decal! Exquisite.  

Surfboard Ocean Nursery Statement

Photo: @ohselene

Surf’s up with this cool-kid surf-themed nursery where the details do the work. California-chic has never been so simple to pull off; a few statement pieces are really all you need. 

A Whale of a Personal Touch

Photo: @monnobaby

Bring storybook-status whimsy into your little love’s corner of the universe with a majestic, oceanic art print too pretty to pass up.

Ocean Nursery Statement Pieces

Photo: @a.swink

An eclectic mix of strong, stylish statements throughout the space will bring your ocean-themed baby room to the next level. These parents included a loud octopus rug, wave-detail name sign, an anchor-shaped chair-side table, and other eye-catching items to set their baby’s room apart.

More Nursery Inspiration:

Are you looking for nursery decor...beyond the sea? Check out some of our favourite nursery designs below. And, do not forget to outfit your beachy baby room with SNOO! You know how calming you find the whooshing sounds and rocking of the ocean? Babies love gentle motion and white noise too. Learn more about SNOO here

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